FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1? - How could you have ever given up your wonderful life for the uncertainties of the road.

We got lucky when a city feller cousin and his cute wife :):) got lost up on the Gulch. That's when we learned about the Great Kiva and mobile, mobile homes. The rest as they say, is a real story.

2? - I see that you often stay in relatives' driveways, or even with people you hardly know. Is this easy to do.

Sure is, all you got to do is to ask, and if that doesn't work, just park there for a while. Anyone from where we come from has got so many relatives, most of them don't have a clue which cousin you are, so getting a few freebies off them is real easy.

3? - There are so many types of RV's to choose from, how did you know which one to buy.

It really wasn't much of a problem, cause once word got out that those two fools up on the Gulch was going to give up all the comforts of life for the unknowns of the road, we had more offers to take something that was laying out in the back forty than we had time to look at. Nilda wasn't into the trailer thing, and I didn't want no bed I had to be a mountain climber/contortionist  to wiggle into at night. That really made the choice easy.

3a? - You say the choice was easy, but what about those of us who have never owned an RV. How are we to know what to buy.

That's your first error, wanting to buy something. A man's got to know his limitations, and if you're limiting yourself to buying something, maybe you ain't got the proper attitude to be one of these full time mobile, mobile home people. That's cause your money ain't gonna last nearly as long as you think it is, so cheap or free at first means adventures galore later. Just ask us if you don't believe it.

4? - I don't have enough money to fulltime unless I work or volunteer. I've heard that you often times have to clean restrooms if you work at a campground. What are your thoughts on this.

Lordy, lordy, where you been all your life? I been going to the restroom, as they have come to call outhouses today, all my life. When you go, its got to go somewhere, after all, it just happens. Every spring we either had to shovel the you know what, or dig a new hole and move the blasted outhouse. If it bothers you that much, I'd suggest you get a job with a outhouse pump-out service before you hit the road. That way cleaning a restroom is gonna seem like wiping the dust off of a table to you. Either that, or marry a country girl that can take care of that chore while you pick up beer cans around the park.

5? - Okay, so you're on the road living the good life, but isn't your RV going to wear out some day, and how do you plan to replace it.

Seems like you haven't been reading the blog I been writing about our daily travels, or you wouldn't be asking me that question. That 5th wheel Nilda's cousin conned me into haulin' off his lot, has been nothing but trouble since the day we got it, and it ain't gonna wear out cause it was already wore out when we got it. Sheesh. What a dumb question.

6? - How much does it cost somebody to live the fulltime life.

However much money you got, and then some.

7? - What kind of camera do you use to record your travels and what software do you use to modify and enhance the images that illustrate your blog entries.

Have you ever even looked at me and Nilda's blog, or are you some kind of camera salesman or someone who works for micrysoft? First off we ain't got no money to buy one of them new fangled cameras that have more buttons than an old maid schoolmarms winter nightie. Second place, did you even look at our blog? The only photo on it was the one Nilda's cousin sent us when he conned us into taking that heap of junk that is our mostly immobile, mobile home. What's with all these stupid questions, anyways.

8? - What do you do for entertainment.

Now I suspect you're wondering about any TV, DV whatevers, Blueberrys, ipaddles or whatever their calling the latest in time wasters. Obviously you ain't never stayed in an RV Park on a Friday night in the middle of the summer. Why there's more entertainment all around you than you can handle. If it ain't the young'uns running off with their mothers half undressed chasin' after them, it's the fellar that just got his brand spankin' new RV and don't have a  clue about how to back it up or what to hook up where. If you're the kind of person  that needs to be entertained by some pictures on the wall, why not save your money and just keep your house.

9? - I'm concerned about what to do when I can't live the full time life any more. What plans do you have when the time comes that you and Nilda are too old to travel.

Did you spend your childhood worrying about what you were going to do when you became a teenager. Did you worry in your twenty's what you were going to do when you retired. I sure didn't, but then maybe you never had a Tomato Blossom :):):) in your life. As far as I know we will do what we did before we started out on this haphazard journey of ours that you refer to a full time life. Which was not much of anything. Hells bells, I'm worrying more about where I'm gonna get a brake line to repair that heap of junk we drive than what I'm going to do years into the future. Did you ever think of getting a life.

10? - Many of your answers to your readers questions in these FAQ's are pretty harsh. Do you think you are driving away visitors with this attitude.

Driving away, you sure hit it on the head. If that brake line don't come in tomorrow we ain't a gonna be drivin' away till next week at the earliest. All that will mean is we'll get a bunch more emails from people that either think they know more about this life than we do, or a bunch from people that couldn't blow their nose if all their brains was gunpowder. Don't we have anybody readin' this here blog that's got a lick of sense.

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