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You find people are always telling you that you're definitely the most interesting person they've ever met
You don't like high stress jobs. Like when your husband tells you that you've got to the mow the lawn TWICE this year.

If the idea of that kind of life gets you down
Just wait until you discover what living life on the road is really like.


"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Hints on Commenting on RV blogs

As you can see, I had Nilda once again help with the wordin' of the title of this here blog post to set the example to you that you shouldn’t be afraid to seek out the advise of others even if ya know more about it yerownself. Maybe I should just let Nilda write the title to all my writin’ from now on, sort of to give this RV-Dreamers blog a different face and make it refresherer to further expand it’s unlimitless audience.

None of this is gettin' to the point of commenterying and I appoligise fer not plunging write into it the way I did yesterday. Hopefully by now all that informations I give you yesterday has soaked into the poors of yer brain sponge, and you are rarin’ to read more. Yesterday we disgusted writin’ the commentary without reelly readin’ the blog post first. Today we will cover readin’ what ya writ from the prospectorative of the next blog reeder and the blog writer theysownself.

“Sorry that yer day were so bad, tomorrow will be better.” “Glad to hear your dogs are over that bout of pukin’ all over the trailor. It was just as hard on them as it were on you.” “You sure did recover from that appredecktomy operation might quick. Hope to see you next time we drive through town". “Sorry to hear old Toby died, pets are as difficult to replace as husbands.”

“That was the best picture of Aunt Matilda I ever seen, she does look so good a layin’ there lookin’ fer all the world like she is just a sleepin’.” “I couldn’t see ya fer all the beer bottles in front of ya, so ya must have had a good time.” “Like yer Blog". “That kitten picture was so cute.” ”After the all night new moon party, this is what ------ looked like.” (With ------ being the wife, husband, partner or the soon to be former friend of the commentater.)

Like yesterday, I know I.M. givin’ ya a lot to think upon at once, but that are the whole point of this. Take a page from how I.M. writes a commentery, look at the way I.M. concisely complicates his thoughts, propogates his adjulatives and subjects the writer to his point. Meanin’ none of his commenterys is like them above.

I.M understandin’ that it may not be all too easy fer all y’all to entanglement yer brain around them massive ideas that run contraband to how most folks commentery. To shapen that head of yers to an even finer point, here is one of my commenterys: “Yer post caused a extraodorinary extraction of exteraineous extras that evidentially evolved several exclusinary exclamations on my part.” Contrast that to what most folks would commentary: “Great post.” Them differences is so oblivious to you I probably don’t reelly need to explane them, but since that are the hole point of this post, I will.

And a fore you think it are the facet that one has high litaturary like teknics and all, while the other don’t say nothing, that ain’t it atall. The differential between them is in what were in the mind of the writer that writ them. In the one instants its cleer that the writer hadn’t really read the blog, and also that they were just a putting something down to to have said somethin’. In the other it were remarks that showed the writer had read the blog and was a givin’ heart felt commenterys.

I were glad to be able to leed you out of the bogger commenterying wilderness onto the high platoe of litaturary jeaneous so that yer future commenterys will regurgitate the level of RV blogs into the highassed specteral of the blogospeer. Thanks fer reedin’ another great blog post from the ironic of the RV blog world where you will always find I.M. a unhesitately helpin' the unfortunately unknowledgeable unwittingly understand the unintentionally unintelligently unknowable.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I.M.'s Guide To Good Comments on RV Blogs

This here post is a gonna make ya a better commentater on the blogs y'all visit. And just to show you that everybody needs sum help on occasional, I had Nilda write the title of this here post. I were a figurin' that if I were a goin' out of my way to help them folks in the blogger field too be better blog commentaters, then by lettin' Nilda modificate my writin' I.M. would be takin' the lead in showin' folks that advise from them that knows better are a good thing.

