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You find people are always telling you that you're definitely the most interesting person they've ever met
You don't like high stress jobs. Like when your husband tells you that you've got to the mow the lawn TWICE this year.

If the idea of that kind of life gets you down
Just wait until you discover what living life on the road is really like.


"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hatey Weighty Jr. Explained

Now there’s a lot behind this here Hatey Weighty Jr. program, but that ain’t what are being concentrationed on today. It are the behinds of the folks that are a reedin’ this, that are the real focus of the Hatey Weighty program. Howsoever, whether it are yer behind parts, yer ahead parts, or yer just too big all over, it are likely to be of help.

There ain’t gonna be no special foods y’all gots to buy, no countin’ to do, no books to buy, and no meetin’s to go to. This program are designed to separates you, not from yer money, but rather from that big bunch of blubber y’all wants to get rid off. Nilda were a tellin’ I.M. that them thats picked up a few extra pounds along the way don’t want to be called blubber butts, so I.M. won’t. But that don’t mean that other folks a lookin’ at them don’t think that.

The philosophy behind Hatey Weighty Jr. are simple. Throughout the full time RV mobile, mobile home world there is folks that’s wants to separate y’all from yer money so they can live the life y’all are tryin’ to live. That are the heart of the Hatey Weighty Jr. program, only from another direction. Instead of them other folks a tryin’ all manners of inducements to separate y’all from yer money, y’all gots to think along the same lines, which are how y’all could separate them extra pounds y’all is a carryin’ from yerownself.

Think about it. It are yer plan, y’all thunked it up, y’all is implementioning it, y’all gets the benefits. I.M. are thinkin’ a good motto would be: Cut the middleman, cut the fat. I.M. first come up with: Banish the baloney, banish the blubber. Howsoever as Nilda pointedly pointed out, I.M.'s first motto weren’t gonna be doin’ what I.M. wanted it to be a doin’, and now the motto are better. Obviously there is a little more to the program than I.M. got to today, which will be uncovered in the next installment.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mick has an Idea

Recently I.M. gots an email from cousin Mick who are a roamin’ around the western parts of the country, which are the opposite side of the country from where most all I.M.’s cousins is from. Mick are always on the lookout fer a way to stretch the dollar a mite bit more than most, and in that email Mick reported he come up with a new idea that I.M. might like to share with those that reed this here blog.

Now there’s some folks that likes to travel down the roads of the country, and when they find a nice cozy place to set for a mite, they does just that. Most of their days is took up with gabbin’ with the neighbors, piggin’ out at the local deep fat fry and quick serve, or if’n yer Canadian, sittin’ out in the sun to get the proper tan so as to not look likes y’all was covered with snow all year. While Mick are especially good at hittin’ the local deep fry and quick serve, he has also gots this thing fer visitin’ all the local tourist type attractions.

Now if’n any of you reeders are into such pursuits, y’all knows that the doin’ of such things can allow y’all to discover some of the more unique places of this here earth. Places like the Two Headed Calf Museum in Covington, the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, the Ventriloquist Museum in Fort Mitchell, the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute in Ellensburg, or the SPAM® Museum in Austin.

I.M. are thinkin’ that someonebody reedin’ this are been to one or the other of them national treasures and so knows what Mick means when he says, there’s things just so outstandin’ that folks comes from all around the world just to see them. The problem fer Mick were that the admissions to them places mounts up right quick, and were puttin’ a dent in his travel plans. Unfortunately, us’uns are all gonna have to wait till I.M. gets Micks next email to learn just how Mick solved that problem, which hopefully won’t be long in coming.

I.M. wants to thanks the reeders of this here blog fer their comments. I.M. don't comment back on comments like some folks do, but that don't mean I.M. don't reed them and get a good laugh or even an idea or two from them. Y'all have fun this upcomin' weekend, and if'n I.M. don't post on a day or two, it are cause me and Nilda are havin' fun too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Hatey Weighty Jr. Program

It has occurrenced to I.M. that based on all the comments I.M. we receptioning about the Hatey Weighty program that there is a real need fer another Hatey Weighty, lighten the load, program. One that are more atuned to the needs of the RV mobile, mobile home full time time population that don’t have nothin’s to do with RV’s or income.

Seems like the folks that take up this here full time RV mobile, mobile home life has soon gots a problem relationed to intake, not income. That are, they’s intakin’ more food than they was afore, and the out go are fallin’ behind. Or puttin’ it another way, to much of the intake is gittin’ packed onto the behind.

