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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More on Campground Etiquette

The other day I was writin' what I have discovered is called “a literary review of a published article”. Now as best I can understand, that means some feller writ something and somehow manged get it out so’s regular folks could read it, mistakes and all. Then some right smart feller like me comes long and deconstructs that other fellers article, afore puttin’ it back to together such that it makes sense, if you foller me. I got to thinkin’ bout a couple more things that feller writ, so here’s the rest of the story reconstipated the way it shoulda been in the first place.

Another thing that feller that writ that article was a sayin’ were that jacks should never be down when you’re a stayin’ at wallmart. If that’s so then how in gawd’s name are we supposed to change them tires that keep a going flat. Maybe some people can aford to buy tires that’s only 5 or 6 years old, but anyone blessed with the likes of Ol’ 5th Wheel and brakes that break more than they brake would understand that some of us drive F.O.R.D.s, as some vehicles is referred to, whether thay got any parts made by old Henry or not.

Best I can recall, that feller also was a pointing out that wallmart camping was free. That was when I knowed fer sure that it were a fictional story, or he were one of them writer fellers that ain’t never been to where he were a writing about. I never knowed a single person, let a lone a married one, ever to spend a night in wallmart that he didn’t spend more money than he would'a if'n he'd a stayed even in one of them uppity resort parks that nobody ever claims to have stayed at. But always knows somebody which payed as much as $40 a night to stay in one of them over priced places.

Lookin’ at my notes, he also said something about just a wantin’ to get a few hours of sleep, as to why you should stay there. Maybe he drives one of them semi type trucks a haulin insulation, and when the sun goes down, he bunks out in the middle of all that insulation in a little hole. But fer us regular folks getting’ even a few minutes sleep afore getting’ woke up by a truck pullin’ in, means your one real lucky feller. Besides, if you ain’t never had a couple of cattle trucks pull up and park on either side of you at 2 o’clock in the morning in a wallmart parking lot on a night when it’s a hundred degrees outside, you don’t travel in the places me and Nilda do. Get a nights sleep. Sheesh. It’s a wonder you don’t get, deafened from the cows a bawling all night, let alone afixyated from whats billowering out of them trailers.

I’d like to keep a commenterying on what that feller wrote, but when I was a trying to get that axle shoved back into the right place on Ol’ 5th Wheel the other day, a great big blob of grease fell off, and sort of obliverated the rest of my notes. Hence, if your lucky you might just stumble on that article the way I did, which when taken all together, it weren’t not bad writin, though it weren’t as good as mine either. But then everybodies got to start someplace, it's just most aren't so lucky to be as far down the writin' road to begin with as I was. I keep a thinkin’ the more just wanderin’ around I do on this here blog post, the more likely that websight is to come to me, but I guess it ain’t a gonna happen. So I’ll leave it without bein’ able to be an acknowledging to who I were debited to for the idea of these writin’s.


Levonne said...

Hi I.M. Vayne! Thanks for stopping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving a few comments of late. You've got some original voice there! Not to mention a fine sense of humor! I love your banner photo. I know that RV! I look forward to following along!

Cruzin2some said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog. IM thankin we might be cuzins!

Love your blog
Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise