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"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

RV-Dreamers Glossery, G-M

Now I know this here glossery thing is a probably borin’ to death all you long time full timers that happen to read this blog, what with me a coverin’ all these subjects that you probably know just as much as I do. I’m a hopin’ my expert way with words is still a makin’ it interesting to you, but if you want to skip this here installedment, it ain’t gonna hurt my feelin’s none.

For all you newlies, if there’s any a readin’ this, I’m a tryin’ to make this as simple and easy to foller as possible. Even to takin’ pains to make sure that all these words is in alfibetical order to make it so you don’t get lost or confusioned any more than you are, what with bein’ a newlie at the mobile, mobile home life and all. So knowin’ that you can’t feed a babe with a servin’ spoon, here's another little bite of knowledge to help make you just as smart as we’uns that’s been doin’ it fer a long time.

Now you may think you been a bit confusioned up to this point, howsoever you really been almost right smart as that Einstine feller till now compared what you as a bout to become once you get into this alfabit soup of weights and a what you can carry and what you can't carry, including how much your tongue can hold. Ma always said we weren't to be a yappin' with our mouths a full, so I got a mighty good handle on that tongue weight part though I don't see what its got to do with mobile, mobile home livin'. Just so's you will be right knowledgeable on them weight things all those pamphalets talk on and on about, and most importantwise, so you'll know what your supposed to ingnore or pay no nevermind to when that salesman tells you not to worry, you can pull it, just sign right here, below's a list of 'em.
Now your on you're own as to what they mean cause I's a still working on the A's let alone be a gettin' this far down the alfibit
Now I knowed this is another of them 3 and 4 letter animalgrams like I just got done unconfusing you on, but this one ain't about weights. Unless I suposse you are talking about weights to get checked in once yor at one of these here KOA's. Course I ain't had no experience stayin' at these Krappy Overnite Accomodations places as lots of our feller traveleres likes to refer to them, but there's lots that say stayin' their is very rewardin'. I might just have to check one out, especially since all of my experience with rewards were what the Judge said when I got my degree. Which was that if'n the sheriff hadn't a catched me right off, somebody would have collected a reward when they finally found me. Guess I should stay at one and bring you up to date on what rewards they is a payin' and fer what. If they's big enough rewards we just might want to set a spell and build our savin's back up.

Motor Coach
As I best understand it, this is the term for a mobile, mobile home on a bus-type chassis by them folks that paid more dollars for that money pit than they should'a. Then they makes sure theirs some fancy nameplate on it that implies they's a heap better than we'uns is. Now since I don't exactly run in them circles, especially since Ol' 5th Wheel usually hardly ever runs at all, leastaways when I want it to, I don't rightly know if that statement about them puttin' on airs is true or not. I do know that if they knows where to get parts for this pile of junk we call home, I'd a be right in there amongst 'em just a tellin' 'em all how nice their Motor Coach was and that they must be right smart folks.

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Cruzin2some said...

GVWR GAWR GCWR SCWR ?! are you speaking in tongues? I am so confused now that I need to lay down. I thought I knew a good deal about RV's but now I'm just not sure at all.

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