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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Computer Education

After all them problems I was a havin' some weaks ago, what with this gosh darnd computer a doin’ things it weren’t a supposed to be a doin’ and all, I figures maybe that feller that taught me the class,” All there is to know about Blogger blogging, and more” maybe didn’t know as much about this blogger thing as he let on. Guess that’s what you git when you go to the big city to take on some learnin’ instead of going to the local library and tryin’ to puzzle it out by yourownself. And now that I think about it, he did bear a mighty strong resemblence to that salesman feller I see’d at that RV dealer place I was a checkin’ out when I got into town a day early.

So being done with them fellers that say they knows it all and more, cause now I knows that’s the same as saying that the only thing he knows is more than me, which in that case weren’t much. But shucks, even us writin’ jenuises has got to have a few knowledgeable gaps to fill in. Nilda’s been trying to get me to stay on the subject matter at hand, as she puts it, but my mind is so overstuffed with ideas that they just come a spurtin’ out in all directions, sorta like the first time I ever tried to milk a cow.

Now where I was agoin’ with this, were that the computer and this here internet has got more things on it than a body can hardly get there mind around, even on a good day, which were why I was more than a mite bit puzzled when I come acrost this thing called LiveWriter. Now I sure don’t know about you but it sure did confound me more than a little as to just what it were. First I throwed my mind around that live writer one way, then backin’ up some, I took a run at it from another direction. But it seemed just no matter how I snuck up on it, it just weren’t makin' sense.

Figurin’ it probably weren’t a good idea to ask Nilda about my computer problem, as I didn’t want to be a ruinin’ her image of me as to knowin’ all there is to know about this bloggerin’ thing, I took me a walk through the RV Park we is a stayin’ in. All the time a lookin’ fer someone who looked like they knowed a thing or too about computers like I do. You’d think that with all them fellers a sittin’ out in there lawn chairs, a watchin’ the world pass them by, that one of them would have knowed at least a little something about this live writer thing.

Try as I might, upon asking them if they’d knowed bout live writer, they’d sorta lean forward in that chair they had been a glued to just a minute ago, kind a shake there head, then lean back again, tippin’ up their hat and a reachin’ under it with the other hand to rub and scratch away, afore grabbin’ hold of them chair arms and sayin’ that they’d never heard tell of it.

Bout the fourth time that happened I noticed somethin’ mitey particular about what they was a doing. Everyone of them, when they tipped that hat back were as bald as a fresh plucked chicken. I puzzled on that fer a moment or too, then I figured them fellers out. Why none of them fellers didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’. It must be that whensoever anyone asked them a question, they took to a rubbin’ and a scratchin’ their head to the point that they’d wared off all their hair.

That meant I was on my own when it come to understanding this live writer thing. Seemed to me that a live writer should be the easiest thing in the world to understand, cause there weren’t no way a dead writer could write. I were about to give up when I come a cross this blog that had some pointers on a usin’ live writer, and I been a pooring over it for the passed several days. So if’n ya notice an improvement in my writin’ its because of me understandin’ LiveWriter. If it don’t improve, it ain’t gonna be no worse than some dead writer, so you all won’t notice no difference. I.M., yer source fer techknowledgably fer fulltime bloggers.


Gaelyn said...

I M A LiveWriter

Merikay said...

Just as long as you don't try to act as a spellcheck!

Cruzin2some said...

Sound like you already have it all figured out.

Interesting point about the bald guys. I have often wondered how that happened to some and not others.

Your sure one smart feller.

Travel Safe

Phyllis said...

Ya'll theory on baldness, might be yet might not be. Mys understanding on baldness is that theys git it from ...

well never mind.