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Friday, April 22, 2011

Best Blogs

Nilda was a watchin’ that Musican Man movie the other nite while I.M. were a toilin’ away at my blog writin’, by way of researchin' the internet, when I.M. come up upon the weirdest blog ever see’d by all hummuskind since it’s beginning’s. Now as one fulltime mobile, mobile home person two another, you and me both knows that the two keys to this here lifestye can be summed up in just two words. And them two things are what most of us is a doin’ most of the time, mostly. :)
Nilda dragged me a way from the exasperation at what I.M. were a seein’ and a reedin’ about them Best Blogs, with a comment about just how much she liked that there musican man's music, which were a sort of a challenge to me. But then it got me to thinkin’, not that I ain’t unusually thinkin, cause as any reader of this here blog knows, I.M. is so shot full of thoughts, and a hole lot more, that there ain’t hardly blog space to holed them all. The result of Nilda a thowin’ down the guantlet like she did, was what got I.M. to thinkin’ bout howsoever much of his brain do it take to write one of them there best blogs .
I knows my cousin’s is all a goin’ moonie over the cleaver way I hack thru the jugle of the bloggin’ world to expose this Best Blog blot, leastaways they would if’n they understands any of my writn’. While the remainder of my reeders is a probably wonderin’ if with a brain sharp as I.M. hasn’t got, are I.M. a gonna be givin’ up this here blog life him havin’ the unacknowledged Best Blog, and be a headin’ to the big city to use my writin’ abilitys too make me and Nilda even more rich than we is now.
I always knowed I.M. had talent, but it just couldn’t find the outlet it were a a seekin’. When we’d have a dance up on the Gulch, I.M. could make a fiddle do things such that whenever I.M. gots up to play, it weren’t long afore all them folks would get so teary eyed at my playin’, they’s all would have to go outside till I.M. were done, even if it were a rainin’ ticks and field mice. Seemed my singin’ were the same, and at the sound of my voice a singin’ one of them love mell-load-ees I favored in my singin’ reparatoire the same thing would happen. First the womenfolk, soon to be follered by the menfolk, would commiserate to a groanin’ and a hollerin’ out of the shear rapture of the moment as it were.
Their sounds would git so loud that my singin’ could no longer be heard above them, the sound of which continued until I were a done singing. Many a person has told me that one of the things I has missed out most in life, is not to be able to be on the hearin’ end instead of the producin’ end when I is a playin’ or a singin’. Shucks, I gets so much pleasure out of givin’ them folks all there own pleasure, that it are ok with me. :)
Looks like I been so busy a braggin’ mineownself up the way all them other folks is always a doin’, that I let my words get a way from me again. Howsoever, knowing that you has really gotted a lot out of what I has writ today, and knowing that you is a hungerin’ fer more, I will be a writtin’ on them Best Blogs again in the future.
And upon further resuscitating on the matter, I ain’t a gonna be chargin’ off to the big city to sell my writin’ rites and become a famous word wright. I’ll be write here, a rightin’ this blog to help you live the mobile, mobile lifestye the right way, which I know will make y’all so happy yer probably got tears a buildin’ up in yer eye’s and a moanin’ and a groanin' like my fiddlin’ and singin’ fans. I.M. glad to make yer day so special.

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