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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wantstas, The RV Series 006

The fourth step on the road to full time mobile, mobile home livin' are the wantsta step. I.M. sure that y’all didn’t know that it were such a complicationed process to this lifestye me and Nilda live, but that are why there are so many folks that talk about doin’ it, so few that actually takes it up, and then so many that drop outta it after just a few years. I.M. also an understandin’ of y’all if’n yer faced with a ifnheel or a ifnsheel and were a lookin’ for the words of wisdom only I.M. capable of producin’ to help y’all overcome that obstacle. There will be more on that later in this series, but fer now we are a lookin’ at them that wants to ties the full time knots and not them that are full time nots. Sorry to leave you a hangin’, but remember, a half not only tightens the noose around yer ownselfs neck and slowly strangles you.

Now none of this are a gittin’ us any further down the bumpy road to the fulltime life that are paved with good intentions and potholed with the realities that most folks can’t see fer all the golden dreams bein’ tossed their way. So that are where we are gonna begin this lesson, you bein’ one of them RV dreamer types that are a thinkin’ any dream are a good dream.

Once, long time ago, y’all had that very first first RV dream that turned into nightly RV dreams and you into a RV dreamer and maybe eventually you and who ever yer with into RV dreamers. You saw that first mobile, mobile home that were actually mobile. You went to a RV sales place and survived yer first encounter with the thing of RV nightmares, the RV mobile, mobile home salesperson where you learned that while you always thought there was some difference atween fellers and ladys, in this case there ain’t.

All this were in the early days of the learnin’ experience that everyonebody a livin’ this here way goes through. So in the second part of this lesson will will be dealin’ with the what’s whats and the what’s not whats. If’n yer not understandin’ that, then yer not a wantsta, but that are why I.m. are here to explain it to ya.


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