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Sunday, May 22, 2011

FAQ’s the RV Dreamers Way

There seems to be no limit to the things that folks who are interested in the full time, fulltime RV mobile, mobile lifetye are confusioned about, and with that in mind, here are more answers to the questions only someonebody as smart as I.M. are incapable of answerin’.

Not having ever owned an RV before, I have a concern about waste disposal times. Can you give me some guidance on how long this should take.

While some of the reeders of this blog might think that this are a rather delicate subject to be disgusting in a public, I.M. thinking it are something that all we RV’ers is a facin’ on occasion. My ownselfs experience is that prune juice taken in quantity will speed the process up quite a bit, while large amounts of hard cheese will act as a sure way to clog things up. Based on this, if you got a big family a goin’ RV’ing, take along lots of prune juice and them folks will be in and out of that bathroom right fast. On the other hand, say y’all got the wifes mama along and she are the most obnoxious person ya ever did know. Then just keep a stuffin’ her a full of that hard cheese and she’ll be a sittin’ in there most of the weekend, a workin’ hard with nothing to show fer it.

My husband and I each have different things that bug us to no end. In my case it is ants. Do you have any suggestions as to how to prevent them from entering the RV?

I.M. not sure exactly why you has this phobia as they may be a little distrubin’ at times, but if’n you don’t pay them no never mind, they will usually not bother you. If you need something more drastic, I.M. would suggest that you don’t invite them along campering with you any more, and if they still show up, then just lock the door until the give up and leave. It ain’t really no problem with our family as all them ants on my side are only into the immobile home lifestye and not the mobile, mobile home life. On Nilda’s side they are the best cooks that ever put food on a table so we would never turn them away. That are two questions in a row that has dealt with relatives. Hows about we get back to talkin’ about RV problems and situations again.

Fuel prices are going out of sight this summer. Do you have any helpful hints on how we can live the RV life but not spend all our money on fuel?

A long time ago there was some song about puttin’ the bop in the bopper bop, and what ya gots to do is to take a page from that . If’n they can put the mobile in the mobile, mobile home, hows come can’t you take it out? Y’all make it a immobile home like they was up on the gulch and it ain’t gonna be goin’ no place, meaning that yer not spendin’ nothin’ on no fuel. And if yer a thinkin’ that you took up the mobile, mobile home life to be mobile, then quit yer bellyachin’ and pay what it costs. You wanted one of them monstroserties that burns gas like flushin’ it down a toilet, so suck it up and live with it.

Sometimes it ain’t as much fun bein’ out here as you thought, are it? And if your in a bind cause you were a listenin’ to one of them fellers that makes there money off tellin’ you how to make yer RV dreams come true, maybe you should be askin’ them to chip in something for yer fuel fund.

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