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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cousin Fay of the North

Followin' along in the footsteps of the bragography I wrote some time back about my cousin Mick, I.M. were a thinkin' that y'all might just be interested in hearin' about another of my cousins, Fay Veranda, who are also into this full time mobile, mobile home lifestye. Ours are a mighty big family, what with it a bein' spread out all over, and of course after herein' me tell of Mick, ya knows some of them are a certainly more the spread out than others.

Fay Veranda ain't from the spread out branches of the family, though she are, as I heard it bein' told at the family reunions when I were younger, from a branch that took a leaf from the page of the book of life and hearin' the revenuers a beatin' down the back door durin' that proinhibition time back in the '20s, decided that there were more freedom to be found in the family business north of the border than south of it.

Most all of what I knows come from them different reunions, a sittin' their listenin' to the old timers a spinnin' tails and a lowlightin' the family history, what there were that were worth tellin' about. So acceptin' what I heard as unreasonably close to the truth, at least maybe in some instantces, that branch got into some opportunities which proved to be not quite as bountifulish as they had thought. Though as long as the proinhibition thing were a going, they kept thinkin' lightning were gonna strike, but it never did.

Uncle Cornelius was always a sayin' that were because they got there borders mixed up. Seems they'd been told that they could make a ton of money by cartin' the same thing they'd been a distillin' up near the Gulch, acrost the border. Accordian to what I heard tell, they gots their borders mixed up and ended up buyin' it fer more and a sellin' it fer less. The end result bein' that once that proinhibition thing were over they didn't have enough money to move back to the states, so they just stayed.

That were some background to let ya understand how there got to be a branch of my family in Canada. Now bringin' ya up to the present, Fay Veranda, who got that name on accounts of her bing born on the porch of the family home, and her Pa, after hearin' bout them big houses of the southern branch of the family with their veranda's and all, just figured he'd give Fay a family name. Though fer the life of me I can't figure out what veranda has got to do with us Vayne's, none of us ever havin' a house big enough fer one of them things.

From what I understands, Fay has been stuck with the same wonderlust fer the mobile, mobile home life that me and Nilda has. Accordin' to cousin Billy Ray, the one that is Uncle Jubal's son to keep him separate from the other Billy Ray cousins of mine, Fay is a travelin' round the countryside in a mobile, mobile home named after herownself, which is Veranda. So her standin' on its steps is a Veranda on a Veranda.

I hopes to be able to find out more about this here adventureus cousin and report it to you, either from first hand word of mouth from her, or from some of them cousin's I's got scattered around the distant lands of this here country. Thinkin' that I should come up with a catchy description fer that knowledge, if I learn anythin' bout her, I will be a writin' bout it under the headin' of: Travelin' with Verandas.

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Merikay said...

Didn't she just right a book about how to live in Canada in a RV? Seems like it would get mighty cold at Christmas.