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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How the They Hatey Weighty Program Works

Weight reduction, are it possible, and if so are it enuff? Them two things is what the Hatey Weighty program are all abouts. The three parts is, taken it off, taken off enuff, and keepin’ it off. Some folks approach it as a long term project taken off a little at a time just like the weight come on. Others think that major surgery, are the best approach. But the best thing about the Hatey Weighty program are that no matter what approach are used the results are the same.

The first thing to do are to find out just what yer weight are supposed to be, the next step are getting’ rid of the excess, and then keepin’ it off. The place to get what the weight are now is probably gonna be based on where y’all is when y’all decides to get weighed. It may be a truck stop or a lumber yard fer example, or if yer at one of the rally’s, then there’s often times the safety foundation folks that has scales and can weigh all yer wheels independent like.

What ever place you have it done, and the wheel by wheel are the best, y’all needs to check yer weight tag and see just how much of a bulge around the middle, that RV of yer’s has gots. All this mind you, is previous to the actual implementation of the Hatey Weighty program, it being outside the scope of the HW program to assistance you on the weighin’.

So here we is at the point of implementationing the foremost RV weight loss program possibly yet devised. If’n ya just got yer front and rear axles weighed, you need to gits yer scale out and and take out enuff over which ever axle are overweight to get down to the proper weight. If it are wheel weights y’all gots, then take out things from over whichever wheel to lighten the load. Then get it weighed again soon to make sure yer weighin’ what ya should be. There’s also the right tire pressure as well which are outside the confines of the Hatey Weighty program. Hatey Weighty being informative in nature rather than technical.

I.M. figurin’ that y’all are wonderin’ just how I.M. could be smart enuff to figure all this out, but really it weren’t nothin’.


Gaelyn said...

I'm always afraid to weigh in.

FD5, Retired said...

Hopin to get a weigh in the Escapade in Gillette, WY in August.

Stay Safe

Levonne said...

Weighty a minute. Am I weighing in or getting my RV weighed?