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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello From Nilda

Since I.M. started his blog about our decision to leave the place we had called home for all our married life, and become full time RVers, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be able to add my own thoughts of our life to his blog. Late last night as he was working on his post for the day, I brought him a cup of coffee and started to give his back a rub. He works so very hard on his blog, and even though he seems to have very few regular readers, still, it never seems to discourage him.

He asked me a few times as he paused in his writing, if thought his blog, and in particular his spelling and grammar, were improving. It's one of the things I’ve always appreciated in I.M.,  his acknowledgment that he isn’t always perfect, and his desire to improve both his, and our life. I helped him with several grammatical constructions, as he occasionally lets his old ways slip in. The same with his spelling, and try as he might, I believe he is always going to have a problem with dropping that final g of “ing”, because that’s just who he is, or as he enjoys saying, I.M. is who I am.
As he was stretching his back after posting his blog and getting up from his chair, he turned around, gave me that special little boy look of his, and said, to use his exact words, “Nilda, you spend almost as much time on this here blog as I do, but I get all the credit for doin’ the writin’, maybe you should write a blog post or two sometime."

Talk about dreams coming true, it was exactly how I’d been hoping the opportunity to write a few blog posts of my own would come about, as I would never have directly asked I.M. if I could write a post for his blog. Bless his heart, he tries so hard with his writing, but other than our many relatives and friends from back home, very few people read what he writes. I’ve always thought that if I could provide some observations from a woman’s point of view, perhaps it would broaden the appeal of RV-Dreamers.

I know I.M. is anxious to start working on his blog post for today, and since he has spent most of the morning under "Ol"’ 5th Wheel, as he so fondly refers to our RV, (I wouldn’t dare tell the world what I call it),  I will allow what I've written to this point to be my first ever post on the RV-Dreamers blog. May your problems be small and your pleasures large – Nilda.


Merikay said...

You could always start your very own blog you know.

Banjos aren't the only thing that can duel.

I.M. Vayne said...

Merikay, if I may address you as such, I fear the result of what you suggest might have on I.M.'s fragile writing ego. He puts up a brave front, but having known him for as long as I have, I know that inside that wonderful man is someone trying to get out who is much more than the person he believes himself to be.

Maybe someday when he gains an audience equal to Amazon, as he says :), I'll start my own blog. Until that time, I'll just let boys be boys.

Thank you for your kind comments and allow me close by saying I find the sculptures that you display on your website to be quite delightful.


campexcel1 said...

really enjoyin yer fine writin-
we hope to live the good life next yr.I know we will learn how to do it from yall.tic;)

I.M. Vayne said...

campexcel1, you and that MeriKay must a be readin' my mind. I bin a thinkin' of writin' some real beginner posts for them that don't know this here mobile, mobile home life the way I do. I. M. thinking of titling it" Beginnerin' mobile, mobile homin' 001".

When I was a first startin' out, them RV 101 type things was way over my head, so I'm guessin' theired be a stong audince fer a 001 course.