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Friday, June 24, 2011

Understanding the Hatey Weighty Weight Lose Program

Now that I.M. has writtened about how it were the idea fer the Hatey Weighty program come to be, it are time to explanation exactly what the Hatey Weighty program are. I.M. are also mighty sorrowful that the postin’s has been on the skimpy side of lately, but the refining of the Hatey Weighty program has been more time consumptioning than usual, plus Ol’ 5th wheel has been acting up or breakin’ down again, take yer pick of how to description it.

Remember them good old days when things weren’t packed in as tight as they is now? When things was a little looser in some areas? That were when folks was a complimentin’ yer look and the smiles they was a givin’ y’all was proof. So what happened? Middle age caught up with that’s what, soon followered by old age, or as some likes to reference it, the mature years. :)

Fer some it means that tire size has greatly increased and fer others the old spring has been sprung. You can tell from the way yer now bottoming out that things is certainly not the way they used to be fer sure. And that dear reeders are what the Hatey Weighty program are all about, discoverin’ where all them extra pounds has come from and how to take them off.

Originally when the idea fer the Hatey Weighty program first come to I.M., I.M. were havin’ more than a might bit of troubles comin’ up with a name. There’s the Weight Watcherstm and Jenny Craigtm fer example and it were while thinkin’ on them that the first name fer this outstanding program come to mind. Tryin' to combine all that into the best of all descriptions, it seemed natural to call it the I.M. Vayne Weight Loss Program fer the Over Weight.

Now Nilda are the nicest, most considerate person in the whole world, but I.M. are afraids that when Nilda heard that, she were not very nice and most inconsiderate to I.M. as fer as her comments regarding what the program were to be called. So now y’all know more about it and how it gots to be named, next time I.M. will explanation how it are supposed to work.


Gaelyn said...

So glad you cleared that up.

Levonne said...

Can't wait to hear more about Hatey Weighty program! I was just thinking that I need one yet again.