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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Shrimpin’ and a Dippin': I.M. Wanderin'

Bout now your probably a wonderin’ whether all this could be true or not cause of all the things I keep a mentioning about this city feller and his boatin’ experience. And complicating all this is is the fact that some of them fellers up at the other end of the RV park was down here the other night and got to telling me that this feller is a tellin’ the story all different.

That the way he was spinnin' it at the marshmellow and baked bean roast they was a havin up at that end of the campground last week, shortly after it all took place, it were him that outsmarted them to worthless boys of Billy Bob’s. Guess he was also a saying nothin’ about getting’ tangled up in that binimminnini top or whatever it were, just like he left out hisself a smashing the boat into the dock.
Now, as I was a hearing this yarn being unfolded, I was a thinking of how Pa may not always of been the smartest feller around, plus his young’un naming skills were a might off. But one thing he was good at was making sure we always knowed right from wrong and that while we could say whatever we wanted, what we said had better be the truth.

And that’s who I am. It’s like me and Candilu Hugginbottom used to say when we’d go skinny dippin’ all by our lonesome, which I was glad Tomato Blossom :):):) taught me the ins and outs of. Anyways, sometimes my mind does get to serious wanderin’. What I was I was trying to get to was this, Cindilou would always say, “What you sees, is what you gets” just after we had dashed out into the water. While I would say, “I.M. is who I am.” then she’d start to a giglin’, and a saying, “You are I.M., you sure are.”  Now before you’re a wonder if either of us got hurt whilst we was a dashin’ into the water, Cindilou was always a fearin’ that happenin’ which was why she insisted we only go skinny dippin’ in the way, far end of the lake where the water was no more an a foot deep.

All this is told merely to help to ya understand that when I tell somebody something, it’s exactly like I says it is, so if any of you people a readin’ this blog are in this here same RV Park Nilda and me is, and heard this story from that other feller up at the far end of the RV Park, and want to believe what was said, that’s  between you and him. As fer me, I.M. is who I am, and my word is as good as me. So in a couple of day's I'll be a relatin' to you the truthful rest of the story, as best I can recollect it.

1 comment:

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I.M.Vayne: Regarding your comments on Gypsy's blog.
I don't think Gypsy would want to climb up in the overhead cab bed of a Class C, it is a lot higher up that her cabover camper.
I don't buy Class C's anymore for that reason, it is just more wind resistance for wasted space.
I prefer the B+'s for that reason, and they are more streamlined and easier to drive. They are not for fulltiming, although some people do, and in even smaller rigs.

Gypsy likes to sleep under the stars anyway.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX