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This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Friday, April 26, 2013

What We Did Today

Seems like that post I a wroted fer Nilda’s cousin Clementine (which got her no good, worthless, thievin’ husband talkin’ to me bout buyin’ O’l 5th Wheel afore he bought a brand new to him, 1968 Cerio Scottie from Sanderson’s Junkers, Clunkers and Salvage in Fleccer, Mozurie), stirred up a hornets nest with more cousin’s than we knowed we had. They were a sayin’ that all that writin’ was confusioning to them, and would I wright a simple post that just had the facts about our day and not nothin’ about a bunch of menfolk that wouldn’t know fine food if it were a sittin’ right in front of them.

So just fer them, here it is, nice and simple: Got up at our usual time. Nilda fixed coffee the usual way, and we both drank our usual number of cups. I walked up to the park office to get the paper for Nilda. On the way I waved to Terry, said hi to Jim, Harley, Dottie and Goldie. Rubbed the ears of there dogs, Humper, Piddles and Nuggetdropper. Waved at Thelma and Old Jim on there bicycles, as well as Mrs. Widebottom who was picking up doggy droppin’s in front of the office.

Picked up the paper and returned to Ol’ 5th Wheel while a doin’ the same talkin’, wavin’, and lookin’ I did on the way up to the office. Nilda had our usual breakfast fixed, after which we commenced as usual, to sit out in our chairs, a lookin’ at everybody up and down the street who were out a doin’ the same thing we was. I glanced up at Sandy, Cindy, Darlene and Susan everytime they come a zippin’ past on they’re usual workout walk, which were also the only time Nilda took her nose outta that paper, what with her a glancin’ at me, a glancin’ at them.

That took care of the morning, but just before Nilda started to fix our usual lunch, Bill and Betty asked if we wanted to join them for lunch at the Meatball Factory and Talipia Farm, so we did. We ate two much serf and turd as usual, but all said, it were right tastey, so we headed back to burn some of them new calories off by taking a hard nap. I was a really getting’ into a dream bout them walkin’ ladies when Nilda wakes me up, sayin’ we got to go git some food fer the typical Tuesday twilight potluck get together at the park.

We went to the store, got what Nilda wanted, and come back. Food fixed we took off towards the activity center, meetin’ Jim, Misty, Harry, Sandy, John, Jan, Rick, Diane, Susan, Darlene, Cindy and Betty on the way. With the usual Monday night TV football game havin’ been postponed a night due to snow, they’er husbands was a staying home and watchin’ it. We vaccummed up that food like usual, then everybody got to talkin’ to the usual folks about the usual things.

Later, after the menfolk put up the tables like usual and the womenfolk got their hopefully empty dish, everybody headed back to there mobile, mobile homes as usual. We walked with Arthur, Winnie, Muley Johnson, Sam, Bea, Harold, Darlene, Sandy, Susan and Cindy. Usually we sit out and talk too folks, but tonight we was booth tired, so we did our usual getting’ ready, then got onto the bed from our usual sides and did our usual bedtime ritual, afore finally fallin’ to sleep.

Sorry bout this here post. I tried to get them cousin’s to reed almost any of them blogs written by other folks, all of which is almost exactly like this one every day they write one, but them cousins wanted to know what a typical day was just for Me and Nilda without nothing extraoutoftheordinary happenin’. Tomorrow we will once a gain be back to relatin’ the way livin’ the fulltime mobile, mobile really is like fer all them rv dreamers out their.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

End of a Typical Fulltime RV Day

This is the last installment in a series of posts about a typical day in our lives for Nilda’s favorite cousin, Clem, and my near favoritist cousin-in-law, Joe Ed, who is her wonderful husband. When I last left off, we had just returned from a typical group noon meal, and while the ladies proceeded to scrapbook, which is code for gossip, we men returned to our favorite pastime, drinkin’ beer, belchin’ and scratchin’. Leastawayswise that’s what the women think we do. Really we, we swap true life stories of what we have scene or herd while travelin’ around the country so as to make our fulltime life better.

The best way to learn about fulltiming is to do it yerself. The best way to learn not what to do is to listen to what other folks has done. That meant I picked up a few pointers on how not to back into a sight when the feller next to you has put his awning stakes in the middle of where yer a backing yer RV at 11:30 on a moonless night, and other typical things like that.

Then Nilda comes a traipsin’ back, the ladies havin’ broken up their confab, and I realizes we still ain’t got our mornin’ walk in and it’s almost dinner time. So we sets off again, but Larry and Lori were out a washin’ their bicycles, so we stopped to visit for a while. Then while we was a doin’ that, Old man Carlisle comes out, and tells Nilda that his wife is takin' cookies out of the oven, and that Nilda should head inside and pick up a few while they is still warm.

By now it has been over ten hours since we set out on our morning walk and we ain’t got by no more than seven sights, so you can see that our days is just so cram packed with activities we ain’t hardlty got time to do anything. Bout a half hour later Nilda comes out, a bag of chocolate chip cookies in her hand and a big glob of chocolate a stuck to the corner of her mouth, which is suggesting to me that all them cookies she got didn’t make it into that there bag.

At that I didn’t say nothin’, havin’ learned better years ago, and we made a beeline back to Ol’ 5th Wheel where she proceeded to whip up some leftovers fer our dinner. After that, I set down in front of this here computer to put together another episode in the true life adventures of our mobile, mobile home life, while Nilda did her usual, and sits in her favorite chair a readin' one of them books of her’s.

This writin’ business ain’t easy, even though you’d think a man of my copeeus talent would find it real easy. Sometimes what I write about comes easy, there havin’ been an embearassment of interesting things happening that day. Other times I just right about what the start of our mobile, mobile home life were like, or maybe a story one the fellers told to me that day.

Clem, I guess I’m a sayin’ that this life is different fer each of us, and if you and Joe Ed want to try it ya should. Who knows, maybe you can find out you have writin tallent like me and become just as famous. Well, maybe I ain’t exactly famous, but I.M. happy puttin’ what me and Nilda do out fer people to read. I.M., who is not only the husband of your favorite cousin, Nilda, but who is also the best friend of that wonderful husband of yours. And yes, Clem, even though it would paine me mightily, I would certainly be willin’ to sell our outstanding and highly relieabell mobile, mobile home, Ol’ fifth Wheel, to yer husband, should he be wantin' to pay me cash money.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Restaurant/hair Salon Food for RVers

This here is a continuation of a typical day in our full time mobile, mobile home life special fer Nilda’s favorite cousin, Clem, and her somewhat worthless, but eager to get into the fulltime life, husband. Where we left off with this true life tail was a headin’ for our seats in the combination restaurant/hair salon that smelt like a close cuzzin to a skunk pelt factory and where they used words that were unknowable to normal folks like me.

Now when I were a courtin’ Nilda I once took her to one of them fancy restaurants that’s got table clothes and all, but this place had more fufurry than a whole city full of them places. Plates on plates, more silver than granny Carlton had in her mouth and with glasses and cups so thin , if ya breathed hard on them they looked, like as not, they'd shatter on the spot.

But just when ya think it can’t get no worse it does. That made like lady, comes around and hands each of us something that I can best describe as a telephone book, which she calls “zee card dejoor” and which has Le Carte du Jour a writtin' on it. When I opens it up I look around and half the fellers is a holdin’ it like me and the other half is a holden it upwards down from our way.

The ladies is a laughin’ and sayin, “Oh you silly boys, it’s supposed to go this away, and trying to get everyone on the same page. I.M. going to skip most of what was in that book, Clem, mostly a'cause I don’t have a clue as to what any of it was, just like them other fellers didn’t, but here’s a samplin’.

These I thought I knowed what they was, Bangers and Mash, Quiche de la Mer, Chardonnay Poached Pear Salat, Sammon Moutard and Mussels du Jour, but as I learned, in a place like this you can't tell a book by it's cover. So what you think you is a gettin' and what you is a starin' at on yer plate is entirely different. Lets just say that I knowed my bear weren't bear and that mussle sure weren't no beef mussle, and leave it at that.

Best part was that all them ladies were a havin’ the time of there lives, a carryin’ on and a totally ignorin’ us menfolk. all of which was good cause it give us a chance to scrape that stuff on our plates onto the floor under the table, all unnoticed like. When the women is done eatin' they gits to goin’ on about the desserts, which a looking at them dishes they had piled on that cart they brung around would a probably made for a world sugar shortage if they made another cart full.

That’s when Henry pipes up with, “Henrietta, that were the best restaurant meal I think I’s ever seen, but but it sure were more than a mite fillin’ and I note you is a really fillin’ out that dress you’re a wearing, honeykins.” You’d heard a pin fallin’ through the air it got so quiet. Then Elmira Toolesaurd speaks up, her havin’ that boomin’ voice and all, ‘Well ladies, I know the men want some of these delicious desserts, but really, we need to get back to our scrapbooking, so If they don’t mind, we need to leave now.

That’s when Skinny Perkins picked up on what was goin’ on. Turnin’ to his wife and sayin’ “Kitten, I sure was lookin’ forward to the matcha tea powder coated deep fried, honey coated jickama slices, but I know yer scrapbooking is so important to you, that I’ll give them up.” Fer a moment, his Beulah hesitated and we was a wondering if maybe he hadn’t laid it on a mite too thick, but then she puts her hands together, and says, “Oh Skinny, you are the most thoughtful man alive.” At which point there was so many sighes a let loose I thought fer a second those ladies was a gonna catch on.

Clem, if ya want more on our day, just do like ya did before, and I will write more. Your favorite cousin’s husband, and friend of your husband, I.M.

Friday, April 12, 2013

RV Restaurant Rendezvous 3

We’all was a standin’ there, a swayin’ back n forth hopin’ we don’t pass out, when this female person comes up, a looking like them maids you see in the movies with her black dress and white cap, apron and all. While I.M. and the other fellers was still a strangling fer a breathe, she says something that sounded like, ”Would madammozells and monsures like a seat on the furanda or in the conservastory?” Us fellers was sure she weren’t a talkin’ to us, but by lookin’ around it were discovered there weren’t no one there but us. This were not lookin’ good fer sure.

Whatsoever it were that maid lady had actually said, the next thing we knowed, we was being led to our seats on the furanda, which I hoped weren’t where them pelts was a hanging that were a smellin’ so bad. On the way one of the fellers asked the ladies what that smell were that had darned near a kilt us. To which we learned that it were what any beauty parlor smells like and had something to do with them permenances the ladies were a getting’ right regular like. No wonder Nilda was always a piling on the prefume. If myownself had to be around something that stunk that bad, I.M.’d be known as the Channel No.5 man fer sure, there’d be so much of that perfume on I.M. to cover up that smell..

Clem, I.M. sorry to have got a mite bit carried away there, but if that ain't enough fer ya, let me know and I’ll fill you in on more of what happened that day. Fer now, I.M yer favorite cousin's husband who are newlie educationed in the inner workings of a combination restaurant and beauty parlor, or at the least the smells of such. I.M. are also now a firm believer in always eatin' in the RV, mobile, moble home rather than at them restaurant place that womenfolk pick.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

RV Restaurant Rendezvous 2

Hearin’ from Clem that she were a thinkin’ she could handle the lady side of the full time RV mobile, mobile home life, I.M. continuing to tell her what a typical day are like.

At last we arrived, somewhat deaf from all that carryin’s on and nonstop gabbin’ from them ladies. We had barely got stopped when them ladies like to have bolted out of the back seats of them two trucks, howsoever we fellers was a stuck to the front seats like a whole quart of super glue had been spilt under us. Didn’t mean nothin’ to them ladies and afore we knewed it, they had yanked them front doors open and was a draggin’ us’ens outta there like we was pieces of fried chicken a goin’ on the servin’ platter.

So up them steps to that combination restaurant and beauty parlor that bevy of beauties, as Henry put it, troop, a raisin’ a ruckus that could be heard a mile or more away. All the time they was a pushin', a proddin’ or a draggin’ us menfolk, dependin’ on who was where at the moment, and how close one of us men was to getting’ away. Then they had the door open and we was a bein’ swept inside like as we was caught up in a whirlwind. Unfortunately it were so quick a happenen’ we didn’t know what they’d done afore it was two late to turn tail and run fer our lives.

That were when it hit us menfolk. It being the most gaudauful smell I.M. ever did smell in myownselfs entire life. Now I.M. ain’t never been in a skunk pelt factory, but one of them had to smell sweeter than what was assultin’ our nostrils, nose, head, brain and whole body. It weren’t just one smell either, I.M. are a tellin’ y’all, it were like like some of them smells that Dirtiest Jobs feller describes on TV, or maybe even worse. All them other fellers standin’ there looked just about as green as mineownself did, but them ladies weren’t even payin’ it no nevermind.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RV Restaurant Rendezvous

I.M. back with more of me and Nilda’s daily life for Nilda’s cousin, Clementine, and her somewhat less than a pain in the butt husband who by all reports are actually thinkin’ about leavin’ his former worthless life behind and takin up the utopian life on the rode. Course once he reads the rest of this here article I.M. writin’, he may change his mind, which by all accounts should be real easy since he ain’t got much of a mind to be changed anyways. Where I.M. left off was when we’all was on our way to the combination restaurant and beauty parlor the ladies wanted to eat at, in case, like Clem’s husband most likely has, you has already forgot about it.

So there we was, all sixteen of us’ens, packed in them two monstrous dually tired pick-up trucks, a pullin’ up to something that looked more like an overstuffed dollhouse than a building a body would ever want to be a caught goin’ into. We fellers was all a lookin’ at each other, a thinkin’ oh lordy, what in thunderation have we got ourownselves into, while them ladies was a carryin’ on like a bunch of blackbirds perched atop an overturned grain truck.

That was when we first heard things that man’s ears ain’t never supposed to be exposed too. Things like Lapsang Souchon, Cupid's Arrow, Super Fine Rooibos and Gunpowder Green. Now that last one we kinda got a handle around, but them ones afore it, they was a makin' us menfolk think that the worst thing in the whole world would be to walk into that place with them ladies. So, Clem if yer a with them ladies and can read yer tea leaves to the point of a knowin’ what this talk were all about, then I.M. will write y’all some more But if you ain’t, I.M. concerned that you ain’t cut out fer this here full time mobile, mobile home life the way them ladies is a livin’ it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just fer Nilda’s Cousin Clementine 3

That leaves us fellers standin’ there lookin’ a mite lost when Harlotta suggests we come sit a spell at her place. Having been roped into that afore, we politely decline and proceeded on down the road, her a trailing after lookin’ much like a lovesick cow, which in fact she very much did reassemble. Bout that time, Big John, the former circus midget comes out a dragging a case of beer, and we knowed where we was a gonna hole up fer the morning.

Just afore noon the ladies all come back, just a gushin’ about this new combination restaurant and beauty parlor that were in the midst of its grand operationing. All they’all wanted to go there for grub, and such as it were, we menfolk had no choice. So not knowing any better we’ all piled into a couple of trucks and left that park a trailin’ more dust than than a trailer load of busted sweeper bags. Them ladies was in the back a goin’ on about all the good things they'ed heard about this place, and how it was fillin’ a real need in their lives. Now I.M. weren’t too sure about that part, but I.M. did know that the way I.M.’s stomak was a rumbellin’ it was goin’ to take a mighty big plate of food to quiet it down. And it wers apparent from the sounds old Harvey Etalott sittin’ nearby was a makin’, he were havin’ the same problem.

Now since I.M. supposed to be given a minute by minute readdition of what our day were like for Clem, I.M. gotta stop here, else wise this here post which are already three days long, will be a going on for ever. So Clem, if this are what you want and ya want more just let us know and I.M. will fill you in the the restaurant that were from where Brother Bartholomew says all them sinners is a goin’ some day. An say howdy from me to that no account worthless moochin’ pain in the butt you is a married two next time he comes home fer a spell, cause I’m sure he’s got something good about him, even if ain’t no one figured out what it is yet.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just fer Nilda’s Cousin Clementine 2

We got woked up just like always this mornin’ at 4:30 when that train went a barrelin’ down the track right ahind where we is parked. All the rattlin’ ans shakin’ of these RV mobile, mobile homes parked alongside us got the cows in the feedlot on the otherside of us a bawlin’ and a carryin’ on, so there weren’t gonna be no more sleep this morning. We did our morning duties, Nilda with her mudpak removal and myownself a sittin’ so’s I.M. could git a mornin' movement started. Then it were time fer breakfast.

Nilda got some bacon and eggs out of the refrigerator, and she didn’t even break any eggs a doin’ it. It are hard cause this here RV mobile, mobile home refrigerator are so small, two shoppin’ bags done fills it to overflowing. Next comes the pancakes and biscuits, though with all the ants crawling in the flour Nilda had to sift it first. Course if’n yall don’t like bugs and things y’all shouldn’t be livin’ this full time life, cause yer gonna git to know them real well, I.M. tellin’ ya. Sorry I.M. got off the story, but was some done eatin’, so next come our daily morning walk around the place we was a staying.

We hadn’t got but maybe ten steps when Harold and Henrietta comes a boundin’ out of their mobile, mobile home, a smilin’ like so as to make a shark looked close mouthed. First thing ya know we was a blabberin’ away to the point that Henry and Harlotta comes out and joins us. Now Henry ain’t much of a talker, but that wife of his is a talker and a hole lot more. That goes on fer a while, we moving on to the next sight, where Maude comes out a claiming the women folk and a leadin’ them off towards the clubhouse where they got some kind of craft confab which were a gonin’ on this mornin.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just fer Nilda’s Cousin Clementine

Some of you’uns might be a wonderin’, what with me havin’ a dozen or so non-relatives a now readin’ this here blog, and it a getting’ more popular as my readers spread it hoof and mouth to others, just why I would want to make a post aimed at a lone person, and a relative at that. It are because Nilda and Clemintine weren’t just cousins, they was closer together than the rats in old man Dairyrumples barn, and after a workin’ fer him one summer, let me tell you that means mitey close.

Now I think you already know that Nilda didn’t have no sisters, and if she hasn’t told ya yet, she will one of these days when she writes another post. Anyway them two being favorite cousins and all, Clem, as she was always called by everyone but Nilda, has been a corry sponding with Nilda about this new life of ours, a wonderin’ if it were something she and her husband should take up. Nilda has been a writtin to her about what we do, but Clem keeps a pesterin’ her for a real minute by minute rundown. That are how Nilda come to ask me to write this here blog post, so that if’n any more cousins comes up with the same idea, Nilda could just refer them to my authenticative writin' on it. 

Now as anyonebody that are livin’ this here RV mobile, mobile home full time life knows, there sure ain’t no such thing as a typical day. It are just like livin’ in a regular place that don’t move around, at least it moves on the occasions it are runnin’ like it should. Which are another part of this here life folks don’t think about when they gets all dreamy eyed at the possibilities. So, with all that in mind, hear goes what a typical full time day are like fer me and Nilda.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RV Blog Review Cheat Sheet

Nilda - Here are that cheet sheet i rote up so i could look like i knowed what i are a doin' when i right them Rv blog reviews fer my reeders. Wuld ya look it over and give me yer thinkings on it? I.M. in way over myownselfs head hear and need yer help. If'n ya has red any of them folks blogs ya knows that comin' up with somethin' good to say are almost immpossibles. After yer a dun reedin' it and make yer comments, sent it back to me. Whatever you do, don't send it back using this link, remember, what ever you do, don't click on this link here like thi

Title of the RV Blog

Review paragraph 1
Include the following: Name of the RV blog. Name of the person tried to write it. Type of blog: boring everyday things; eating and drinking; travel to boring places; no photos; all photos; out of focus photos, Tone of post: glad, sad, bad.

Review paragraph 2
Write a brief overall summary of the blog. Do not reveal how bad it reelly are. Check the movie review word list you copied if you need some interesting words to make it sound like you what you are doing. Discuss at least 2 things they wrote about to make it look like you actually reeded it even if it put you to sleep.

Review paragraph 3
Discuss one specific days post. It will be hard but try to find something worth writing about. Be sure that you are specific and cite examples so they think you red it. If it are reelly borin' like most blogs is, make somethin' up. Them reeders won't know the difference.

Review paragraph 4
Discuss some other aspect of the blog. If possible, find something that are good about. If not, just say somethin' that are actually bad, are good, and hope they don't know the difference, and if'n they is a followering RV Dreamers:):):) they won't.

Review conclusionings
Give your overall reaction to the blog as well as your opinion on the quality of the style and writing. Include your recommendation that potential reeders should reed RV Dreamers:):):) if they want to read somethin' that ain't garbage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a RV Dreamers:):):) RV Blog Review Get You

The followering are a list of some of the things that havin’ yer RV Blog reviewed by I.M. might do to you, and how you will benefit.

  • Write grate blog post titles
  • Improve yer worldwide audience
  • Get more Russian comments
  • Why less are more in blog photos
  • Get yer reeders to read yer blog after lookin’ at them photos
  • Make yer blog look like something the dog didn’t drag in
  • Create content that informs, educates and inspires
  • Learn how to use fancy words in yer blog fool yer reeders
  • Learn what, if anything, works in yer blog
  • Discover if there are any hope fer yer blog

And most important of all:

  • See yer blog through a set of expert eyes

What you get :

  1. What I.M. are thinkin’ of yer blog
  2. Friendly, courteous helpful suggestions to improve your blog
  3. A review of all the stupid things y’all did a designin’ and writin’ yer blog

I.M. are now accepting requests fer folks to have their blog reviewed. I.M. also figurin’ that most folks ain’t exactly salivatin’ at havin’ I.M. act like that high school biology teacher they had, and slice that blog up like some smelly frog a pinned to a piece of cardboard. In that case I.M. will be selectioning blogs at ramdom from them nearly 300 he has got on his list. Or maybe I.M. will be taken a suggestion that were given to him to start with them folks that are his followers since after a reedin’ I.M. fer as long as they has, they should know better than to write the way they do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

RV Dreamers:):):) RV Blog Review: What to Expect

Now that I.M. has sprung the latest service provided by the leading blog in the the RV mobile, mobile home world, I.M. is thinkin’ y’all just might be a bit skeptical of what it really are. Of I’M. credentials to do this there can be no question, at least by them that normally gets confusioned by I.M.’s writings. But what about them that might be new to this whole concept, RV or blog?

I.M. could puts up a lot of things that folks has said about him, but that would only serve to confusion them folks that don’t know that what they don’t know has been unknowed to the unknowin’ by I.M. fer many months. With that out of the away and the knowin’ and the unknowin’ now hungerin’ fer information, let I.M. proceed to tell y’all what usin’ this her service will do fer you.

Most of y’all put a lot of effort into yer blogs, even though it don’t show, and are tryin’ to get folks to reed it. Problem are it takes a long time to build up yer reedership and blog quality to the level I.M. had the day I.M. started writin’ which are why he are so well positioned to help y’all. It are all about results and I.M. her to git y’all resultS with a capital R.

With the unbelievable expertise that I.M. brings to bare on yer RV blog, a RV Dreamers:):):) RV Blog Review will mean others will find you on the web, even it ain’t what you want, You will be attracting reeders like a dead skunk attracts flies, plus the whole world will soon be a knowin’ all them dumb things you are doing, or will be doin’ on the rode the the fulltime RV mobile, mobile home lifestye.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The RV Dreamers:):): RV Blog Review Service

Are your RV Blog not getting’ reed? Are you doin’ all the writin’, but ain’t no one doin’ any reedin’? Do yer Ad sense result in ads but not cents? Look no further. Get reeders fer yer blog the EZ, I.M. way.

