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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ifnheels, The RV Series 004

Havin’ left the dreamers stage behind we move on to the next great step for full time mobile, mobile home kind of person, the ifnheel. Now understands that we ain’t actually at the stage of bein’ a full time mobile, mobile RV full timer, but then a baby has gots to do a little wobblin’ and a toddlin’ afore it gets to runnin’ fer its ownself.

If’n y’all were to take a poll on who it are that are a wantin’ to take up this full time lifestye the results would like as not be a surprise to yer preconvinced notions. Fer the sake of this here dessertation I.M. are about to pounce upon you unsuspectin’ reeders, it will be limited to them folks that has been married fer a quite some time. Howsoever, ifnheels can come in lots of different variations, so don’t be all that surprised if’n y’all see someonebody yer a knowin’ in these writin’s.

Takin’ up directly from the RV Dream stage, it don’t take long afore you will encounter the first road block, and you will notate how I.M. are able to weave many things that the future full timer are likely to run into in to his narration of all this. Now to reach this here point you were a workin’ hard for most of yer life, a puttin’ in some hours that were sometimes a feelin’ like they was more than the actual hours in a day. That dream were to throw all that to the fore winds and ride the wave off onto the sunrise.

Y’all had enough of them bawlin’ babies and wild teen agers, the cookin’ the bakin’ and the never endin’ laundry. On them vacations or weekend camper outings you had, you was a workin’ just as hard as you normally did. So now you was lookin’ forward to a real vacation, a permanent vacation called retirement when the workload would be shared between the two of you. That where when that roadblock I.M. had a illusioned to is likely to come up, the ifnheel. And in the next part of this two part discussion, we will explore this strange critter, and the possibility of using a 2x4 to cure what are ailin’ him.


Merikay said...

I'm strongly in favor of a proper tootorial on the use of a 2x4! Mine needs a 4x4 for sure!

Gaelyn said...

What if you travel alone? Do you have to beat yourself?

Cruzin2some said...

I have had enough of them bawlin’ babies and wild teen agers, the cookin’ the bakin’ and the never endin’ laundry!

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