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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cousin Mick has a Fit

I.M. has been correspondin’ with cousin Mick on a irregularly regular basis as of late, a trying to get Mick to application his voluminous newspaper skills, no matters how little they was, to contributioning to this here blog. Finally Mick has consentuated to bein’ the rovin’ reporter and western correspondent to the foremost fulltime RV blog on the Innernet. What follers is Micks contribution to the elevation of the RV blogosphere, a place that obliviously has never afore been attained by any writer, good or bad.

This are I.M.’s cousins, Mick and Ms. Mary a reporting from out west where I.M. has designationed the two of us as the western reportin’ staff of the RV-Dreamers :):):) journal and investigative report, whatever that might be. And I am thinkin' that the title of these reports might better be called the Defraud Daily, but if'n it ain't gonna be, it ain't gonna be. I.M. has asked us to be reporterin’ on what kinds of daily happenin’s we has, so without further ado, which is makin’ Mick feel like that Ed Suillavan feller that used to be on TV, here are the rest of story, even if it are gotta be made up, only don’t ya bein’ tellin’ I.M. about that as I.M. has promised me and Ms. Mary complete freedoms in what we writes.

It were a sunny day, and me and Ms. Mary was a travelin’ down one of them western highways and byways when we comes up upon the state line. We’un’s didn’t think nothin’ of it till they pulls us over fer a boat check. Now me and Ms. Mary’s had lots of checks durin’ our travels, but this were somethin’ new. Seems they was a checkin’ fer unwanted hitch hikers, and we were selectioned fer the whole and completebody scan.

First thing I knows, I am told to get into the kayack I has in the RV. That were a problem cause I has gained a pound or twenty since I were last in it, but that didn’t matter to them inspection fellers who was lookin’ fer what they was callin’ invasive marine species, whatever the blue blazes that were. What happened next were somethin’ that should happen to no onebody, and I will be writin’ that up in my next post on the western RV-Dreamers :):):) journal and investigative report, so stay tuned.


Merikay said...

Not only do they check for marine hitch hikers, but also try to catch thems that are from the army and air force too. The sailors are welcome in San Diego.

Levonne said...

It sounds like there is an alien abduction story in the wings. I can tell he's your cousin I.M. (Chuckles.)