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--The Great Kiva

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fulltime Rving, Dreamers, 003

If your a startin' here and not with the first post in this series like most folks would, you are totally confusioned. If you started with the first post in this series, you may be some confusioned about this fulltime lifestye, but also has got most of the basics of the terminologicals you’ll be a learnin’ about fulltiming. Buildin’ on the baseless we have established to this point, with this post we will get into the greenest of the green, newest of the new, and the dumbest of the dumb, the RV Dreamer folks. :)
Everyone of us starts out as a Dreamer, ain’t no skippin’ this level on the road to the fulltime lifestye as there is with some of them others steps on the path you’ll be a taken, but using the write tools can get you passed it right quick like and onto knowin’ if it is what ya wants to do or not. The key here is not to get caught up in what everyone and everybody, specially thems that in it, will be tryin to tell ya. Ya just got to chop away at it and lets them chips fall where they may.
“So how do you chip away at it ya ask"? which is a literaturary devise I learned in them writtin' lessons, but it works just as good here as it does in the beauty palor women stories. First ya got to recognition it fer what it is. This is one of them wakin’ dream kind of dreams, not them night time kind of dreams. I ain’t never talked to nobody that dreamed of this fulltime lifestye at night, and I know you ain’t neither, which is why all them "Dreams Explained", books ain’t no good for learnin about the delicacies of fulltiming.
These here fulltime lifestye dreams don’t just pop up out of the air, they comes from somethin’ you saw, read or herd. Problem being ya didn’t sea, reed, or here the hole story, but just a tiny snip, which means you don’t know nuthin’ about it other than ya know ya wants to do it. Course ya don’t know ya don’t know nothin, otherwise ya wouldn’t be an RV dreamer. So what we must do is to help you recognise when you are afflictioned with this status of the fulltime lifestye and help ya move on to the next level.
Now that you recognition that you is one of them dreamers, its time to move on as fast as possible, either going back to yer former lifestye, or takin’ the next step down the rode to the fulltime mobile, mobile home lifestye. Two problems can occult at this point, you find you stay a dreamin’ here the rest of yer days, or you might fall in with them culls, both of which means you is stuck in one of them so called time wraps, like in the science friction movies.
That’s why me and Nilda's blog is called RV-Dreamers, which means it catches the eye of any dreamers out their and provides them with a way of seeing what they was missin’ weather they was stuck in one of them time wraps or just was a doin’ dreamin’, which means they was not doin’ any doin’. Sheesh.
Dreams ain’t bad, but if they are the only way you is a gonna be a livin’, you is missin’ out on a bunch of the fulltime lifestye by not a joinin’ us that’s here a livin' it already. Else you lettin’ yer pinin’ for the fulltime lifestye occupate all yer time. All of which again means, you ain't livin' yer just a dreamin'.
Think of it as lighting a stick of dynamite and runnin' fer all yer worth, or a lighting it and just a standing there to have all yer cares a took care of fer ya, while ya enjoy yer brief moment of happiness. Next time we will be a lookin’ at the first steps ya take after yer done dreamin’ and ready to start a doin’.

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I've been doin while I'm waitin.

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