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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RV-Dreamers Glossery, Preface and A-B

This here glossery thing come about cause at one of the group get-togethers at this place we been a stayin’ at, once all the womenfolk had cleared up the mess from the under cooked mango cornbread that everyone was a spilling tryin’ to eat, and a tellin’ the gal who cooked it how good it were even though it weren’t, there was a discussion on what some of the different terms used by mobile, mobile home folks means. There were two newlies there, as some folks referred to them that’s just acquired their first mobile, mobile home, and since this were their very first time out in their brand spankin’ new shinee Alpine 3640RL, or at least that were what he was a braggin’ it was, they was askin’ lots of questions.

That newlie had provided us with about an hours worth of entertainment when he come in the other night about 10 o’clock. What with him a hittin’ that tree then a knockin’ over his electric post, the whole campground was a gathered around watching. I’d best save what else he done fer a regular post, but that’s why when I was a trying to educate him on some on the finer points of the mobile, mobile home life, at which time he up and says to me, “I.M., What with your unique view of things, you ought to put together a glossery of terms to help out newlies like us to better understand what this here life on the road is like, and so’s we can understand what you old timers is a talkin’ about.

That just about cause my head to swell up like a bullfrog gittin' ready to croak, but recalling that lots of other folks along the way have called me a unique individual, I just let it lay for a while. Later I asked Nilda what she thought of that idea, and she was most encouraging, tellin’ me that it would provide a new outlet for my writin’ talents and also make intersting readin’ for folks livin’ this here mobile, mobile home life if they was ever to stumble across my writin’s. So fer all you newlies and any others that’s havin’ trouble understandin’ all them fancy words that gets flung around about mobile, moble homes, what follows should educate you right up to speed.

Every campgrounds got one. Some old feller whose always smilin' away and telling stories ain't nobody wants to hear, with him a blowin' air like one of them hotair balloon things. It is also a part on a mobile, mobile home that supposed to hold air but usually don't.

Black Water
It took me a while to figure out why them old boys was always a refirrin' to that brown stuff they was a spillin at them so called dump stations, as black water, when it weren't. But then I started a payin' attention to what they was a mummblin' when they was a spillin' that stuff all over, includin' on they's ownself, and recollecting that term, "painting the air black with four letter'd words", I knowed right off how brown got to be black.

Blue Boy
Some feller told me is was a "plastic portable waste holding tank generally made in the color of blue”. Watching a feller try to use one once, it come to me that this is a younger cousin of the black tank, only with this one they paint the air blue with words stead of black.

Boon Docking
This one throwed me for some time as I couldn't figure out why if them people was a going a huntin’ with their coon dogs, did they always brung their own food and sat a round the campfire instead of a going out and a tryin' to hunt so's they could have some good fresh meat to eat. Then a feller learned me that a sittin' around a fire out in the middle of nowhere was exactly what this boon docking thing was. Sure seems like a waste of a good coon dog to me.

Bus Conversion
To quote a definition I read somewheres best I can recollect: “A commercial bus that is usually converted into a mobile, mobile home and is highly customized with luxury components, meaning they are typically the largest and most prestigious mobile, mobile home's available”. Obviously the feller that wrote that ain't never owned one, he just gets paid for writin' words. It's like them BusNuts boys is always saying, "If owning a bus conversion don't convert you into a ravin' manic, you was already a ravin' maniac afore you got it."

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Merikay said...

A good beginning.

Educatin the masses is never ending process.