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Monday, February 14, 2011

Me and Tammy Jo

Alrighty then, it was Tammy Jo Jamison that really got me to get my degree, not that Tammy Jo was anybody special. But what she did have was a older brother, Jimmy Jack Jamison, who had gotten a degree, and that was the only reason why I was always trying to get her to dance with me at the church socials and such. Which wasn't really all that hard, all the boys being just a bit shy whenever Tammy Jo was around. I figured if I could sweet talked Tammy Jo enough, she just might tell me how Jimmy Jack got his degree. :)

Turned out that to get a degree you had go far down below the Gulch, even past Coon Hollow, then travel the Tartliffe Road till it came out near Simpsonville, which was the county seat. It was there, in Simpsonville, that you could get a degree. Once I learned all this, I waited till the time was right and lit out for the big city of Simpsonville. :)

It was dark by the time I got to Simpsonville, but by trying to do just exactly what Tammy Jo had told me Jimmy Jack had told her to tell me to do, I ended up standing before a very official looking man the next morning. I tried to explain to him what Tammy Jo had told me Jimmy Jack had told her to tell me about getting a degree, but he wasn't having any of it. Sheesh. 

In the end it still turned out okay, and even though I didn't get the degree I wanted, the one I ended up with was just as good. Besides that, it took only 30 days to get the degree I got rather than the two years it took Tammy Jo's brother, Jimmy Jack, to get his. :)

I will admit I was heartbroken when the man first said it was just going to be 30 days for me because I'd only gotten a 3rd degree misdemeanor rather than a second degree felony like Tammy Jo's bother got. Turned out however, to be the best thing that ever happened to me, since the head jailer took sick, and his assistant couldn't keep track of how many days anybody had left to serve. :)

I'd always been good with numbers and that was why I got the job of second assistant, jailed jailer. The Sheriff was joking about it being an inside job. Sheesh. But I thought I'd earned it. Course it didn't hurt that most all of Tammy Jo's male relatives had stayed there at one time or another, and through them she'd put in a word or two for me. :)

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