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Friday, February 18, 2011

Helping Our Readers

Nilda come back from the beauty parlor today, all so excited I thought she was going to bust another bust button or two like she did last week when that checkout clerk at Ramey’s Bait, Tackle and Beauty Supply commented on Nilda’s new necklace she was a wearing. The one I found layin’ by the pump when I was getting’ grease cartridges at the Gas N Go, and then remembered to give to Nilda for Valentines Day.

Seems like when those beauty parlor ladies get into their usual gabfest now, they always meander a mite before they return to their favorite subject, me and Nilda’s blog. Sure, they do enjoy the goin’s on in our road life that I’m always puttin’ out there for the whole world to read, but it also appears the circle of readers is expanding

One of the ladies, Nilda says it’s the teachers wife, the one with the red hair that ain’t no more red than a blue bellied whale, which by the way, she resembles in more ways than one. Anyway, it turns out that teacher’s wife told her son-in-law about this here blog, and he, bragging about how he knew some famous writer, showed my writing efforts to one of his bowling buddies, whose Pa is thinking of retiring and taking up the kind of life Nilda and me lives.

Alrighty then, it turns out that the son-in-law’s Pa liked what he read so much that he told a bunch of his own friends and they has also taken up following our adventure, which may explain why I been getting so many emails asking for Tomato Blossom’s :):):) whereabouts, of which I don’t have the foggiest notion.

Where all this is a leadin’ to is the fact that while they sure do enjoy reading about our daily adventures, they’d also like to read some information about how we decided to “buy”, (using their word as it was told me, not mine), Ol’ 5th Wheel. Or how we decided where we should domicile, whatever that is

Then there was this one, how’d we know that this life was right for us, which makes me wonder what kind of life they is a’living. Sheesh. One of them didn’t understand what full timing in a mobile, mobile home was and could I explain it to him. All this got me thinking that maybe there was a need for more information on this here lifestyle thing we live, and that providing that would get even more people to read this here blog, making me more popular than ever.

Why I heard tell that some of them real popular internet places, like amazon, google, girls galore, bustin’ busts, and the like can have as many as a hundred or more visitors in a day. I don’t know if I can ever reach that many visitors in a day, but if I could get half that number, or even thirty or so, it sure would give Nilda something to talk about on her weekly visits to the beauty parlor.

So in the near future, if I can ever figure out how to do it, you might see some new pages appearing alongside these regular blog articles I been a writing. Heck, if it works out the way it might, I could even be given Nilda a page or two of her own where she could put up some of her favorite recipes you have been reading about on my blog.

Lordy, lordy, she might even be able to supplement our income, such as it is, what with all them constant repair bills depleting it almost as fast as it comes in, by trying her hand at that beadin’ stuff she learned working at Betty’s Best Beads, or whatever it was called. Guess you could say this full time thing is an adventure in more ways than one.


Merikay said...

i'm here...

Frederick said...

I hear that if'in you put one of those magic buttons on your blog, people will send you money. Might be good to start mak'in some money in case you find some vacant land and need to put up one of those permenent outhouses with runnin water.

I.M. Vayne said...

Two followers, and each a makin' a comment. Nilda was right, if I just keep a writin' the readers will come. I guess that's cause my blog's got somethin not many of them other RV blogs got. Somebody who knows how to write, a writin' it. Though Nilda does tell me Merikay has a right nice one.