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Saturday, April 2, 2011

RV Dreams

“Are you one of the millions plagued by RV dreams? Do you lie awake at night unable to sleep as RV’s tumble over a cliff before your very eyes? If so we have a solution.”

Now ya’ll can say what you want, but OL’ 5th Wheel was just about drivin’ me crazy. I’d searched and searched for somethin’ that would stop them nitemares, but couldn’t find anything, then this feller I met at Aunties Brakes and Bakes, combination pie and brake shop, told me about this here book that he’d read that could help a body overcome these terrible nitemares that come almost every night.

So when I read the cover of that book and it had them words on it, I was a thinkin’ I should probably be a shoutin’ Hallelujah, I is about to be shunt of them RV dreams at last. Still, I weren’t sure that Ol’ 5th Wheel was exactly qualified to be one of them RV’s considering its pedigree and all. I knowed it were a mobile, mobile home, but and RV? I had some serious regulations bout that.

Still me being a sucker like most people inflicted with them RV dreams, and a wanting to be cured of them, I talked to Nilda about my perdickerment. She come up with as good a solution as could be, given the circumstances. Just so I wouldn’t blame myself all by myownself if that book didn’t cure my affliction of them RV dreams, we would both chip in a few dollars to pay for it, and that way if it didn’t work, it weren’t all mine own fault as part of it would be Nilda’s fer helping me.

Once that book come I plunged into it like I was going skinny dippin’ with Candilu Hugginbottom, and I was soon up to my ears in daydreams, lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, epic dreams, naked dreams, flying dreams, chase dreams and falling dreams, and it were some of them last four that really perked me up and got me a might excitered.
What I learned helped me get ahold of things and really straighten out one in peculiar. Seems that a dream about fallin’ is more about insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties than what you is a dreaming about. Indicatin’ them RV dreams I’ve been a reoccuring has got to be about Ol’ 5th Wheel and not about me. It said some more bout the fact a person havin’ this kind of dreams was probably feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation of their life.

On that, I would bet the family still it had got to be that blasted piece o junk we was a using to take us down the highway of life that were a overwhelmin’ me, besides breakin’ down on us all the time too. Then that author drifted way off base, a talking about my relationships goin’ downhill or problems at work. That feller writin’ that book was doin’ alrighty up that point but what with me not a working, and my relationship with Nilda bein’ more than spectacular since I took up that literature writin’, I weren’t so sure that writer fellow was really who he said he was.

But no sooner does he do that than he redeems hisself, saying a bunch of words that didn’t make a whole bunch of cents, but I liked 'em anyways. It was about losing your grip on things and finding that you had trouble keeping up with the hustle and bustle of the daily goin’s on’s. That one really hit home cause the way Nilda had been a movin’ her bustle since I took up literature writin’ there weren’t no way I could keep up with her.

Then he talked about being forced into this situation and not bein’ able to control the downward spiral, whatever that was, but that knowin’ what the cause of them dreams was, you could work on getting’ them stopped. Knowin’ all this, I took a deep breathe, and decided to just let Ol’ 5th Wheel do what it wanted to do, and I would do what I wanted to. Nilda liked what I was a talkin’ about and said I should give it a few weeks and if I still had them nightly RV dreams, she’d see if she couldn’t do a few things to perk me up. Now just how lucky can a feller get.

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Gaelyn said...

You can't get any luckier than that. But have you been dreamin' of flying off Ole 5th wheel? ;)