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"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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Monday, March 28, 2011

TIP IN - The RV-Dreamers Way

Introducin' the brand spankin' new, never tried before, RV-Dreamers TIP IN program, which are a hard thing fer me to doo, butt is gots to be done. And like Pa always said, a stuck pig always squeals loudest just afore he's a bled to death. :)

Alrighty then, lettuce git write to the point. Seems like this here blog has been a takin' up more of my time than I thought it would, which in turn is puttin' me an Nilda in a bit of a bind. Seems like the out go is a grately excendrining the come in, which is a putting the screws to not the places like they otter be. Them screws need to be applicationed to Ol' 5th Wheel and the like, but this lack of come in is a forcin' me to come up with other ways to substantualate this here lifestye of ours.

To solve that problem I has thought long and hard, leastaways that's what all them other fellers write, and if'n I were to say it come to me in a flash, it wouldn't have the same impact, so it were threw a hole bunch of long and tortellinias thinkin' that I come up with this plan.

Now my cousins all knows what I.M. a referin' two, but them several or so, not relationed to me or Nilda readers I have picked up along the way might not know the depths of depravitations we has sunk to. I is a tryin' to break it to ya as gentle as possible soas not to upset the horseapple wagon as that old sayin' goes, so bare with we on this one.

I know some of my realationarys, Pa included, would have just proposed a takin' a club to y'all and be over and done with it, lettin the chips fall where they may. That howsoever ain't the way I.M. goin' about it, if I.M. a sayin' so. I.M. got feelin's folks, and not just feelin's fer I.M., I got feelin's fer all y'all as well. And not just the kind of feelin' that Tomato Blossom taught me about neither, though I sure ain't about to ever forget them feelin's fer sure.

Alrighty then, I have herd it said that us folks from Kentucky ain't got no feelin' fer others, just feelin's fer ourownselves. Butt while their might be some that don't feel the pain of others, specially if they is like that, it ain't I.M.'s way, but more likewisely them city feller types ways. So knowin' all that, and a tryin' reel hard not to get distractioned by thinkin' of Tomato Blossoms feelin's, I want to lay it out to you as straight as any of them lawyer fellers appealin to a jury would. Meanin' it'll have the most convoluted argument, and appeal to evey heartstring you never knowed ya didn't have, but in the end, even if ya don't agree with me, I'll still be a makin' a bunch of money from my case.

Just think how much enjoyment y'all get out of readin' these hear scribblin's of mine mind every day. It takes a lot of work to put all this together, time I could a be spending doing things like golfin' kiyackin, studyin' dead trees, gettin' folks to rent boats fer me and fix Nilda and me most of our meals. Just a wrightin' this here blog, let alone doin' that ain't as easy as yer a thinkin' which is why I come up with this here RV-Dreamers TIP IN program.

Today I.M. were just erectoring the wooden thing that holds the noose, tomorrow I'll be a spring the old trap door on ya. :) :)


Cruzin2some said...

O.K now I'm scared!!!!!

I'm not ready for no noose. Maybe you should save it for them city fellers.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Merikay said...

I'm thinking its time your followers start charging you for the comments we leave.

Just send your Credit Card number and it's expiration date to my email, I'll put in the amount myself.

Gaelyn said...

Can't wait.