I ain't a gonna day lilly around on this subject, but I.M. proposin' to get right to the heart of the matter. Speakin' of proposin' and hearts, did ya know that Nilda's cousin, Bart Hendershot finally got around to proposin' to old Tammy Jo Jameson. Meaning it finally looks like she were able to corralate a man, or Bart were able to lassieo a woman who would overlook his many things that certainly did need overlookin'. Nilda said she weren't sure who got the best of that deal, while I.M. a tryin' to figure which of 'em got the worst of it, which I finally decided were a tie.

I.M. afraid that I already fergot what that point about commentarying on RV blogs was that I was a gonna make, but let me take off from that point and procedure on down the road to not makin' y'all into exterior commentators like them fellers on PDS, TMT, ESNP and the like. Which are because most of them radio and TV gals and fellers ain't a commenteryin' on the RV lifestye, but is normally havin' something to do with spots or potlotics. It's one thing to say somethin' bout somebody that has got puttin' balls into holes as they’res goal in life, or seein' who can get to be the richest after gittin' his or herownself electioned to some office where showin' how much badder the other potlotician is, are the best way to get ahead.

What I.M. talkin' about is reel world commenterying, a writin' words on somebodies blog so as to make whatever they were a tryin' to say ununderstandable to the two or three folks that read them things. This might bee a somewhat delicosious subject fer some folks, what with them not havin' the technical and fieness that I.M. might have on these here matters, so if yer weak kneed and soft of stomack, maybe you better postpone yer readin' of this here blog until tomorrow.

Like I said oregonically, we are a plungin' wright into the subject at hand, which seems to be the way most folks go about commenteryin' on blogs. Most commentaters seem to not have the cents of the proberval bull in the milking parlor. Typographically they is either a relation, a life long good fiend, or knows the person a writin' the blog in some up close and personal way, which they may or may not want to deluge. It are this closeediness that leads to the typical commentery left on the typical blog for the typical reader to reed.

You knows exactly what I are a meanin' cause if ya read RV and mobile, mobile home blogs, which ya has to be doin' since this are one them blogs itsownself, ya knows expressively what I.M. is a meaning. As I has been makin' so many good points as to how you should be a commenterying on blogs too this point, I.M. thinkin' it would be best to give all this a chance to soak into them brains of my reeders, which in several ways resembells sponges, so as not to overwhelm them. I figure that I can recap all these many points tomorrow and give ya an example or two of what a goodly worded commentery by a goodly knowing commentater, (which by that time you should be) would look like.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Computer Education

After all them problems I was a havin' some weaks ago, what with this gosh darnd computer a doin’ things it weren’t a supposed to be a doin’ and all, I figures maybe that feller that taught me the class,” All there is to know about Blogger blogging, and more” maybe didn’t know as much about this blogger thing as he let on. Guess that’s what you git when you go to the big city to take on some learnin’ instead of going to the local library and tryin’ to puzzle it out by yourownself. And now that I think about it, he did bear a mighty strong resemblence to that salesman feller I see’d at that RV dealer place I was a checkin’ out when I got into town a day early.

So being done with them fellers that say they knows it all and more, cause now I knows that’s the same as saying that the only thing he knows is more than me, which in that case weren’t much. But shucks, even us writin’ jenuises has got to have a few knowledgeable gaps to fill in. Nilda’s been trying to get me to stay on the subject matter at hand, as she puts it, but my mind is so overstuffed with ideas that they just come a spurtin’ out in all directions, sorta like the first time I ever tried to milk a cow.

Now where I was agoin’ with this, were that the computer and this here internet has got more things on it than a body can hardly get there mind around, even on a good day, which were why I was more than a mite bit puzzled when I come acrost this thing called LiveWriter. Now I sure don’t know about you but it sure did confound me more than a little as to just what it were. First I throwed my mind around that live writer one way, then backin’ up some, I took a run at it from another direction. But it seemed just no matter how I snuck up on it, it just weren’t makin' sense.

