You might get something out of this site if:

You think an awesome experience is something everyone else always has
You think adventure is looking at the ladies dainties in the Sears Catalog :)
You've got more cousins than Carters' got little pills
You find people are always telling you that you're definitely the most interesting person they've ever met
You don't like high stress jobs. Like when your husband tells you that you've got to the mow the lawn TWICE this year.

If the idea of that kind of life gets you down
Just wait until you discover what living life on the road is really like.


"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

There are lots of buttons and links here, some might go somewhere, most probably don't. Even I, smart as I am :) ain't got'em all figured out yet. But like some feller said, "It ain't the destination, it's how many times you got to repair the brakes during the journey, otherwise you might not be able to stop when you get to where you didn't know you were going."

Don't worry about what this website costs. You get the RV Dreamers bug you'll learn right quick you'll need to keep every penny you got. :) But if your a real smart feller and come up with a way of gettin' people to send you money so you can live it up, keep it to yourself. Cause if someone else does it, it might chip away at your good fortune.

Oh, one last thing, if you just got to support something, Support Our Troops, they're keeping our country safe so we can live this life.

This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lem Springs His Trap

With the plan all figured out, they headed back to that camperfire ring where all them folks was a circled. The plan were fer both Lem and Clara Belle to join in with the circle, but unfortunately there were only room fer Lem which left Clara Belle out in the cold in more ways than one. Pretty soon a couple of the younger kids come up and started telling jokes, then a couple of more started doin’ skits and all them folks were a laughin’ so as to bust a gut, of which there were some large ones present. That were when Lem disguised his voice and says, Say would you kids like something to eat or drink? To which they says Sure! So Lem takes the bowl of chips sittin’ near him and hands it to to his youngest, which got the free food and drinks ball, a rollin’. :)

It weren’t long afore them women were a headin’ back to their trailers and RV’s fer more food and drink, all of which them kids managed to grab up afore them folks a sittin’ around the fire could. This went on fer quite some time, and at last them kids just naturally started driftin’ off, their bellies full, a leavin’ Lem and Clara Belle to do some visitin’. Everybody said that were some of the best, if not the best entertainment they had ever had, but they just didn’t recognize any of them kids. A might bit later, Lem and Clara headed back to where they was stayin’ and where all them young’uns of theirs were a laughing at how easy it were to get all that free food.

I.M. heard that when Lem were asked what his secret was to git all them folks to provide all that free food, he just smiled and said, once folks see someone chippin’ in, they is like as not to follow and also chip in, even if they ain’t gonna get nothin’ out of it but a few laughs. Laughs which is really directed at them by everybody a standin’ and a watchin’ the goin’s ons. It’s just that them folks sittin’ round the campfire don’t know it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cousin Lem’s Travels.

Just in case yer a wonderin’, I.M. has gots a wastepaperbasket full of them dispatches from the front that cousin Lem was a sendin’ in, particually from that there rally he unexpectedly found hisownself, Clara Belle herownself and that horde of young’us themownselves, attending. Though mabe it were more like a moochin’ and learnin’ the full time mobile, mobile home lifestye than attendin’ fer Lem. Course now that Lem has had a chance to do some more observationing at campergrounds with folks that knows what they is actually doin’ and has also been a talkin’ to I.M., he is lookin’ at them goin’s on a little differently. But this here post ain’t about them things, it are how Lem are applicationing the things he learned at the foot of the master, as he is a puttin’ it.

