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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Help Writing a RV Blog, Part I

Since I.M. are the unofficial, official statistical genius fer the RV Dreamers :):):) websight, and the exterminator of the unmitigated success it are havin’ in the RV mobile, mobile home blog world, I.M. thinkin’ maybe it would be of help to others to write about the success formulation that I.M. are followerin’. With so many of the blogs out there it are easy to get very confusioned on which are which, and what which, each are a tryin’ what to be. Helpfully that are where this post will be helpin’ unravel them knots that has the would be blogger not pointed in the right direction.

First off let me say that startin to write one of these here blogs are right easier than a keepin’ on to be writin’ it. In a peanut hull, if you ain’t a word wright, it are hard to write right, but are even harder to keep a writin’ right after that first rush of words has been flung out to the unsuspectin’ masses.

When I.M first started this here blog he were just tryin’ to keep all them multiple branches, forks and dead twigs that are in me and Nilda’s family trees up to date on what was a goin’ on in the mobile, mobile life of one of the smarterest, if not the smartest, cousin they got. What really surprised I.M. were how quickly the Russian branch of them trees tracked us down and started commentarying on I.M. posts. In fact the very first time I.M. posted this blog, I.M. got one of them commentaryings that had something like this “увеличение пениса полового влечения” in it. So I.M. were a thinkin’ it were just one of the Oklahoma cousin’s that dropped out of school the first day and didn’t have no ability with the language liken I.M. do.

I.M. were a showin’ it to Nilda and she gots to laughin’ so hard several of her bust buttons was a being overstrained and it looked like something were about to be poppin’ out that shouldn’t be. When she finally caught her breathe anuff to say something, it were to information me that it weren’t no relation a writin’, at least no American relation, it were Russian, and probaly should have said something like this “Р. Мечтатели это хороший сайт” , but it didn’t. Still I.M. were excitmented that someone were readin’ his blog, and if’n y’all have writ a blog yer probably rememberin’ yer first few commentaryings to.

I.M. has staryed very badly off’n the intended subject, which I.M. gonna get right back to in the near future, but first I.M. has gots to point out that very first commentarying that were actually from an American, which as I.M. were too learn, had to be a distant cousin of mine and Nilda. It were from MeriKay, the words of which won’t be reprinted here, but it were joyful to get some feed back that could actually be read by myownself without askin’ Nilda what part of the world it come from.

Course all things ain’t always what they seam to be, and this were definitely one of them. This MeriKay were a makin’ commentaryings and I.M. didn’t know nothin’ bout her, so it were time to act like that TV investigater feller, Geraldo Revered Vira, or what ever his name were. That were when I learned MeriKay just had to be from one of the long lost branches of the family. I.M. being nice to her cause Nilda said to be, but I really think it weren’t a branch of my family, but rather a dead twig of my family she were from. That are because she are an animal head lady. Yes, it are true, she has surrounded herownself with a bunch of animal heads. All of which goes to show that iff’n ya write the most interestin’ RV blog there are, it will attract the most interestin’ reeders. And fer them other regular commentaryers, just wait, yer day are a coming to. Fer them that's interested, check out MeriKay's blog, and her animal heads, and I.M. are not a pullin' yer leg.

I.M. has been gittin’ some good questions of late, though them postin’ them mite be a might questionable themownselves, and the answers should be forthcomin’ in the near future, soon as I.M. done doin’ all the enormous amounts of research they is requiring. :)

So that are it fer today, and I.M. hopin’ all them writin’ hints were a great help with yer own blog writin’.


Cruzin2some said...

It surinuff has helped my writen alreedy.

Thanks for all the TIPS.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Give our regards to Nilda

Merikay said...

Good ol blogger catches some strange comments and calls them spam because they are in foreign talk.

The only kind of spam I like is fried up with eggs on Saturday morning.

fifth wheels in jackson wy said...

I think you should excuse yourself. There is just too much unconscious bias even if you try to be objective. said...

This looks good. Appreciate your effort for bringigng this up