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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RV Dreamers Beginning Blogger Help

It has been a long time since I.M. took that “All You Want to Know About Blogging and More” course that got I.M. a started on this road to bein’ a member of the RV bloggin’ community. Bein’ as sharp as I.M. were, it weren’t not long before folks were a sayin’ that I.M. should be a givin’ hisownselfs course on bloggerin’, he were so good at it. Bein’ the humble feller that I.M., it ain’t easy to accept such accolades as them. And I.M. would also be leaving something out by not saying that Nilda has had as much to do with I.M.’s blossoming as he hisownself has had.

Nilda should really be the one a writin’ this help sheet, she bein so much betterer than I.M. at writin’ and all, but even with knowin’ that my legions of reeders want Nilda to write as much or more than they does I.M., that are not what are not gonna happen in this here instants. Nilda is a wantin’ to write some more about herownself and how she come to be who she are and then how she come to meet I.M. and the adventurers me and Nilda had as we hit all them washouts, bridges out and detours on the road to becoming a couple. Hopefully I.M. can connive her into overcoming her shyfulness and write a post or two, or three or four or more. That last sentence sure did show I.M. has got the natural talent fer writin’ didn’t it not.

Nilda’s writin’s howsoever are gonna have to wait until a later date as I.M. has to be a teachin’ y’all the ins and outs of the professional way of writin’ that he has immersioned hisownself in. Thus lettuce proceed to educate y’all on what it takes to write a world class blog such as yer a reedin.

So there y’all is, one of them blog dreamers, a wishin’ to write like the best but yer not a knowin’ where to start. Howsoever, chances are yer already started and just don’t know nothin’ about it. That are what are so great about no nothings, there are so much emptiness there, that anything they puts into it are gonna help fill it up. Yer first assignment are not to do what you think y’all should be doin’ which are to write, no it are not, it are to read.

Now put yer thinkering caps on fer a moment, and think what might happen if I.M. were to tell you the first lesson were to write about about what ever it where that comes into yer head, and that there will be yer first blog article. Suppose that were the same moment a bird decided to make a deposit on yer windshield and that were what were on yer mind.

Problem being that yer next thought are not to write about that, but to write about something else, since yer thinkin’ there ain’t gonna be much interest in such a crappy subject as that. Now you got a problem, cause yer mind are now blank, just as that computer screen are. Now ya got a blank screen in front of ya, and another yer mind, and wth these nobodys interested problem on what yer thinkin’ of writin’, yer still asittin’ there not writin’ nothin’. This can go on fer ever and by the end of the day, that blank screen are still there and yer a moanin’ about havin’ writers block when y’all ain’t even a writer, yer just an empty mind.

Hopefully this and the on rushin’ torment of words I.M. will pouring out on this subject will help ya become the writer that yer a wantin’ to be, even if the world ain’t ready for it. And I.M. will be a askin' Nilda if'n she'd like to pen a few words or so herownself.


Cruzin2some said...

I have been overcome with the rushin’ torment of words. All of a sudden I just feel real weak.

Don't get in a hurry when pouring out on this subject cause you might make a real mess!

I must say I think you have aready helpped me become the writer that I wanted to be and I don't think the world is ready for it yet.

Please give our regards to Nilda.

Travel Safe

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how low some people will stoop when they realize somebody else can do the same thing they do, but better and free!

Sheep #1022

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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