Figurin’ it probably weren’t a good idea to ask Nilda about my computer problem, as I didn’t want to be a ruinin’ her image of me as to knowin’ all there is to know about this bloggerin’ thing, I took me a walk through the RV Park we is a stayin’ in. All the time a lookin’ fer someone who looked like they knowed a thing or too about computers like I do. You’d think that with all them fellers a sittin’ out in there lawn chairs, a watchin’ the world pass them by, that one of them would have knowed at least a little something about this live writer thing.

Try as I might, upon asking them if they’d knowed bout live writer, they’d sorta lean forward in that chair they had been a glued to just a minute ago, kind a shake there head, then lean back again, tippin’ up their hat and a reachin’ under it with the other hand to rub and scratch away, afore grabbin’ hold of them chair arms and sayin’ that they’d never heard tell of it.

Bout the fourth time that happened I noticed somethin’ mitey particular about what they was a doing. Everyone of them, when they tipped that hat back were as bald as a fresh plucked chicken. I puzzled on that fer a moment or too, then I figured them fellers out. Why none of them fellers didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’. It must be that whensoever anyone asked them a question, they took to a rubbin’ and a scratchin’ their head to the point that they’d wared off all their hair.

That meant I was on my own when it come to understanding this live writer thing. Seemed to me that a live writer should be the easiest thing in the world to understand, cause there weren’t no way a dead writer could write. I were about to give up when I come a cross this blog that had some pointers on a usin’ live writer, and I been a pooring over it for the passed several days. So if’n ya notice an improvement in my writin’ its because of me understandin’ LiveWriter. If it don’t improve, it ain’t gonna be no worse than some dead writer, so you all won’t notice no difference. I.M., yer source fer techknowledgably fer fulltime bloggers.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I.M. was Stumped

When the time come to eat, the four of us, Joe Ed, Matilda, me and Nilda trooped up there to that city fellers sight like the missionerys come to relieve the staving of Africa, we was a carrying so much food. We was a wondering if’n we was a feedin’ the whole campground we was so burdened down, but once we got there it were just that city feller and his wife. They had their picnic table all set up nice and pretty with a cloth on the top and a candle in the middle, next to which was big dish of tater chips. By the time we put all our food on the table there weren’t hardly room to sit and eat, though we did manage to squeeze in.

All the time we was a eatin’ that city feller was a tellin’ storys of all the places they’ed been to and how nice people always were a givin’ ‘em things, what with him being such a famous writer and all. Funny thing was he kept a tellin’ us what a great writer he were but we was never a seein’ anything he writ. With my writin’ Nilda is always a showin’ eveyone she runs across what I last wrote, even them ladies at the beauty parlor, though they is demandin’ more of that literature than I can rightly turn out.

We was a talkin’ about a pullin’ that stump and this here city feller was makin’ out to the ladies like he dun all the hard work, a showin’ up when Joe Ed and Me couldn’t break that stump loose and single handedly finishin’ pullin’ it out by hisownself. Seemed like that was stretchin’ the point just more than a mite, but Ma always taught us as young’uns to respect our hosts, so I kept my yap shut, though I wanted to say something the worst way. Joe Ed was over there a dozin’ on and off so he weren’t a goin' to chime in and tell it like it really were, so it just stayed the way the city feller told it.

When it come time to leave, the city feller said that his wife was so tuckered out that she wasn’t goin’ to able to do much work around the house fer the next day our so, so if’n we wanted to just leave our left overs, so as to chip in and help them out as he put it, they’d be mighty appreciative. Matilda and Nilda looked at each other, gathered up all their leftovers and lit a shuck fer where we was parked.