Announcin’ the brand new, never before knowed about, RV Dreamers :):):) Blog Squad, I.M., the feller that “Can Fix Your RV Blog”, which are the motto of this here harebrained idea.

Now I.M. would like to say that I.M. has gots lots of requests from bloggers to check out their blog and give them pointers as to how they could have a blog as grate and ununderstandable’ as I.M. has created. Unfortunately, to say that wouldn’t not be the truth, and I.M. were raised to say the truth, but it are what I.M. are a hopin’ will happen with this new never afore conceited service he are a offerin’.

As much as them other fellers a makin’ money off a helpin’ the fulltime RV folks would like fer charge folks fer every request for a RV blog review, I.M don’t got time to try and get folks to pay if’n I.M. has got to spend all his a given thoughtful analysis and providin’ feedback that's articulate, useful and accurate in the way only I.M. can provide. :)

With there bein’ only so may hours in the day that I.m. can devotion to help y’all make yer blog have the same high quality of writin that I.M. has in hisownselfs blog, yer gonna need to get yer request in right quick. Now if’n I.M. were like them other fellers he’d be tellin’ ya to do it now or ya might have to wait, but knowin’ how many comments I.M normally gits, that ain’t a gonna be problem, so take yer time and in fact, I.M. may git to you afore y’all git to him.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog Changes

I.M. has been not a writin’ like unusual ownself these past few days, but what with all the thinkin’ I.M. has had goin’ on, I.M. hopin’ yer understandable. It might be that I.M. left you a dangling over the creek at the end of the rope on that last post, but not really. It were just that I.M. were still a tryin’ to decision how best to dissolve that time problem he hisownself were a havin’.

Then it come to I.M. that maybe I.M. were just as bad as them folks I.M. were a talkin’ bout the other day. I.M. were a lookin’ at all that refreshment that were missin’ from that there jug insteads of what were still in it. Sorta like not bein’ able to see the squirrels on account of all them acorns when lookin’ down in the Grand Canyon, I.M. thinkin'.

So here are some of the things yer goin’ to be seein’ in the future, some of which y’all already been seein’ but may not have noted. First off, I.M. are cuttin’ down on the number of words that are in each days post. I.M. got no problem comin’ up with things to write about what with his TIP IN jar underflowin’ like it are what with all them suggestions fer things to write about I.M. are not receivin’. But then it just may be that if’n other folks was to have somethin’ like a TIP IN jar, them folks wouldn’t have much in it either so I.M. are not upset about the lack of donations. Sides that, what with the weird folks I.M has attracted as regular readers, I.M. can understands why they would have no ideas in their heads

In an acorn hull, I.M. will be writin’ shorter blog posts which might allow fer I.M. to make more comments on them blogs I.M. are able to reed. But the biggest change has got to do with I.M. are a gonna do with them blogs I.M. will be a reedin’, and just wait until y’all hear what it are.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reviewing RV Blogs

At last I.M. has arrived at where we has been goin’ fer the past few days, which I.M. are sure that y’all weren’t not sure we was ever gonna get here. Did y’all know that most everyone body that writes a RV blog wants to know what other folks think of it? Did you know that all them folks that write a non-RV blog wants to know the same thing about theirownselfs blog?

Did ya know that there is all kinds of websites out there that fer money will offer them folks a critique of that there blog their a writin’? Did ya know that I.M. can’t believe that them fellers that have them websites that are supposed to be helpin’ the RV fulltime community ain’t added that service to their way of taken money from the unknownin’, or the knownin’ but not knowin’ better. I.M. are thinkin’ that at the rate of $250 a critic, that them other fellers charge, that would sure pay fer a lot rounds of golf and such things.

Now since ain’t nobodies else a doin’ it, I.M. has decisioned that it should be done, and further, that there are only one person in the RV bloggin’ world with the total inability to do it that are wantin’ to do it. It takes a sharp incisor to slice through all the things that are thought to be there, but ain’t there, in them blogs. Them movies has got that Roger Eggbert feller, but did y’all know that there are a equivalent to him in the RV blog world. That are why I.M. will be introductioning the new RV Dreamers:):):) RV Blog Review posts on a regular basis comin’ soon to a computer near you, so keep yer eyelids unpeeled fer something that are highly unlikely to be talked about round the dump station.

