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"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

More RV-Dreamers FAQ’s for the Fulltime Lifestye

Here are more FAQ’s from the one source that helps RV Dreamers interrupt their dreams and see what their new lifestye is really, truly going to be like.

Is Passport America a want or a need?

Is this one of them trick questions like they ask when the feller is just about to win the $64,000 question, but all they got is $32,000 in the bank? I figure it ain't, so if its the kind of passport ya need to get in and out of the US, and you find you need it but aint got it, the onliest need you'll be a thinkin' of is, I need a good lawyer, and right now. Then theirs the other kind of passport, the one you use if you want to save money at crampgrounds and such. About it, if ya want to save money, then you'll want it. See how easy it is fer a smart feller like me to separate out wants and needs.

Which is better, AAA or Good Sam ERS?

Now if'n yer one of the Jamison's, and I.M. glad I didn't marry into that family, you know AAA cause it comes first in the phonebook when yer in jail and looking fer the first bail bondsman you can find. I ain't sure about Good Sam, I knows Good Grief, Good Gracious and Good Riddance, so I did a little lookin' and found that it were something to do with the Inffinity Group. Now from what I knows about inffinity it ain't got no beginnin' nor end, so I don't think they knowed what they was a talkin' about when they come up with that group stuff.

Sounds like they want to be all things to all people which makes them right next to God. Some feller told me that there Inffinity Good Sam place was where all them TV preachers got there learnin' bout wantin' to send ya something so you'll be a sendin' them money, but just what that's got to due with living the mobile, mobile home life is beyond me. As far as them ERS go, most folks up on the gulch found they could get good reception with just rabbit ears. If you need better resuscitation, theirs all kinds of roof monumented anteaters out they're you can use. Sorry for the long answer, now you can see why I don't like them questions on two or three subjects at a time.

My toilet tank sensor is broken, should I be worried?

This one reelly confusioned me till I got my mind wrapped around it the write way. You see, I just couldn't phantom how your sensor could be broke. Then I recollected how old granny Grundalot was always a having to take something to get her movements a movin, meanin' she sat a lot with nothin' droppin' out so to speak. Now if you was a sittin' on the pot fer that long maybe you lost all feelin' in yer butt, meaning that when something did drop out you wouldn't feel no backsplash on your sensor while a settin' their. So the answer is simple. Drink a quart of prune juice a day and yer tank sensor will operate just fine. I guess some folks is just naturally dense when it comes to these things.

I.M. getting a new tow truck and 5th wheel, is a short bed or long bed best?

That is a good question, and one that has many folks so puzzled they spend a lot of time talking to mobile, mobile, home salesmen, other fulltimers and even truck salesmen about it, even though them truck saleswomen likely don't got a clue as to the answer. With me bein' tall and Nilda short, we had to get a long bed which fit very nicely in Ol' 5th Wheel, once I sawed a foot or so off it, of course. So the answer depends on weather you are of different highnesses and what floorpain you are a gettin, or has got in yer mobile, mobile home, if you ain't buyin' new. Glad to see their is at least one intelligent person out there in the mobile, mobile home life with a real world question.

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