Life are really lookin’ up fer Lem since that night and he has not had to pay fer a single meal at a restaurant since then. Likewise he are also getting’ his ownself invitationed to eat at more folks home places than a salesman givin’ out free possum traps in exchange fer a meal up on the gulch. Lem, as he now likes to be called, him droppin’ the mealmooch moniker cause that meal moochin’ king feller told him he gets even more mooched meals when he don’t brag it up as much. Plus Lem are actually considerin’ writin’ a book on his new found way to financial freedom. :)

Take that first free meal he got fer them young’uns. Them kids was out and about, raisin’ some folks hackles, but getting’ cackles from others at that rally. That were when Lem got the idea of them kids entertaining the cacklers, and also utilizin' what he had just learned to get some free food. With that Lem called them all around and discussioned what they was to do. Now with the genes them young’uns inherited, Lem havin’ been able to pass his sixth grade equivalency diploma test two years ago, and Clara Belle’s being a Plus size 34 they has got the brain and brawn departments well covered.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fulltime Rving, Dreamers, 003

If your a startin' here and not with the first post in this series like most folks would, you are totally confusioned. If you started with the first post in this series, you may be some confusioned about this fulltime lifestye, but also has got most of the basics of the terminologicals you’ll be a learnin’ about fulltiming. Buildin’ on the baseless we have established to this point, with this post we will get into the greenest of the green, newest of the new, and the dumbest of the dumb, the RV Dreamer folks. :)
Everyone of us starts out as a Dreamer, ain’t no skippin’ this level on the road to the fulltime lifestye as there is with some of them others steps on the path you’ll be a taken, but using the write tools can get you passed it right quick like and onto knowin’ if it is what ya wants to do or not. The key here is not to get caught up in what everyone and everybody, specially thems that in it, will be tryin to tell ya. Ya just got to chop away at it and lets them chips fall where they may.
“So how do you chip away at it ya ask"? which is a literaturary devise I learned in them writtin' lessons, but it works just as good here as it does in the beauty palor women stories. First ya got to recognition it fer what it is. This is one of them wakin’ dream kind of dreams, not them night time kind of dreams. I ain’t never talked to nobody that dreamed of this fulltime lifestye at night, and I know you ain’t neither, which is why all them "Dreams Explained", books ain’t no good for learnin about the delicacies of fulltiming.
These here fulltime lifestye dreams don’t just pop up out of the air, they comes from somethin’ you saw, read or herd. Problem being ya didn’t sea, reed, or here the hole story, but just a tiny snip, which means you don’t know nuthin’ about it other than ya know ya wants to do it. Course ya don’t know ya don’t know nothin, otherwise ya wouldn’t be an RV dreamer. So what we must do is to help you recognise when you are afflictioned with this status of the fulltime lifestye and help ya move on to the next level.
Now that you recognition that you is one of them dreamers, its time to move on as fast as possible, either going back to yer former lifestye, or takin’ the next step down the rode to the fulltime mobile, mobile home lifestye. Two problems can occult at this point, you find you stay a dreamin’ here the rest of yer days, or you might fall in with them culls, both of which means you is stuck in one of them so called time wraps, like in the science friction movies.
That’s why me and Nilda's blog is called RV-Dreamers, which means it catches the eye of any dreamers out their and provides them with a way of seeing what they was missin’ weather they was stuck in one of them time wraps or just was a doin’ dreamin’, which means they was not doin’ any doin’. Sheesh.
Dreams ain’t bad, but if they are the only way you is a gonna be a livin’, you is missin’ out on a bunch of the fulltime lifestye by not a joinin’ us that’s here a livin' it already. Else you lettin’ yer pinin’ for the fulltime lifestye occupate all yer time. All of which again means, you ain't livin' yer just a dreamin'.
Think of it as lighting a stick of dynamite and runnin' fer all yer worth, or a lighting it and just a standing there to have all yer cares a took care of fer ya, while ya enjoy yer brief moment of happiness. Next time we will be a lookin’ at the first steps ya take after yer done dreamin’ and ready to start a doin’.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty Parlor Humor

“Yes I would.”

After mentioning that it might be a good idea fer Nilda to do a little writin’ fer me and Nilda’s blog, especially since there is a whole lot more of the me a writin’ than there is Nilda, I.M. put a note on her desk a askin’ just that. And just as I.M. suspicioned she might, she wrote for the blog today, which I.M. has posted above. It were a little shorter than I.M. had hoped, and I.M. were a thinkin’ that if Nilda were to write I.M. would not have to write. Now I.M. thinkin’ that maybe the question should be rephrased and resubmittaled to Nilda, which I.M. will do, but for now, back to the subject of today’s post.

