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"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Hints on Commenting on RV blogs

As you can see, I had Nilda once again help with the wordin' of the title of this here blog post to set the example to you that you shouldn’t be afraid to seek out the advise of others even if ya know more about it yerownself. Maybe I should just let Nilda write the title to all my writin’ from now on, sort of to give this RV-Dreamers blog a different face and make it refresherer to further expand it’s unlimitless audience.

None of this is gettin' to the point of commenterying and I appoligise fer not plunging write into it the way I did yesterday. Hopefully by now all that informations I give you yesterday has soaked into the poors of yer brain sponge, and you are rarin’ to read more. Yesterday we disgusted writin’ the commentary without reelly readin’ the blog post first. Today we will cover readin’ what ya writ from the prospectorative of the next blog reeder and the blog writer theysownself.

“Sorry that yer day were so bad, tomorrow will be better.” “Glad to hear your dogs are over that bout of pukin’ all over the trailor. It was just as hard on them as it were on you.” “You sure did recover from that appredecktomy operation might quick. Hope to see you next time we drive through town". “Sorry to hear old Toby died, pets are as difficult to replace as husbands.”

“That was the best picture of Aunt Matilda I ever seen, she does look so good a layin’ there lookin’ fer all the world like she is just a sleepin’.” “I couldn’t see ya fer all the beer bottles in front of ya, so ya must have had a good time.” “Like yer Blog". “That kitten picture was so cute.” ”After the all night new moon party, this is what ------ looked like.” (With ------ being the wife, husband, partner or the soon to be former friend of the commentater.)

Like yesterday, I know I.M. givin’ ya a lot to think upon at once, but that are the whole point of this. Take a page from how I.M. writes a commentery, look at the way I.M. concisely complicates his thoughts, propogates his adjulatives and subjects the writer to his point. Meanin’ none of his commenterys is like them above.

I.M understandin’ that it may not be all too easy fer all y’all to entanglement yer brain around them massive ideas that run contraband to how most folks commentery. To shapen that head of yers to an even finer point, here is one of my commenterys: “Yer post caused a extraodorinary extraction of exteraineous extras that evidentially evolved several exclusinary exclamations on my part.” Contrast that to what most folks would commentary: “Great post.” Them differences is so oblivious to you I probably don’t reelly need to explane them, but since that are the hole point of this post, I will.

And a fore you think it are the facet that one has high litaturary like teknics and all, while the other don’t say nothing, that ain’t it atall. The differential between them is in what were in the mind of the writer that writ them. In the one instants its cleer that the writer hadn’t really read the blog, and also that they were just a putting something down to to have said somethin’. In the other it were remarks that showed the writer had read the blog and was a givin’ heart felt commenterys.

I were glad to be able to leed you out of the bogger commenterying wilderness onto the high platoe of litaturary jeaneous so that yer future commenterys will regurgitate the level of RV blogs into the highassed specteral of the blogospeer. Thanks fer reedin’ another great blog post from the ironic of the RV blog world where you will always find I.M. a unhesitately helpin' the unfortunately unknowledgeable unwittingly understand the unintentionally unintelligently unknowable.



"great post"

Cruzin2some said...

Sure sounds like yer having a good time down at the cement pond with all those pretty girls!!!

Travel Safe

Jeanne said...

Well, well! You have revealed something about me that I didn't know: I'm bilingual! I not only speak English fairly well, I'm able to read and understand whatever language it is that you're writing in, and enjoying the heck out of it. How refreshing! Now, off to read more so that maybe someday I can also speak it :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sorry about your dog.

Teri said...

So you got me curious about who you are, and where you are. You say you have been a fulltimer for a long time, but your blog does not give much about your history. By the way, I like your style.