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Monday, May 2, 2011

What Kind of Full Time RV’er are You? Part I

One of the most importantest services that I.M. can provide to the RV mobile, mobile home world are to help them understands just what it are that theys gettin' into. Then theres the ones that are already a doin' it but might be confusioned what with all there is to know. I.M. thinkin' that keepin' it simple are somethin' that no onebody else can do as simple as I.M. can, with that, here are something simple, for the simple, by the simple.

When you first hears that siren call that’s a luring you into the world of the mobile, mobile home life, all you can think of is how wonderful it are gonna be. There are freedom. There are open roads. There are campfires every night. There are no more goin’ to work. There are no more lawn mowin’. There are lots of golfin', leastaways if'n ya can get some other folks to pay for yer a doin' it. That list goes on and on, though mostly in yer ownselfs mind. Now I.M. don’t want to abuse ya of the notion that it ain’t what it are cracked up to be, but it ain’t.

The main reason bein’ that there are more than one type of person a lookin’ at leapin’ into this here life or, puttin’ it another way, jumpin’ head first into a bayou that’s plum full of polar bears. Simplified as only I.M. can do it, y’all got to be askin’ yerownself if when you look out into that swamp that are the fulltime RV mobile, mobile lifestye, do I see swamp creatures or polar bears? But it are even worser than that, on account of the fact that most folks don’t even see the swamp, instead they sees a grand sunset over a wonderful lake.

During the prodigal amount of research I.M. does to write this here blog better and hopefully pick up another reader or two, I.M. comes across a whole bunch of the them bloggers fellers, plus just plain folks in them campgrounds that is talkin’ bout wanna bees, gonna bees, and I’m a joinin’ ya’s. Then there’s the I bin’s and we were’s which are usually spokened of with a tear in the eye, or a shake of the head followed by some remark by the person talkin’ that they just don’t understands how the person they’s talkin’ bout could give up this here wonderful life on the road and go back to livin’ their old way. And tomorrow we are gonna be takin' a look at these folks under a telescope.


Cruzin2some said...

Looking at them under a telescope! Do they mind if we do that?

I'm really starting to second guess whether this fulltiming thing is right for us. We don't have near the knowledge you do and it seems like you are struggling at it.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Phyllis said...

I's just a waitin here to hears what ya'll going learn us folks.