RV dreamers, wannabee’s, gonnabe’s, newbies, parttimers, extended travelers, fulltimers and usedtobe’s make up the RVing world, so which are you? That headline on the front of a RV magazine caught Nilda’s eye at the beauty parlor, so she brung it home fer me to study up on. Now afore I get into some deposition on what that article were all about, it’s probably best to bring you up to date on what other things happened at the beauty parlor while I.M. has not been writin’ about them beauty palor adventures like he once did.

I.M. are always amazed at the stories that Nilda picks up at them there beautification places she are always a findin’ no matter where our travails are a taken us. Take this one that she said a lady told here about somebody that they knowed that lived near the place where the followin’ happened.

Now I.M. are not privy to all that had taken place afore this here stuff took place, but if’n y’all gots any imaginary at all, I.M. sure yer more than able to fill in the leftovers. It are also rather inducitive of just what kinds of folks we has got gittin’ into the fulltime RV mobile, mobile home world these days. I ain’t sayin’ we are down to the bottom of the coffee pot, but it might be the amount of coffee left in the pot are a little on the low side.

Anyways, as Nilda. heard it being told, near as I.M. can recall, there was this couple who were just a hankerin’ to take up the life on the mobile, mobile home road, and just couldn’t wait to get goin’. Or leastaways they couldn’t wait to get their house all cleaned out and fixed up fer whosoever were a gonna be livin’ in it next.

Now while they was just ordinary folks, they did enjoy the life they was a livin’ and it were on account of that they was a havin’ to do some fixin’ up as well as cleanin’ up.The biggest problem were them Friday night movie parties they’d been havin’ fer years. As part of that, and to make it more realistical, they had bought one of them imported Italian popcorn machines. It worked great, a makin’ popcorn night after night, all buttery with lots of salt and all, but it bein’ made to run on Italian electricity, every once in while it would take a too big of a bite of American electricity and commence with the worst case of burpin’ and belchin’ you’d never ever want to see.

The gal a tellin’ the story said that to keep the mess confined, them ladies moved that Italian popcorn machine into an unused bathroom. Problem is that now with them fixin’ it up to sell the house, there is popcorn a plastered all over that there bathroom ceiling. As it were told, the lady a cleanin’ that popcorn up was a sayin’ that fer the next couple of weeks everybody she met in town was a askin’ her where she got the shampoo, deoderant, or perfume that smelt like popcorn. I.M. thinkin’ that maybe, these folks comin’ into this full time mobile, mobile home lifestye today ain’t exactly knowin’ what to do, but it do look like they is goinna smell good while learnin’ what they don’t know.

So if’n yer ever at a camperground where there are a couple of ladies in a Holiday Rambler type trailer that smells like popcorn, y’all just might stop by on Friday night fer some of that Italian type popcorn and a movie, howsoever, just make sure y’all don’t try to use the bathroom.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RV Dreamers Beginning Blogger Help

It has been a long time since I.M. took that “All You Want to Know About Blogging and More” course that got I.M. a started on this road to bein’ a member of the RV bloggin’ community. Bein’ as sharp as I.M. were, it weren’t not long before folks were a sayin’ that I.M. should be a givin’ hisownselfs course on bloggerin’, he were so good at it. Bein’ the humble feller that I.M., it ain’t easy to accept such accolades as them. And I.M. would also be leaving something out by not saying that Nilda has had as much to do with I.M.’s blossoming as he hisownself has had.

