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Friday, March 4, 2011

Campground Etiquette

Nilda just got back from the beauty parlor and she was tellin' me about the weekly gabfest they have, and how one of them ladies grandson is some bigshot website developer critic for some on-line blog. Guess this lady was just a goin' on and on about how how well knowed he was and all. That got me to thinkin' that maybe I should toot my own horn, like as I've read in them, promote yourself and find unbelievable wealth in only 20 minutes a day, books. So just to get you all lathered up and a wanting more of my writin', this here post is about puttin' into practice what them ladies was a confabulating about at the beauty parlor, How to be a websight critic.

I know that most anyone a readin’ this here blog figures I have got to spend many hours everyday just a staring at the computer, as well as engaging in more research than a crow lookin’ over a newly planted corn patch. Because how else would I be able to produce the high quality writin’ you find here. But that’s where you’d be wrong. Turns out that just like I got a natural nack fer cipherin’, I also got one fer this literary thing.

Now I got to be realistical here and admit I’ve got a long way to go afore I begin havin’ the 100 or so visitors a day that come to them real popular websites on this internet thing. So, while maybe them amazons and the like don’t got nuthin’ to fear, I figure I’m fast catchin’ up to some of them more popular regular mobile, mobile home sites like Bus Builders Bible, 5th Wheel Parts Finders, RV Dumps Guide and Beaders N Birdhouse Builders Anonymous. That last one because it’s designed to help them RVing types who are a thinkin’ they can make a livin’ off sellin’ beady bracelets and birdhouses. Sheesh. Just plain old beggin’ fer money like them regular down on their luck fellers would probably do better than that.

So I know yer a asking, I.M., just what does all this yakking about Builders, Parts, Dumps and Beaders got to do with websight critics and campground etiquette. Which made me realize that I had wandered off of my majorly intended subject of the day just a mite. Then I remembered why I’d been a wanderin’. There was this other website, the name of which is on the tip of my tongue, but it just ain’t a coming out. Seems this here website, which I can’t recall, posted a article on camping at my most favorite campground, wallmart, and in introspect I figured that a few comments a straightenin’ out what them folks was sayin’ was in order. Which as I understand it best I can, is what bein' one of them websight critics is all about.

Now I remember what I was a trying to so hard to remember, it was to tell y'all that because writin’ comes so easy to me, I got lots of time to read all the RVing blogs that them people put out. I just wished I could stop wanderin’ around this her page and recollect that website with the wallmart article so I could give them proper credit.
Anyways, I thought to give you a little insite into wallmart camping from someone whose done more than his share of it. Usually because that’s the first place the tow truck operator is familiar with when he tows us into a town when Ol’ 5th Wheel breaks down.

So are here a couple of hints that you may not be aware of, not that I do them mind you, or encourage you to do them. Nilda say’s I should put that in there afore I get into trouble by someone mis-interrrupting what I’m sayin’ though what with most of my readers bein’ just family relations and all, no matter how distant; camping at wallmart ain’t something that just exactly fits into their life style even if they could make their mobile homes, mobile.

Now the first subject I want to cover is entailed: When you got to go, you got to go. Just check out them fellers parked over them drain grate things in the wallmart parking lots and look for them hoses a hangin’ down under the middle of their mobile, mobile home. A feller once told me they is known as the dump and dash set, which went right over my head but seemed reasonable. Then some other feller said that the dump and dash set was a funnin’ thing, like a play on the country club set. Now I don’t know about them dump and dash fellers bein’ in the country club set, but I do know that them dump and dash fellers must be a settin' on a bunch of baling wire cause it usually looks like the only thing holding their RV together is exactly that, baling wire.

Now that feller went on with a bunch more about wallmart camping, includin’ a passle of pictures of things that people do. It were a right good article, except fer a few minor errors only critic as good as me could catch. Still, if you happen to see it, that fellers aticle makes for right good readin’. Darn, I’ve wandered just about everywhere in this article except onto the name of that websight. Guess it just goes to prove that even the brightest person, such as yours truly, dims for a minute or too on occasion.


Merikay said...

When wandering in a circle, you can't get lost.

I.M. Vayne said...

MeriKay, hows come I can wander around a yakkin' away fer 7 or 8 paregraphs and you can say the same thing in bout the same number of words? Maybe I should git me one of them animal heads of yers to hang on the wall and give me some perseption and persperation, which mighr make my writin' better.