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Monday, March 21, 2011

I.M. is About to be Stumped

This mobile, mobile home life can lead to the most interesting people you’ll ever come a crossed, even moreso then when I was down in Simpsonville a getting’ my degree. I got to admit that when me and Nilda went to learn at the foot of the great Kiva in that Harrisburg town in Pennsyvania, I see’d more than a few of them interestin' fellers a sellin’ them mobile, mobile homes, along with the most interesting stories I’d heard in a possums age.

Didn’t seem to mind what it was you owned, had owned or was now a lookin’ at, they had owned one themownselves and could talk yer leg off about it. Since it were all goin’ over me and Nilda’s head, they could a been jabberin’ bout camels on the north poll as far as we was concerned. So while they was shorely interestin’ people, they was a tellin’ storys that was weigh over my head, and tall as I am, that were a fer tall piece of tellin’.

Now the reason I’m a gonin’ on bout all this here peoples that have crossed my path, specially since I sure weren’t interested in crossin’ there’s, was this feller that we met at the place we been a stayin’ during the repairin’ of Ol’ 5th Wheel’s latest breakdown. Let me tell ya, he were a feller that made all them fellers sellin' them mobile, mobile homes out to be a lookin’ more like pecan sorters in a pickle factory, he were so much more interesting than them.

We’d been a stayin’ there fer a while, a getting’ ta know folks and a havin’ good times swapin’ stories with more an few lies blended in, when this feller I’m a talkin’ bout comes in with one of them so called 5th wheels that really ain’t got five wheels, but the fellers a pullin’ ‘em don’t know that, so they just call ‘em what the salesman that took there money said they was called.

All was a going well fer everybody, though some folks was sayin’ he were some big time writer feller, which just naturally got my curiosity up, what with me being into writn’ this here blog, and also some literaturary stories fer the local ladies at a former place we was at, all of which has resulted in me bein’ a writer of some renouned myself. He were a nice enough feller, though it did appear to me that whenever the conversation got a round to writin’ he was always a talkin’ about hisownself and wouldn’t let me get a word in lengthwise.

Where I’m a goin’ with this here tale is what happened this past weekend when the monthly park work and eat day come up. They usually pair up two or three couples to work together and then they do a little relaxing and sharin’ of the vittles afterward. So this time me and Nilda ends up a workin’ with Joe Ed and Matilda, as well as this feller and his wife, who’s names I got on the tip of my tongue but just can’t get out.

While Matilda is just a little tiny slip of a woman, Joe Ed is a steam engine and red squirrel all rolled into one. He’s not only always a workin’ he does the work of two people without even breakin’ a sweat. So when they assigned to jobs it weren’t no surprise when we got the one a clearin’ the brush and such from inside the turnaround at the far end of the park.


Merikay said...

I.M. I just have to tell you I think you are the most delightful recent addition to the blog world. I can't make sense of your posts, But perhaps that is what they are meant to be.

but the comments you leave on other blogs are wonderful. You make me laugh out loud!

Thank You. Not every blogger has to teach the wannabes what kind of paper to buy.

Cruzin2some said...

What a cliff hanger, Tell me more. I need to know all about this new feller.

Blog Archive? Thats where you will find our older blog post.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Levonne said...

I want to know the writer fella's name. Who the heck is it? Thanks for your comments over at A Camp Host's Meanderings. Thanks for being a fan!

Sue and Doug said...

I have a hard time understanding your posts..but enjoy them still the same!..thanks for your comment on Bigdawg and Freeway!!