Nilda should really be the one a writin’ this help sheet, she bein so much betterer than I.M. at writin’ and all, but even with knowin’ that my legions of reeders want Nilda to write as much or more than they does I.M., that are not what are not gonna happen in this here instants. Nilda is a wantin’ to write some more about herownself and how she come to be who she are and then how she come to meet I.M. and the adventurers me and Nilda had as we hit all them washouts, bridges out and detours on the road to becoming a couple. Hopefully I.M. can connive her into overcoming her shyfulness and write a post or two, or three or four or more. That last sentence sure did show I.M. has got the natural talent fer writin’ didn’t it not.

Nilda’s writin’s howsoever are gonna have to wait until a later date as I.M. has to be a teachin’ y’all the ins and outs of the professional way of writin’ that he has immersioned hisownself in. Thus lettuce proceed to educate y’all on what it takes to write a world class blog such as yer a reedin.

So there y’all is, one of them blog dreamers, a wishin’ to write like the best but yer not a knowin’ where to start. Howsoever, chances are yer already started and just don’t know nothin’ about it. That are what are so great about no nothings, there are so much emptiness there, that anything they puts into it are gonna help fill it up. Yer first assignment are not to do what you think y’all should be doin’ which are to write, no it are not, it are to read.

Now put yer thinkering caps on fer a moment, and think what might happen if I.M. were to tell you the first lesson were to write about about what ever it where that comes into yer head, and that there will be yer first blog article. Suppose that were the same moment a bird decided to make a deposit on yer windshield and that were what were on yer mind.

Problem being that yer next thought are not to write about that, but to write about something else, since yer thinkin’ there ain’t gonna be much interest in such a crappy subject as that. Now you got a problem, cause yer mind are now blank, just as that computer screen are. Now ya got a blank screen in front of ya, and another yer mind, and wth these nobodys interested problem on what yer thinkin’ of writin’, yer still asittin’ there not writin’ nothin’. This can go on fer ever and by the end of the day, that blank screen are still there and yer a moanin’ about havin’ writers block when y’all ain’t even a writer, yer just an empty mind.

Hopefully this and the on rushin’ torment of words I.M. will pouring out on this subject will help ya become the writer that yer a wantin’ to be, even if the world ain’t ready for it. And I.M. will be a askin' Nilda if'n she'd like to pen a few words or so herownself.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cousin Fay of the North

Followin' along in the footsteps of the bragography I wrote some time back about my cousin Mick, I.M. were a thinkin' that y'all might just be interested in hearin' about another of my cousins, Fay Veranda, who are also into this full time mobile, mobile home lifestye. Ours are a mighty big family, what with it a bein' spread out all over, and of course after herein' me tell of Mick, ya knows some of them are a certainly more the spread out than others.

Fay Veranda ain't from the spread out branches of the family, though she are, as I heard it bein' told at the family reunions when I were younger, from a branch that took a leaf from the page of the book of life and hearin' the revenuers a beatin' down the back door durin' that proinhibition time back in the '20s, decided that there were more freedom to be found in the family business north of the border than south of it.

Most all of what I knows come from them different reunions, a sittin' their listenin' to the old timers a spinnin' tails and a lowlightin' the family history, what there were that were worth tellin' about. So acceptin' what I heard as unreasonably close to the truth, at least maybe in some instantces, that branch got into some opportunities which proved to be not quite as bountifulish as they had thought. Though as long as the proinhibition thing were a going, they kept thinkin' lightning were gonna strike, but it never did.

Uncle Cornelius was always a sayin' that were because they got there borders mixed up. Seems they'd been told that they could make a ton of money by cartin' the same thing they'd been a distillin' up near the Gulch, acrost the border. Accordian to what I heard tell, they gots their borders mixed up and ended up buyin' it fer more and a sellin' it fer less. The end result bein' that once that proinhibition thing were over they didn't have enough money to move back to the states, so they just stayed.

That were some background to let ya understand how there got to be a branch of my family in Canada. Now bringin' ya up to the present, Fay Veranda, who got that name on accounts of her bing born on the porch of the family home, and her Pa, after hearin' bout them big houses of the southern branch of the family with their veranda's and all, just figured he'd give Fay a family name. Though fer the life of me I can't figure out what veranda has got to do with us Vayne's, none of us ever havin' a house big enough fer one of them things.

