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--The Great Kiva

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Typical Day for Nilda and Me

Now I’m sure you’re a wondering what life is like out here on the road for Nilda and me. First off, since we’re usually broke down and staying in some RV park or repair place,  it may not be exactly on the road, but it is usually near the road.  But just to let you have an eyeful of our life, here is what happened today.

First off, Nilda sent me out to make sure the truck had enough fuel in it to get her to the beauty parlor and back tomorrow, reminding me to pick up some of those sticky cinnamon rolls at the bakery, since we was out and she wasn’t baking again for a few days. :)

By the time I got back, she had all the latest in local gossip and proceeded to fill me in on the trials and tribulations (another of Pa’s sayings) of those around us. Our three down and two over neighbors had themselves a big old 5th wheel with lots of extras, which was what made for the best gossip of the morning according to Nilda’s sources. :)

That fancy couple had themselves a real, brand spanking new coffee pot. Not one like ours where the water goes in on top of the mother grounds, followed by some new grounds, and a little later you got the best coffee you ever tasted. No sir, they got one of those new fangled, humdinger machines where the coffee is in some kind of little baggy and the whole machine looks like something that Captain Video would have thrown away.
As Nilda understood it, the injectors, whatever they was for, wasn’t injecting, and all that machine was good for was a paper weight. All the ladies had a good laugh while those fancy people yakked on the phone with someone who apparently knew less about getting it to work than they did. Guess they never did get their coffee, but we all sure did enjoy ours as well as those sticky rolls I brung back.

Most of the day we just set outside, a jawing with the neighbors, and enjoying the bay which is directly behind where we are broke down, though Nilda prefers to tell all the new neighbors that we like here so much, we are staying  for an extended time. Which I guess is a way of looking at it, even though it leaves a little out.

Well we was a sittin’ out sunnin’ ourselves, when one of the new fellars parked up the way stops by and asks about our 5th wheel. Well one thing leads to another and then I’m hearing him ask if we would enjoy a grilled lobster dinner. Now that is something we never had up on the Gulch, but since we got down here by the ocean, we’ve both become right partial to them overgrown crawdads. :)

Alrighty then, the next I know that fellar is sayin’ he’d supply the lobsters just cause he enjoyed me telling my stories of life up in the Gulch and here on the road, though he was particular fond of some of Pa’s tales I related to him. He says, just bring a little something like a salad or dessert and we’d have a good time. Nilda immediately got to whipping up one of her turnip greens, chokeberry and peanut salads with some Velveeta chunks on top. Food just doesn’t get better than that, and them lobsters weren’t half bad either.
After dinner that fellar would have liked to have talked my leg off, and if it hadn’t been for Nilda and his wife fallin’ asleep and snoring so loud he couldn’t even hear himself, he’d probably still be going at it. Thank goodness the neighbor’s dog on the other side started a bayin’ away, which caused the ladies to wake up, and gave us an excuse to head back to our 5th wheel.

That’s what’s so great about living like this,  sometimes you get to eat free without even asking. I told him that we’d have to return the favor, but knowing he was going to be a leaving in the morning, it was just to make him feel good. But you know what I love best about this RV life? You never know when you’re going to make a new friend who will enrich your life by saving you a few bucks. :)

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