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"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The RV-Dreamers TIP IN Program Explained At Last

No fancy lawyer talk today, its write too the point. I got to find a way to get more done in the time I got, cause I can't spend time a writtin' this here blog and attractin' new reeders if I got to also actually do things that normal folks are a doin'. This here blog and the RV-Dreamers concept is something that folks new to the mobile, mobile lifestye, as well as them that's been around the blockade a time or too, both want and need. And if they don't they should.

The result is the RV-Dreamers TIP IN program. It only takes a little from each of you a reedin' this here blog and a samplin' the other reports I has here, like the glossery and the FAQ's, to help I.M. out. I'll bet you come here everyday, just a lookin' froward to the words of wisdom I have lent to the mobile, mobile, home world this day. So it shouldn't pain ya at all to throw a tip or too in the kitty litter on occasion.

A onest a month confusion is all I is a askin' from each of ya. Which in a years time will add up to a really nice bonous fer me and would let me take up golf and other such purzoots that I can't at the present. I reelizes this is probably knockin' ya rite a'tween the I's and all, but Gandpap always told me sheep were the happiest right after they had been sheerded. :)

TIP IN, the RV_Dreamers way is a brand new program I is ineptituding today to keep this website the way you want it to be. Full of the fragrantest ideas and up to the second mobile, moble home news, along with I.M. who some referance as the foremost of all the most forward thinkers, and others as the biggest pain in the butt. It don't matter how you think of me, as I will keep a bringin' ya the unvarsity truth, even if ya don't become part of the TIP IN program.

I know many of ya already got yer hand out, with yer contribution to the TIP IN program ready to be put where I tell ya too. From them that don't, let me explanationary just how it works. TIP IN, Tips Insure Particularly Interesting New-posts. Ain't that simple. You help old I.M. out with suggestioning areas of the mobile, mobile home lifestye or techniqual areas where my voluptious knowledge could be applicationed, and I.M. gets to have the time to learn how to play golf, paddle boats or maybe even get a real job while on the road and git enough money to replace Ol' 5th Wheel, or at least temprarily permantently fix her but good.

Along that line I am a placin' a TIP IN jar off to the side of this blog. That's where I got to be real ingenewious, and has got it linked to my email so you can send in the tips whenever they was to pop into yer crematorium cavity. I knows this has the potential to drive some folks away, me havin' my can out like this and all, butt rest assureded, whats hangin' out has been exposed to the bitterest of winter weather from a hangin' out in our Gulch top outhouse, so it can take it.

I knows this may not work, but if it does by some unfortunate circumstancial work out, it will be a lot more fulfilling and a lot more fun, at least fer me, cause I'll be a doin' the playin' while you'll be a doin' all the work.  It's a risky proposition, but I.M. has never been one to shy away from a little risk.  :)

Plus just think, if ya do send in something that is deaned worthily of beein' used on the blog or in the website, y'all may not exactly be a blood cousin of old I.M. but you is the the next best thing, a gal or feller that's gots a brain as sharpened as I.M.. Ain't two many of them in this here world let me tell ya, and as a reel boneus, it lets ya be known by the company ya keep.

So spred the word, TIP IN, Tips Insure Particularly Interesting New-posts. (You keep a workin' so I don't got too.) :)


Teri said...

So you are all famous now, like Johnny Carson was that you need to have guest writers so you can take a day off.

Merikay said...

Most of an ice burg is below the water. Only the tip can be seen.

Like the Titanic, beware.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey I.M. are these tips supposed to be what would improve Rv"ing, just wondering, i am a little slow at learning so i have a lot of tips. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Anonymous said...

Hey there I.M.,

I'll "Tip In" just soons I get my rubber boat deinflatuated and my golf clubs tied to the back of the RV.

I.B. Travlin

Donna aka Froggi said...

Oh my, I.M., didn't you know that golf is bad for the disposition. I'm not sure I can in all good honesty facilitate a change in your disposition!

Gaelyn said...

Tip #1: don't bet on it.

Judy and Emma said...

Your comment on Cruizin2some had me about doubled over tonight. Thanks for the chuckle! :)