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You don't like high stress jobs. Like when your husband tells you that you've got to the mow the lawn TWICE this year.

If the idea of that kind of life gets you down
Just wait until you discover what living life on the road is really like.


"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thoughts on Increasing RV Blog Readership

Backin’ up a second here, it also matters whether y'all is writin’ to make money off’n that blog; or if’n yer a tryin’ to provide informations to yer friends and relatives; or iff'n yer just a writin’ fer the fun of writin’. Now some folks will say it becomes “work” when yer a trying to make money off yer writin’, but I.M. tellin’ ya that if’n yer good at writin’ it sure ain’t work, it are fun. It’s just that sometimes it are less fun than othes. But if y’all really do have the inability to write real good, then folks is gonna get to laughin’ at you, and not at yer blog, which aren’t not what yer a wantin’ at all. Now not everybodies got natural talent like I.M. has gots, but fer them that does, the words just come a pourin’ out onto the screen.

I.M. thinkin’ that by now ya knows whether y’all got the talent or not, cause if’n yer wife, husband or partner is a yawnin’ and a noddin’ off when they’s reedin’ yer output, perhaps yer not needin’ any more input from them cause they’s already give it to you. But if y’all don’t got I.M.'s talent, y'all can be sure that there are someone out there that are more than willin’ to take yer money so they can make some money. It are like that drawin’ advertizement in the magazine that my cousin Buster answered.

Old Buster couldn’t draw a stick figure when he were in first grade and his ability in that arena got worse the older he got. Still he had this dream of bein’ the next Rembrandt painter feller even though his high school guidance counselor done told him that he should put his talents towards bein’ the next house painter instead. Well he sent that drawin’ advertizement test in, and they told him he had art talent, lots of art talent, and a bunch of money later they was still a tellin’ him he had talent, they just weren’t a lettin’ him know where that talent should be used, so he just kept a paintin’ pictures that nobody wanted.

Buster ended up usin’ those there paintings to patch holes in his roof, them canvases being at least good fer that, what with Buster usin’ oil paints and all. I.M. can only tell it like it are, and now maybe you folks a writin’ withouts the talent I.M. has gots can understands why some blogs are good and others, like this one, are so grate.


Merikay said...

A harder question is why are we reading blogs!

Gaelyn said...

I learned so much from you am hoping my blog improves.