Joe Ed and me, being raised to be polite, thanked that city feller and his wife for what little they did to help with supper, though I will say his wife surely did look a bit embarrassd by it all, even if he didn’t. Then as Joe Ed and me was a walkin’ away I’d a sworn I heard him say somethin’ about how we should’a chipped in more, course my ears could’a been deceivin’ me, but I’ve got to say that everything that took place that hole day surely had me stumped.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I.M. is Stumped

Continuin' my story of yesterday,  their’s the six of us, Joe Ed, Matilda, Me, Nilda, the city feller and his wife a planning out the work. The ladies say they can clean up all the trash and such as well as the tall grass and weeds, which leaves the brush and such to us men. Then as Joe Ed heads off to get the tools we’ll be a needin’ that city feller says he needs to go back to his 5th wheel for a might and make sure all his computer work is catched up to date. Which of course I didn’t think much off at the time.

So when Jo Ed comes back, the five of us all start workin’ away rather than wait for that city feller. I got to say that city fellers wife were a right hard worker, pullin’ weeds and all with the best of ‘em. Joe Ed and me made quick work of the brush, but in doin’ so we uncovered this big old stump that must have once been the grandaddy of all trees. We commenced to diggin’ and pryin’ and pullin’ and pushin’. All of which took most of the rest of the afternoon.

Now while Joe Ed’s got the strength of several, even he’s got limits and he was just about to reach them, when this city feller shows back up and with a big simile says that it looks like we could use some help, and with him a lendin’ a hand, which were it were he lended, that stump come out slicker than a greased hog. Then he offers to take the tools back up to the park office, and me and Joe Ed bein’ too wore out to do it, we tells him to go ahead. He comes back whistlin’ and smilin’ and starts talkin’ bout the group meal so quick we forgets to ask him about the free campin’ coupons we was supoosed to get for helpin’ on the park workday.

This city feller sure were a talker, cause the next thing we knows, he’s organizing the evenin’ group meal the six of us is to be a sharin’ after that hard day of workin’ together. He’s got some kind of paper all printed out from his computer, one that he says assigns each couple what they should bring to the meal that we is gonna be a sharing. I was a lookin’ at what we was to bring, and while there were five or six things, it shore didn’t seem like it should’a took him all afternoon just to figure them few things out and get ‘em printed on a piece of paper.

He said we should all gather up at his place about six o’clock, but to bring all our own chairs and such. Nilda was exhausted from working so hard all afternoon, but she set about cookin’ that fried chicken, a makin’ tater salid, cole slaw, a big pitcher of iced tea and a bakin’ a chocolate cake, just like that feller had down on that piece of paper he give us. Me, I.M. started workin’ on my blog post and peelin’ taters and such as Nilda needed help.

I could hear the pans a banging next door at Jo Ed’s and knew Matilda was a workin’ as hard as Nilda a fixin’ things for the feast we was a havin’ that night. Meanwhile I could hear Joe Ed snorin’ loud enough to wake the dead and then some. Mostly cause he’d done the work of two men fer most of the day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I.M. is About to be Stumped

This mobile, mobile home life can lead to the most interesting people you’ll ever come a crossed, even moreso then when I was down in Simpsonville a getting’ my degree. I got to admit that when me and Nilda went to learn at the foot of the great Kiva in that Harrisburg town in Pennsyvania, I see’d more than a few of them interestin' fellers a sellin’ them mobile, mobile homes, along with the most interesting stories I’d heard in a possums age.

Didn’t seem to mind what it was you owned, had owned or was now a lookin’ at, they had owned one themownselves and could talk yer leg off about it. Since it were all goin’ over me and Nilda’s head, they could a been jabberin’ bout camels on the north poll as far as we was concerned. So while they was shorely interestin’ people, they was a tellin’ storys that was weigh over my head, and tall as I am, that were a fer tall piece of tellin’.

Now the reason I’m a gonin’ on bout all this here peoples that have crossed my path, specially since I sure weren’t interested in crossin’ there’s, was this feller that we met at the place we been a stayin’ during the repairin’ of Ol’ 5th Wheel’s latest breakdown. Let me tell ya, he were a feller that made all them fellers sellin' them mobile, mobile homes out to be a lookin’ more like pecan sorters in a pickle factory, he were so much more interesting than them.

