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--The Great Kiva

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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Modest Proposal for a Weighty Problem

The solution to that income problem could be many different things, all short of out right beggin’ which are somethin’ that runs contrarywise to the way I.M. were brought up. Also there is just something about birdhousin’, beadin’ and bloggin’ as a way to make a livin’ that don’t square with bein’ raised up on the Gulch. I.M. didn’t have much in the way of educations, but I.M. used what little I.M. got to make somethin’ of hisownself. It are them folks that’s gots lots of education but don’t use it to make somethin’ of themownselves that has I.M.’ s head a shakin’. If they wasn’t smart enuff to get the right education in the first place, what makes a body think they is gonna be very smart at what they’s doin’ in the second place. Sheesh.

Takin’ all that into considerations, it would seem to I.M. that by usin’ the Hatey weighty program as a start, a feller ought to be able to find a way to generates hisownself a income stream that would have some velocities to it. I.M. thinkin’ it are called ancillary, but I.M. could be wrong. The thing to do are to take the Hatey Weighty program, which are the idea of takin’ things out to lighten the load, and combine it with the weighin’ and tire pressurin’.

But that ain’t what it are really about, the key is to gets them folks that pays you to do that to come to that other money makin’ operation y’all gots. Maybe sellin’ beads or birdhouses fer example. Or how abouts a custom sign shop or jewelry makin’. And then there’s silk flower makin’ or embroidered hats.

If a feller or gal was really enterprisin’ they could have themownself a website with lots of advertisin’ that other folks could visit. The key are the possibilities is endless once y’all starts with the Hatey weighty program. It are all abouts drawin’ folks into yer other real money makin’ businesses, not the Hatey Weighty program itself. I.M. are such a gentleman I.M. don’t want to make no money hisownself off this revolutionary concept, so all y’all use it howsoever y’all will.


Gaelyn said...

Gee thanks.

Levonne said...

Okay I.M. I'm being patient but I'm getting a little frustrated. I'm all geared up to learn about your revoluntary program for weight loss. Did I miss something? Or is I.M. just being I.M. here?

Merikay said...

I think the best thing to do is to just throw out all of "his" stuff! Or get him to buy a bigger more powerful rig.