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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty Parlor Humor

“Yes I would.”

After mentioning that it might be a good idea fer Nilda to do a little writin’ fer me and Nilda’s blog, especially since there is a whole lot more of the me a writin’ than there is Nilda, I.M. put a note on her desk a askin’ just that. And just as I.M. suspicioned she might, she wrote for the blog today, which I.M. has posted above. It were a little shorter than I.M. had hoped, and I.M. were a thinkin’ that if Nilda were to write I.M. would not have to write. Now I.M. thinkin’ that maybe the question should be rephrased and resubmittaled to Nilda, which I.M. will do, but for now, back to the subject of today’s post.

RV dreamers, wannabee’s, gonnabe’s, newbies, parttimers, extended travelers, fulltimers and usedtobe’s make up the RVing world, so which are you? That headline on the front of a RV magazine caught Nilda’s eye at the beauty parlor, so she brung it home fer me to study up on. Now afore I get into some deposition on what that article were all about, it’s probably best to bring you up to date on what other things happened at the beauty parlor while I.M. has not been writin’ about them beauty palor adventures like he once did.

I.M. are always amazed at the stories that Nilda picks up at them there beautification places she are always a findin’ no matter where our travails are a taken us. Take this one that she said a lady told here about somebody that they knowed that lived near the place where the followin’ happened.

Now I.M. are not privy to all that had taken place afore this here stuff took place, but if’n y’all gots any imaginary at all, I.M. sure yer more than able to fill in the leftovers. It are also rather inducitive of just what kinds of folks we has got gittin’ into the fulltime RV mobile, mobile home world these days. I ain’t sayin’ we are down to the bottom of the coffee pot, but it might be the amount of coffee left in the pot are a little on the low side.

Anyways, as Nilda. heard it being told, near as I.M. can recall, there was this couple who were just a hankerin’ to take up the life on the mobile, mobile home road, and just couldn’t wait to get goin’. Or leastaways they couldn’t wait to get their house all cleaned out and fixed up fer whosoever were a gonna be livin’ in it next.

Now while they was just ordinary folks, they did enjoy the life they was a livin’ and it were on account of that they was a havin’ to do some fixin’ up as well as cleanin’ up.The biggest problem were them Friday night movie parties they’d been havin’ fer years. As part of that, and to make it more realistical, they had bought one of them imported Italian popcorn machines. It worked great, a makin’ popcorn night after night, all buttery with lots of salt and all, but it bein’ made to run on Italian electricity, every once in while it would take a too big of a bite of American electricity and commence with the worst case of burpin’ and belchin’ you’d never ever want to see.

The gal a tellin’ the story said that to keep the mess confined, them ladies moved that Italian popcorn machine into an unused bathroom. Problem is that now with them fixin’ it up to sell the house, there is popcorn a plastered all over that there bathroom ceiling. As it were told, the lady a cleanin’ that popcorn up was a sayin’ that fer the next couple of weeks everybody she met in town was a askin’ her where she got the shampoo, deoderant, or perfume that smelt like popcorn. I.M. thinkin’ that maybe, these folks comin’ into this full time mobile, mobile home lifestye today ain’t exactly knowin’ what to do, but it do look like they is goinna smell good while learnin’ what they don’t know.

So if’n yer ever at a camperground where there are a couple of ladies in a Holiday Rambler type trailer that smells like popcorn, y’all just might stop by on Friday night fer some of that Italian type popcorn and a movie, howsoever, just make sure y’all don’t try to use the bathroom.


Cruzin2some said...

OMG! We can relate to that story so well. It's almost like someone might have been snooping around our place and noticed all the popcorn on our bathroom ceilings!

You'll know it's us if we ever run into each other out on the road cause our hair smells a little like butter!

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Merikay said...

i'd take popcorn over wall paper any day!