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You think an awesome experience is something everyone else always has
You think adventure is looking at the ladies dainties in the Sears Catalog :)
You've got more cousins than Carters' got little pills
You find people are always telling you that you're definitely the most interesting person they've ever met
You don't like high stress jobs. Like when your husband tells you that you've got to the mow the lawn TWICE this year.

If the idea of that kind of life gets you down
Just wait until you discover what living life on the road is really like.


"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

There are lots of buttons and links here, some might go somewhere, most probably don't. Even I, smart as I am :) ain't got'em all figured out yet. But like some feller said, "It ain't the destination, it's how many times you got to repair the brakes during the journey, otherwise you might not be able to stop when you get to where you didn't know you were going."

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This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Weighty Problem in the Campground

This are a continuationing of how the Hatey Weighty program come about so I.M.’s reeders can see that it were a well thought out plan and not something that just happened to happen.

Back to that camperfire story that feller were a tellin’, it seems like the feller with the flappin’ gums and bloody thumb didn’t believe them fellers when they first told him that what he were a haulin’ were just that. Which was that what he had been a haulin’ he weren’t now haulin’. All this time he were goin’ on about how them things were a fastened in right tite, and all padded and cushioned so they were gonna move none, no way.

Guess while he were a yakkin’ away, that cute woman got out of the truck and took a look see fer herownself. She come back up to the front with one of them cat got the canary grins and says to him that he just might want to take a look see fer hisownself. He sputtered a mite, but with her just a grinnin’ away at him, not sayin’ a word, he finally gits out of the truck.

He hadn’t gone but a couple of feet, as the feller tellin’ the story was a sayin’, until that yacker feller stops dead in his tracks, and his jaw clanked open, and stayed open fer once. A layin’ back there in the dust were them two shiny things just like everyonebody, includin’ that cute woman with him, were a tryin’ to tell him.

It are here the story gits murky as the feller tellin’ I.M. the story didn’t exactly see what happened next but had it related to him somewhile later. Some told him there was words between them two folks, others sayin’ there weren’t. Some said the woman walked away to a big old 5th wheel up near the entrance to the camperground, and others said she just took off out of the camperground and kept a walkin’. Still someonebody else told that she jumped in that truck and took off a leavin’ that feller a standin’ ther by hisownself. I.M. will say that whatever it were that happened, it must of been interestin' to say the least.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weighing in around the Campfire

The other day I.M. were a tellin’ y’all about the idea I.M. come up with to make money off’n them RVers that’s got money, the Hatey Weighty program. While I.M. are sure all y’all reeders wants the particulars of it, yer just gonna haft to weight awhile. (That are a pun fer them reeders that ain’t as sharp as I.M. are.) :)

Today we’all is gonna be examinationing what it were that give I.M. the idea fer this never afore thought of combination accident avoider and poverty preventer program. The other day a feller that were a prime grade A spinner of yarns stopped at this here camperground, and then proceeded to do some spinnin’ at the nightly campfires while he were here. This yarn took place at the last park he were at and what follows is as best as I.M. can recall what he were a sayin’.

He said it were the poundin’ he first noticed, then the feller and lady, followed by the big pickup truck. He weren’t sure what it were, but it must have been mighty important, that piece of paper that feller were a tackin’ up to the camperground bulletin board. While the poundin’ was a goin’ on, the feller was a jabberin’ away at the right cute woman standin’ next to him, which were probably the reason he hit his thumb with the hammer instead of that thumbtack that wouldn’t go into that board. Sheesh!

That brought out some other words and mutterin’s, but with the woman a takin’ over the hammer the paper were soon up, even if the thumbtacks wasn’t exactly in the corners and there were nice red smear on the paper. Then them folks got into that truck and started to turn around so they could drive off. It were then it happened, first one, followered by another shiny aluminum lookin’ things come slidin’ out of that truck and dropped onto the ground.

The feller didn’t seem to notice, him being so busy a yakkin’ and yammerin’ away at anyonebody he was drivin past. Finally someonebody got him to shut up long enuff to point out that what ever he had been a haulin’, he weren’t a haulin’ no more. That is when what I.M. will relate in the next post about how the Hatey Weighty program happened.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wantstas, The RV Series 006, Part II

We are now a resumptioning the tale of the wantsta, them folks that have almost but not quite made it to the fulltime RV mobile, mobile home way of livin’.

Then you decided to visit one of them RV mobile, mobile home shows, only to learn that they are swarmin’ with salepersons who has got the deal of all deals on the RV you just haven’t realized you wanted. But that don’t stop ya, next yer all over the internet, a reedin’ everything you can get yer eyeballs on. A reedin’ the forums, a reedin’ blogs and and a findin’ a website or two that are a promisin’ to fulfill all yer RV dreams, some with their website, some with their newspapers, some with their magazines, some with their rallys and some that promise you a rose garden and the roses that go I it.

Of course it are up to y’all to be a sortin’ through all this dubious detritus, (my cousin Mick told me that one), a decidin’ what the what are what, and what the what are what are not. Now afore y’all git to thinkin’ that I.M. are a gonna tell you the correct and true way to full time full timing, it ain’t gonna be that way. Just as you were thinkin’ I.M. are gonna make it easy, he are gonna do just the opposition to that. That are because it are up to y’all to decide what to do. If I.M. has learneded one thing bout this full time lifestye, it are that if you let someone else do the thinkin’ fer ya, yer gonna get exactly what ya deserve. And in the end yer not gunna be happy. I.M. not sorry to say that, but I.M. sorry that it aren’t said to more wantstas while they is still dreamers.

If y’all think yer a wantsta but ain’t sure if this is fer y’all or not, you ain’t a wantsta, yer an ifnheel or ifnsheel. I you think yer a wantsta, but you know that you have to keep on workin’ with the hope of havin’ enough money someday, yer a dreamer, not a wantsta. If yer wantin’ to live this full time life, but yer spouse, partner or significant other ain’t sure and so you are a holdin’ off, yer a dreamer, not a wantsta. If y’all really are a wantsta then ain’t nothin’ gonna prevent ya from livin’ this way and yer a lucky person. So ya gots to askin’ yerownself just like old Clint were a sayin': Do you feel lucky today, well do ya? Only you has gots the answer to that question, and if’n yer only a hopin’ yer lucky, you ain’t gonna be. I.M., who are effortlessly eradicating the education of everybody.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breaking the News

“Wer gonna live the fulltimin' life.”

As you might imagine, when I.M. first said that, I was not exactly sure what all the implications of those words were, even though I had been present the day his cousin took a wrong turn and accidently drove past the service station, which in turn led to our first encounter with the RV lifestyle. Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk at length to I.M.’s cousin’s wife, but since she appeared to be somewhat bewildered at the time, my ensuing confusion over what I.M. was proposing was probably quite reasonable.

When I.M. becomes excited, he can lapse into his native tongue, as I sometimes teasingly refer to that specific manner of speaking of his, the result of which meant that it took some time for me to realize the the full impact of the changes he was proposing for our life. Reading the comments that you wonderful readers leave on I.M.’s blog, as well as reading the blogs you write, I find it how amazingly varied are the ways by which you have reached the present point on the road to the fulltime life.

I wish I could speak to each of you, particularly to MeriKay with her somewhat difficult circumstances, and perhaps in the future I will attempt that, but for now I will describe how how I faced the prospect of a major upheaval in my life that was completely unforeseen. However I realize it will take several blog posts to relate it all, especially if I find myself emulating I.M. in the number of words I use.

I can understand how, based on I.M.’s description of our life, you might think I would have been excited about leaving where we lived, but you would be wrong. I was raised in a loving family where I never heard my mother talk of a life she might have had, I only heard her being thankful for the wonderful life she was fortunate enough to have. I too am thankful for what I have, knowing that dreams are only that, but I must say that in all my years with I.M., I never dreamed I’d be living the life I do today.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Weighty Problem

Me and Nilda has been travelin’ around some this here time of the year and as happens when we do that, Ol’ 5th Wheel can act up on occasional causin’ we’uns to spend a mite longer in a camperground than are usual fer us. We don’t pay no nevermind to that cause it just gives us more time to get to know folks and hear them interestin’ stories bout how folks live out here on the road.

The other night roundabout the campfire a feller was tellin’ a story about something that gots I.M. to thinkin’ about a new way that folks could make money while livin’ the fulltime in their RV mobile, mobile home. Skippin’ ahead, it are diet classes fer RV’ers. Not them curvy kind of weight classes the womenfolk like, but a class to show folks how to put their RV itsownself on a diet.

Now rememberin’ what that feller that taught that bloggin’ class I.M. took said about the best ideas comin’ to nothin’ if’n it don’t have a catchy title to get folks interested, I.M. as even come up with the name fer this money makin’ opportunity he is givin’ out fer free, Hatey Weighty. Think abouts it. First it are weight problem and second most everyonebody hates it that they gots this problem, makin’ Hatey Weighty the new byword of them that wants to make money, at least off any of them RV folks that’s got money that are.

I.M. can see it now, big flyers in the campergrounds of America proclaiming, “Has yer RV gots the mid-trip bluge? Are its muffler draggin’? Then look to Hatey Weighty to gits it runnin’ down the roads of our great country like a dog hot on the trail of a critter.”

I.M. tellin’ ya, that with advertizin’ like that, a feller would most likely be beatin’ back the customers they’d be so excited about what he were a offerin’. It are gonna take I.M. a few posts to lay out the whole idea, it’s background and the camperground story that give him the thought in the first place, but then with I.M. bein’ the bestest source of information on this way of livin’, it means I.M. has gots lots of good things to fill reeders heads with.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Additional RV Dreamers FAQ’s

I.M. has been really listenin’ as he sits around the campfires at the RV parks and campergrounds that me and Nilda has been stayin’ at and it are apparent that there is a great need for still more of these faq’s I.M. has been writing. With that in mind, I.M. has selectioned a random sample of them questions for this blog post.

We have just bought our new to us camper ,what are the first things we should do when we pick it up tomorrow?

This are a question that everybody who buys that first RV has themownselves, but why it should be a problem is a puzzle, because the first thing y’all got to do is to open the door. Maybe theres some folks that are a long time camperin’ in a tent and would feel more comfortable a crawlin’ in a window at first, but it are beyond I.M. as to why.

We have heard about dry camping but aren’t sure how long we can do it. What advice can you give us?

I.M uncertain to what happens to normal folks common cents when they take up the mobile, mobile life, as it are like all the loose cents they got fall through a whole in their pocket. Y’all can dry camp until it starts to rain, at which point you is now wet campering. I.M. not sure how folks ever get to be so stupid as to even ask a question like this.

We just bought our first Class Motorhome. Should we take our toad or leave it at home on our first trip?

I.M. hopin' this were a serious question and not some type of impractical joke. Assumin' it are a serious question, I.M. would say it would depend on just how long yer goin' to be gone. If it were just fer the weekend, then leave it at home, but if'n yer gonna be gone fer longer yer better of takin' it along. I.M. could just imagine how y'all would feel if it were gone when ya got back, so better safe than sorry. Guess if'n yer dumb enuff to have a pet toad, yer not smart enuff to know what to do with it. If'n y'all don't read that animal head lady's blog y'all should, as it takes one to know one.