There ain’t a gonna be no charge fer these here reviews, and as anyonebody that has been reedin’ this here blog knows, I.M. has got a mind that that looks at things and sees what the normal person didn’t see and often times can’t understand even after I.M. explains it to them. Just remember that jug are half full idea if yerownselfs RV blog are one that I.M. takes a look at. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

RV Blog Reading

Since I.M. are havin’ Grandpap’s thinkin’ hat on atop his ownselfs head, he wants his reeders to be a puttin’ their own on, cause what I.M. are writin’ about are not his usual tale of what happened durin’ the day at the camperground like I.M. normally always writes about.

I.M. has, as of today, 190 RV blogs that he tries to follow and there is between 50 and 80 of them folks that post somethin’ new everyday. I.M. has also gots another 100 plus RV blogs that are on his list but that which he ain’t never been able to find time to get a round to reedin’ them, which given I.M. likin’ to make a comment on what he are reedin’ might be understandables. :)

That leads to the problem of I.M. not even bein’ able to reed them blogs on a irregular basis, let alone a regular basis, and when he do, most times he ain’t got time to leave a comment even though I.M. wants to. Now I.M. could be exclusionary and reed just a few blogs and make comments, or I.M. can reed lots of blogs and make no comments, but ain’t neither of them operations any good. So what are body to do? I.M. don’t know.

That are why Grandpap’s thinkin’ cap has come up with an entirely new conceptualization, which are got some new folds, and might give I.M. more time to fix Ol’ 5th Wheel, which would make Nilda happy, but allowance I.M. to blog, reed and commentary on blogs. I.M. has to admission that when this here RV Dreamers:):):) blog first started, it were just to keep all them cousins up to date about me and Nilda’s travails on the full time mobile, mobile lifestye , but since that time has sorta took on a life of it’s own.

I.M. can remember reedin’ something bout evolution and revolution bein’ similar in that them things gits started by by one feller, but then they gits a mind of there own and where they ends up, ain’t no tellin’. Guess I.M. tellin’ y’all that I.M. don’t know where this here blog are a headin’ but are gonna be interestin’.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RV Blogs

What with I.M. havin’ become infamous with the breaking of new ground with this here blog, I.M. has once again put on the old and well worn thinkin’ cap that were his Grandpap’s and has come up with something else in the RV blog world that there ain’t nobody a doin’.

It weren’t not all that long ago that I.M. took finger to key and started writin’ in a way that no onebody in the RV bloggerin’ world were a doin’. The underwhelming response has not only encouraged I.M. to keep at his work of elevating the level of RV bloggerin’ and the full time RV mobile, mobile home lifestye, it has also brung groans from some of them folks that read it fer the first time. Just like there is folks that always see the jug as half full, some folks can only see that it are half empty, and instead of pickin’ it up and havin’ some themownselves, they spends their time a complainin’ about the folks that were a drinkin’ it and all the fun they were a havin’ while doin’ just that.

And it always puzzles I.M. as to what them same folks is a gonna do when that jug gits empty. What are themfolks gonna do, them always seein’ what are wrong with things instead of what are right. Knowin’ that, I.M. are expectoratin’ there to be some of that a flyin’ thru the air when them folks see what he are about to unleash upon the RV bloggerosphere, which are the gonna be happenin’ fer the first time ever in the next week or so.

Most folks that write one of these here RV blogs ain’t no different from them folks a writin’ them non-RV blogs. They wants folks to be a reedin’ theysownselfs writin’ and would like to know what them folks a reedin’ it think of it. It are outside that line of thinkin’ that I.M. are gonna be wanderin’, and if’n y’all want to come along, yer more than welcome, but yer just gonna have to await till I.M. writes about it again to find out what it are that I.M. are a talkin’ bout.