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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mick has an Idea

Recently I.M. gots an email from cousin Mick who are a roamin’ around the western parts of the country, which are the opposite side of the country from where most all I.M.’s cousins is from. Mick are always on the lookout fer a way to stretch the dollar a mite bit more than most, and in that email Mick reported he come up with a new idea that I.M. might like to share with those that reed this here blog.

Now there’s some folks that likes to travel down the roads of the country, and when they find a nice cozy place to set for a mite, they does just that. Most of their days is took up with gabbin’ with the neighbors, piggin’ out at the local deep fat fry and quick serve, or if’n yer Canadian, sittin’ out in the sun to get the proper tan so as to not look likes y’all was covered with snow all year. While Mick are especially good at hittin’ the local deep fry and quick serve, he has also gots this thing fer visitin’ all the local tourist type attractions.

Now if’n any of you reeders are into such pursuits, y’all knows that the doin’ of such things can allow y’all to discover some of the more unique places of this here earth. Places like the Two Headed Calf Museum in Covington, the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, the Ventriloquist Museum in Fort Mitchell, the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute in Ellensburg, or the SPAM® Museum in Austin.

I.M. are thinkin’ that someonebody reedin’ this are been to one or the other of them national treasures and so knows what Mick means when he says, there’s things just so outstandin’ that folks comes from all around the world just to see them. The problem fer Mick were that the admissions to them places mounts up right quick, and were puttin’ a dent in his travel plans. Unfortunately, us’uns are all gonna have to wait till I.M. gets Micks next email to learn just how Mick solved that problem, which hopefully won’t be long in coming.

I.M. wants to thanks the reeders of this here blog fer their comments. I.M. don't comment back on comments like some folks do, but that don't mean I.M. don't reed them and get a good laugh or even an idea or two from them. Y'all have fun this upcomin' weekend, and if'n I.M. don't post on a day or two, it are cause me and Nilda are havin' fun too.


Merikay said...

There are lots of free things to do. If you can keep your pocket book closed, shopping can be much like going to a present day museum.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Sounds like Mick is having fun and getting culture too. Be safe out there. and enjoy yourselfs, Sam & Donna..

¡Vizcacha! said...

And, THEN WHAT?? Sheesh, tell Mick to pry open his prepaid cell phone and tell you the rest.

The Ducks

Phyllis said...

Ya'll have fun.