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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I.M.'s Timely Post on DST

I.M. tryin’ to be right timely with this here blog, since Nilda says that what with people a thinkin’ about DST a coming about, and some of them more likely than not a going to ignore what it is, I should write a post about it. Takin’ that under advicement, I commenceded to some sireous research on the subject, the results of which follers.

Now it seems that DST is somethin’ that affects most people at least several times a year, with it most likely a happenin’ in the spring or the fall. Because of that, or maybe instead of that, so folks will remembers to remember to think about this DST, there is a sayin’ that goes, something like: if you wind yer spring to far back, it will will fall you up. I has also herd it as, spring up - foul back, which makes a lot more cents to me because if’n you is springin’ up when you swing, the ball is more an likely gonna be fouled back.

And with sayin’s like that and such I can readily understand why so many folks get all fouled up over DST. My way of rememberin’ what is is and when it is is simple. When we was a first dreamin’ bout this full time mobile, mobile home life, a feller told me me that it comes with all kinds of what he called acornnomins or some such thing. I tried to look it up in Mr. Websters book but the only thing I could find was ROTFLMAO, which didn’t make no sense to me, so I just took what that feller said as the honest fact.

Then this other feller parked next to me said that what I was a looking fer was, spring up, fall back, which didn’t make no sense to me about what I knowed about DST from my resreech, but, with him a ownin’ one of the Majestic New Horizon non 5th wheel, 5th wheels, I figured I’d better a humor him. So if it don’t make no scents to you either, blame him and not me.
In a way that stoopid sayin’ that feller didn’t know nothin’ about is a lot like this DST thing. It is amazonying just what some fellers will write about what that they don’t know nuthin’ about. One that I were reading today was a goin’ on about talkin’ hams and singing coyotes . Another was having a radio interview with a talkin’ head. No foolin’, she’s a really gonna do it, she bein’ that MeriKay follower of mine.

Then there were this Rick feller that was a goin’ on bout all kinds of things, but his pictures weren’t to do with that, they was of Paulette's flat tires. Or how about Tire swing feller that’s got as much trouble rememberin’ things as me. Then there is a Palamine that lives in Canada and has a butcher that grows their own butchers. Leastaways that what she wrote in her blog.

The reason I am a sighting this few random samples is because I don’t have time to sight the hundereds of examples that go on every day. So if you wonder why everyone, or nearly everyone is toadally confusioned when it comes to DST now you know. It’s just that most folks don’t see it a coming.

So this weekend make a special effort to be a ware of DST, Dumb Stupid Travelblogs, because they is everywhere. I.M., who is bringin’ the masses the words they needs to hear so that they will be unconfusioned as to what the fulltime mobile, mobile home life is really like. Remember, if ya didn’t spring up today it were likely cause ya slept in.


Merikay said...

DST is hardest on the cows. They need to be milked when they need to be milked, no mater what the clock says.

Anonymous said...

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