We’d been a stayin’ there fer a while, a getting’ ta know folks and a havin’ good times swapin’ stories with more an few lies blended in, when this feller I’m a talkin’ bout comes in with one of them so called 5th wheels that really ain’t got five wheels, but the fellers a pullin’ ‘em don’t know that, so they just call ‘em what the salesman that took there money said they was called.

All was a going well fer everybody, though some folks was sayin’ he were some big time writer feller, which just naturally got my curiosity up, what with me being into writn’ this here blog, and also some literaturary stories fer the local ladies at a former place we was at, all of which has resulted in me bein’ a writer of some renouned myself. He were a nice enough feller, though it did appear to me that whenever the conversation got a round to writin’ he was always a talkin’ about hisownself and wouldn’t let me get a word in lengthwise.

Where I’m a goin’ with this here tale is what happened this past weekend when the monthly park work and eat day come up. They usually pair up two or three couples to work together and then they do a little relaxing and sharin’ of the vittles afterward. So this time me and Nilda ends up a workin’ with Joe Ed and Matilda, as well as this feller and his wife, who’s names I got on the tip of my tongue but just can’t get out.

While Matilda is just a little tiny slip of a woman, Joe Ed is a steam engine and red squirrel all rolled into one. He’s not only always a workin’ he does the work of two people without even breakin’ a sweat. So when they assigned to jobs it weren’t no surprise when we got the one a clearin’ the brush and such from inside the turnaround at the far end of the park.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

RV-Dreamers Glossery, C-F

This here is more of that help for newlies that I begun some days back. It probably went over the head of many of them folks, and somebody suggested I start an area called Helpful Hints 4 Newlies on this here blog. The only problem with that is most of my readers bein’ cousin’s and as such, thy ain't gonna need no advice like that since they ain’t never likely to round up enough wheels to make their mobile homes, mobile and so become a newlie. So for now I’ll just work on this here glossery some more.

Camper Shell
A mobile home, also sometimes called a non-mobile, mobile home. Examples of several of these is usually a lyin' around on most of the places up on the Gulch and is what's left after they take the good stuff that might work out to remodel their new places which is also one. Have also heard it used on occasion with a slightly different pronunciation, kinda misplacing the “s”, to describe a really bad campin' spot.

This one sure beats all, since it's been some 75 years or more since the CCC was last up towards the Gulch a fixing roads and things so's them city fellers could have a money payin’ job. Some feller told me that all mobile, mobile home'ers is concerned about it, so I stuck it in. I don't know, maybe me and Nilda is two smart to be mobile, mobile home'ers.

Class A mobile, mobile home
I sure know Ol' 5th Wheel ain't one of these. Fact is, its such a heap of junk I'm not sure it would even be called a Class Z mobile, mobile home. Supposidly them Class A's is built on truck or bus bases, and has got lots of room. We see them with them side places that slide out so you can be a sittin' in them about 6 inches from your neighbor a sittin' in theirs a looking back at you the same as you is a lookin’ at him. Them fellers seem to enjoy the closeup and in your face way of livin' but it ain't fer me and Nilda
Dump station
RV park entertainment center. The really good ones got elevated ampatheater seating for the best view. Its best to always check which way the wind is a blowin' afore takin' a seat. Always watch for an mobile, mobile home with paper license plates and the man and the woman a jawin' at each other when then get out. It's sometimes just worth payin' to camp to watch the goin's ons at this place. A word of advice: always try to be the one watching the entertainment rather than the one a providin' it.

First time I heard this referrin' to a mobile, mobile home was when that city feller cousin of mine and his cute wife :):) got lost up on the Gulch. I could understand why they got lost what with him a callin' it a "fiver or fifth wheel” at various times during our conversin' when the thing only had four wheels. So if'n you run across somebody a talkin' about a fiver when it's only got four, give 'em a wide path cause they may have got a little to much of that RV Dreamers dust up their nose.