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You think an awesome experience is something everyone else always has
You think adventure is looking at the ladies dainties in the Sears Catalog :)
You've got more cousins than Carters' got little pills
You find people are always telling you that you're definitely the most interesting person they've ever met
You don't like high stress jobs. Like when your husband tells you that you've got to the mow the lawn TWICE this year.

If the idea of that kind of life gets you down
Just wait until you discover what living life on the road is really like.


"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

There are lots of buttons and links here, some might go somewhere, most probably don't. Even I, smart as I am :) ain't got'em all figured out yet. But like some feller said, "It ain't the destination, it's how many times you got to repair the brakes during the journey, otherwise you might not be able to stop when you get to where you didn't know you were going."

Don't worry about what this website costs. You get the RV Dreamers bug you'll learn right quick you'll need to keep every penny you got. :) But if your a real smart feller and come up with a way of gettin' people to send you money so you can live it up, keep it to yourself. Cause if someone else does it, it might chip away at your good fortune.

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This website is dedicated to my grandpap who always said, "Boy, you got a knack for doing the dumbest things." And how could I forget my city feller cousin (the one whose name I never learned) and his cute wife :):), who gave Nilda and me the RV Dreamers bug when they told us about the Great Kiva on the day they got lost.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just fer Nilda’s Cousin Clementine 2

We got woked up just like always this mornin’ at 4:30 when that train went a barrelin’ down the track right ahind where we is parked. All the rattlin’ ans shakin’ of these RV mobile, mobile homes parked alongside us got the cows in the feedlot on the otherside of us a bawlin’ and a carryin’ on, so there weren’t gonna be no more sleep this morning. We did our morning duties, Nilda with her mudpak removal and myownself a sittin’ so’s I.M. could git a mornin' movement started. Then it were time fer breakfast.

Nilda got some bacon and eggs out of the refrigerator, and she didn’t even break any eggs a doin’ it. It are hard cause this here RV mobile, mobile home refrigerator are so small, two shoppin’ bags done fills it to overflowing. Next comes the pancakes and biscuits, though with all the ants crawling in the flour Nilda had to sift it first. Course if’n yall don’t like bugs and things y’all shouldn’t be livin’ this full time life, cause yer gonna git to know them real well, I.M. tellin’ ya. Sorry I.M. got off the story, but was some done eatin’, so next come our daily morning walk around the place we was a staying.

We hadn’t got but maybe ten steps when Harold and Henrietta comes a boundin’ out of their mobile, mobile home, a smilin’ like so as to make a shark looked close mouthed. First thing ya know we was a blabberin’ away to the point that Henry and Harlotta comes out and joins us. Now Henry ain’t much of a talker, but that wife of his is a talker and a hole lot more. That goes on fer a while, we moving on to the next sight, where Maude comes out a claiming the women folk and a leadin’ them off towards the clubhouse where they got some kind of craft confab which were a gonin’ on this mornin.

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