I.M. ain’t called the most illegible of folks bloggin’ about this here way of livin’ fer nothin’, so I.M. are puttin’ finger to key to offer solutions to folks afllictioned with this malady, it seeming to strike more ladies than men. Now Nilda has just interruptioned I.M. to point out that there’s probably more men that’s got this problem, it are just that so many of them look that way they all thinks that look are normal. I.M. bein’ tall and thin don’t gots that problem, but maybe I.M. are gonna have to do so observationing in the future.

When I.M. pointed out that it ain’t called the Jeremiah Craig weight loss plan, Nilda just rolled her eyes and said, Men. I.M. are not sure what Nilda were a meanin’, and with her havin’ that special look in herownselfs eye when she were a sayin’ it, I.M. weren’t about to ask. Anyonebody who reeds I.M. knows I.M. ain’t out to offends no onebody, so even if it might be needed by a couple of fellers or so, it are probably needed by more of them female type folks, and that’s what I.M. will be addressin’ the next time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Modest Proposal for a Weighty Problem

The solution to that income problem could be many different things, all short of out right beggin’ which are somethin’ that runs contrarywise to the way I.M. were brought up. Also there is just something about birdhousin’, beadin’ and bloggin’ as a way to make a livin’ that don’t square with bein’ raised up on the Gulch. I.M. didn’t have much in the way of educations, but I.M. used what little I.M. got to make somethin’ of hisownself. It are them folks that’s gots lots of education but don’t use it to make somethin’ of themownselves that has I.M.’ s head a shakin’. If they wasn’t smart enuff to get the right education in the first place, what makes a body think they is gonna be very smart at what they’s doin’ in the second place. Sheesh.

Takin’ all that into considerations, it would seem to I.M. that by usin’ the Hatey weighty program as a start, a feller ought to be able to find a way to generates hisownself a income stream that would have some velocities to it. I.M. thinkin’ it are called ancillary, but I.M. could be wrong. The thing to do are to take the Hatey Weighty program, which are the idea of takin’ things out to lighten the load, and combine it with the weighin’ and tire pressurin’.

But that ain’t what it are really about, the key is to gets them folks that pays you to do that to come to that other money makin’ operation y’all gots. Maybe sellin’ beads or birdhouses fer example. Or how abouts a custom sign shop or jewelry makin’. And then there’s silk flower makin’ or embroidered hats.

If a feller or gal was really enterprisin’ they could have themownself a website with lots of advertisin’ that other folks could visit. The key are the possibilities is endless once y’all starts with the Hatey weighty program. It are all abouts drawin’ folks into yer other real money makin’ businesses, not the Hatey Weighty program itself. I.M. are such a gentleman I.M. don’t want to make no money hisownself off this revolutionary concept, so all y’all use it howsoever y’all will.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Opportunities with the Hatey Weighty Program

Y’all knows from I.M.’s previous writin’s that me and Nilda worked hard, saved our money and are now a livin’ the RV mobile, mobile life livin’ on what we saved and that monthly check from Uncle Sam. That don’t mean that everyonebody was as smart as me and Nilda, and so maybe they’s runnin’ a little light in the money department and lookin’ fer a way to add some extra income.

The Hatey Weighty program bein’ free and all, anyonebody can use it howsoever they wants. I.M. are thinkin’ that if’n someonebody could combine the weighin’ of RV’s with the Hatey Weighty program, and maybe even combine it with somethin’ they was already a doin’, it would be a way of generatin’ an extra bit of income.

Combinin’ all that together it wouldn’t take someonebody long to be the expert in these weighty matters, especially if they could tie them all together. Them axles, wheels and hitches is something it looks like a feller could do a little studyin’ up on and in no time appear to be a real expert at. As Grandpap always said, it ain’t what y’all know, it’s what folks think y’all know.

To give an example of what I.M. are a thinkin’ on this, suppose I.M. wasn’t havin’ to fix Ol’ 5th Wheel all the time, and also that he hadn’t been smart enough to find enuff money when he were a workin’ to be able to let I.M. and Nilda live the life of bliss me and Nilda does now. That would mean I.M. would have to come up with an extra income stream as them sharp city feller folks say.

I.M. knows there is lots of ways of supplementing yer income, thanks to all them blogs I.M. reeds, but what makes I.M. stands out from the masses are the unique perspectives I.M. brings to the RV mobile, mobile home world. So in the next post in this exciting series, I.M. will be proposin’ a new twist to the solution to the money problem.