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Friday, March 25, 2011

I.M.'s Guide To Good Comments on RV Blogs

This here post is a gonna make ya a better commentater on the blogs y'all visit. And just to show you that everybody needs sum help on occasional, I had Nilda write the title of this here post. I were a figurin' that if I were a goin' out of my way to help them folks in the blogger field too be better blog commentaters, then by lettin' Nilda modificate my writin' I.M. would be takin' the lead in showin' folks that advise from them that knows better are a good thing.

I ain't a gonna day lilly around on this subject, but I.M. proposin' to get right to the heart of the matter. Speakin' of proposin' and hearts, did ya know that Nilda's cousin, Bart Hendershot finally got around to proposin' to old Tammy Jo Jameson. Meaning it finally looks like she were able to corralate a man, or Bart were able to lassieo a woman who would overlook his many things that certainly did need overlookin'. Nilda said she weren't sure who got the best of that deal, while I.M. a tryin' to figure which of 'em got the worst of it, which I finally decided were a tie.

I.M. afraid that I already fergot what that point about commentarying on RV blogs was that I was a gonna make, but let me take off from that point and procedure on down the road to not makin' y'all into exterior commentators like them fellers on PDS, TMT, ESNP and the like. Which are because most of them radio and TV gals and fellers ain't a commenteryin' on the RV lifestye, but is normally havin' something to do with spots or potlotics. It's one thing to say somethin' bout somebody that has got puttin' balls into holes as they’res goal in life, or seein' who can get to be the richest after gittin' his or herownself electioned to some office where showin' how much badder the other potlotician is, are the best way to get ahead.

What I.M. talkin' about is reel world commenterying, a writin' words on somebodies blog so as to make whatever they were a tryin' to say ununderstandable to the two or three folks that read them things. This might bee a somewhat delicosious subject fer some folks, what with them not havin' the technical and fieness that I.M. might have on these here matters, so if yer weak kneed and soft of stomack, maybe you better postpone yer readin' of this here blog until tomorrow.

Like I said oregonically, we are a plungin' wright into the subject at hand, which seems to be the way most folks go about commenteryin' on blogs. Most commentaters seem to not have the cents of the proberval bull in the milking parlor. Typographically they is either a relation, a life long good fiend, or knows the person a writin' the blog in some up close and personal way, which they may or may not want to deluge. It are this closeediness that leads to the typical commentery left on the typical blog for the typical reader to reed.

You knows exactly what I are a meanin' cause if ya read RV and mobile, mobile home blogs, which ya has to be doin' since this are one them blogs itsownself, ya knows expressively what I.M. is a meaning. As I has been makin' so many good points as to how you should be a commenterying on blogs too this point, I.M. thinkin' it would be best to give all this a chance to soak into them brains of my reeders, which in several ways resembells sponges, so as not to overwhelm them. I figure that I can recap all these many points tomorrow and give ya an example or two of what a goodly worded commentery by a goodly knowing commentater, (which by that time you should be) would look like.


Gaelyn said...

Guess you'll have to visit my blog to demonstrate.

Merikay said...

I'll be waiting for you words of advice. Unless the squad catches up with you first.