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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I.M. is Stumped

Continuin' my story of yesterday,  their’s the six of us, Joe Ed, Matilda, Me, Nilda, the city feller and his wife a planning out the work. The ladies say they can clean up all the trash and such as well as the tall grass and weeds, which leaves the brush and such to us men. Then as Joe Ed heads off to get the tools we’ll be a needin’ that city feller says he needs to go back to his 5th wheel for a might and make sure all his computer work is catched up to date. Which of course I didn’t think much off at the time.

So when Jo Ed comes back, the five of us all start workin’ away rather than wait for that city feller. I got to say that city fellers wife were a right hard worker, pullin’ weeds and all with the best of ‘em. Joe Ed and me made quick work of the brush, but in doin’ so we uncovered this big old stump that must have once been the grandaddy of all trees. We commenced to diggin’ and pryin’ and pullin’ and pushin’. All of which took most of the rest of the afternoon.

Now while Joe Ed’s got the strength of several, even he’s got limits and he was just about to reach them, when this city feller shows back up and with a big simile says that it looks like we could use some help, and with him a lendin’ a hand, which were it were he lended, that stump come out slicker than a greased hog. Then he offers to take the tools back up to the park office, and me and Joe Ed bein’ too wore out to do it, we tells him to go ahead. He comes back whistlin’ and smilin’ and starts talkin’ bout the group meal so quick we forgets to ask him about the free campin’ coupons we was supoosed to get for helpin’ on the park workday.

This city feller sure were a talker, cause the next thing we knows, he’s organizing the evenin’ group meal the six of us is to be a sharin’ after that hard day of workin’ together. He’s got some kind of paper all printed out from his computer, one that he says assigns each couple what they should bring to the meal that we is gonna be a sharing. I was a lookin’ at what we was to bring, and while there were five or six things, it shore didn’t seem like it should’a took him all afternoon just to figure them few things out and get ‘em printed on a piece of paper.

He said we should all gather up at his place about six o’clock, but to bring all our own chairs and such. Nilda was exhausted from working so hard all afternoon, but she set about cookin’ that fried chicken, a makin’ tater salid, cole slaw, a big pitcher of iced tea and a bakin’ a chocolate cake, just like that feller had down on that piece of paper he give us. Me, I.M. started workin’ on my blog post and peelin’ taters and such as Nilda needed help.

I could hear the pans a banging next door at Jo Ed’s and knew Matilda was a workin’ as hard as Nilda a fixin’ things for the feast we was a havin’ that night. Meanwhile I could hear Joe Ed snorin’ loud enough to wake the dead and then some. Mostly cause he’d done the work of two men fer most of the day.


Gaelyn said...

Can't believe anybody would listen to a city slicker.

Sue and Doug said...

dinner sounds delcious..too bad you had to work so hard to get it!!

Merikay said...

Sounds like the city slicker will be liken the pot.

Cruzin2some said...

Man, O Man. I sure do wish we were there to partake in eaten me some of that good ol home cooking the little women are fixin up.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Gail Durham said...

That dinner sounds yummy!!!!