From what I understands, Fay has been stuck with the same wonderlust fer the mobile, mobile home life that me and Nilda has. Accordin' to cousin Billy Ray, the one that is Uncle Jubal's son to keep him separate from the other Billy Ray cousins of mine, Fay is a travelin' round the countryside in a mobile, mobile home named after herownself, which is Veranda. So her standin' on its steps is a Veranda on a Veranda.

I hopes to be able to find out more about this here adventureus cousin and report it to you, either from first hand word of mouth from her, or from some of them cousin's I's got scattered around the distant lands of this here country. Thinkin' that I should come up with a catchy description fer that knowledge, if I learn anythin' bout her, I will be a writin' bout it under the headin' of: Travelin' with Verandas.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More RV-Dreamers FAQ’s for the Fulltime Lifestye

Here are more FAQ’s from the one source that helps RV Dreamers interrupt their dreams and see what their new lifestye is really, truly going to be like.

Is Passport America a want or a need?

Is this one of them trick questions like they ask when the feller is just about to win the $64,000 question, but all they got is $32,000 in the bank? I figure it ain't, so if its the kind of passport ya need to get in and out of the US, and you find you need it but aint got it, the onliest need you'll be a thinkin' of is, I need a good lawyer, and right now. Then theirs the other kind of passport, the one you use if you want to save money at crampgrounds and such. About it, if ya want to save money, then you'll want it. See how easy it is fer a smart feller like me to separate out wants and needs.

Which is better, AAA or Good Sam ERS?

Now if'n yer one of the Jamison's, and I.M. glad I didn't marry into that family, you know AAA cause it comes first in the phonebook when yer in jail and looking fer the first bail bondsman you can find. I ain't sure about Good Sam, I knows Good Grief, Good Gracious and Good Riddance, so I did a little lookin' and found that it were something to do with the Inffinity Group. Now from what I knows about inffinity it ain't got no beginnin' nor end, so I don't think they knowed what they was a talkin' about when they come up with that group stuff.

Sounds like they want to be all things to all people which makes them right next to God. Some feller told me that there Inffinity Good Sam place was where all them TV preachers got there learnin' bout wantin' to send ya something so you'll be a sendin' them money, but just what that's got to due with living the mobile, mobile home life is beyond me. As far as them ERS go, most folks up on the gulch found they could get good reception with just rabbit ears. If you need better resuscitation, theirs all kinds of roof monumented anteaters out they're you can use. Sorry for the long answer, now you can see why I don't like them questions on two or three subjects at a time.

My toilet tank sensor is broken, should I be worried?

This one reelly confusioned me till I got my mind wrapped around it the write way. You see, I just couldn't phantom how your sensor could be broke. Then I recollected how old granny Grundalot was always a having to take something to get her movements a movin, meanin' she sat a lot with nothin' droppin' out so to speak. Now if you was a sittin' on the pot fer that long maybe you lost all feelin' in yer butt, meaning that when something did drop out you wouldn't feel no backsplash on your sensor while a settin' their. So the answer is simple. Drink a quart of prune juice a day and yer tank sensor will operate just fine. I guess some folks is just naturally dense when it comes to these things.

I.M. getting a new tow truck and 5th wheel, is a short bed or long bed best?

That is a good question, and one that has many folks so puzzled they spend a lot of time talking to mobile, mobile, home salesmen, other fulltimers and even truck salesmen about it, even though them truck saleswomen likely don't got a clue as to the answer. With me bein' tall and Nilda short, we had to get a long bed which fit very nicely in Ol' 5th Wheel, once I sawed a foot or so off it, of course. So the answer depends on weather you are of different highnesses and what floorpain you are a gettin, or has got in yer mobile, mobile home, if you ain't buyin' new. Glad to see their is at least one intelligent person out there in the mobile, mobile home life with a real world question.