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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fulltime RVing Types, The Basics, 002

This is the first in a seieus of posts to help them that can’t help themselves and need someone else to do it for them. Seems like most folks descide to become a fulltime mobile, mobile home person afore they know what it is to be a fulltimer in the first place. Which is why there is so many foreims, websights, and such that’s got either all kinds of questions on them from know nothing’s, or is loaded up with information designed to make money for the websight owner while partin’ the know nothings from their money.

There’s a hole lot of them folks out there, on both sides of that coin, including some that has became almost a cull. I’ll leave all that for the future, since with this blog post you is startin’ at the very bottom of the manure pile so to speak. Them other sights start out a figuring you is already a havin’ all kinds o dreams about fulltiming and right off they ask and answer such things as: “What is fulltiming?”, or “Is fulltiming for you?" On this sight we figure if you knowed that much ya wouldn’t be a askin’ the questions I see folks askin' on them sights and foreims, so we are beginnin’ long afore where those sights begin in disgusting about the fulltime lifestye.

Even so, I.M. starting with the description of a fulltimer, which is just that. Think about it. If you were a part timer would you call yerself a fulltimer. If you was a vacationor, would you call yerself, a full timer. Does a feller changin’ his own tire hisownself call himself a mechanick, how about if yer wife pumps her own gas, is she a macanick? Lordy, no so why would anyone need to start out with the definition of what fulltimer were, other than they is just trying to fill them empty headed folks with something that makes them think that blog/websight is knowledgeable about this fulltime life

So takin’ up the curmudgeon that has been throwed down afore us, we commiserate this series with the first part of: Mobile, Mobile Home Life, The Hole Story; I.M. fillin’ yer mind with all he knows; Descriptions of them that don't’ know what they is.

I.M. starting off by listin’ them out, then we will take each by its ownself and go into deep detales bout the in’s, out’s, up’s downs, and what’s often left out, know as an outie, by them other so called x-spurts in the fulltime lifestye.

  • Dreamers
  • Ifnsheels
  • Iffnheels
  • Wantstas
  • Newlies
  • Imas
  • Ustas

Any of youin’s that is already a livin’ the fulltime mobile, mobile home lifestye will immeliorately recognize that list. For you folks that's below the Ustas and the Imas, I.M. a goin' to get ya wright educationed in all these words so that when yer a settin’ around yer first fulltime campfire you won’t be an idiot like I were afore I learned all this. Think of it like the Kung Flu Grand Master taking ya under his wing and a passin’ all he knows on to you. So right now yer a grassflopper takin' little bites, but by the time I.M. done you’ll be more like one of the columbinds that eats grain by the field full.

And carryin’ on with that theme, this is more than enough fer yer first lesson as I don’t want to be overwhelmin’ ya with my volumeless knowledge to the point that you gets yerself all confusioned like them folks that are in the culls and such.


Cruzin2some said...

Educationed Idiot! That has always been a life long dream of mine to become an Educationed Idiot. It is almost like you read my mind.

Heck I feel smarter already!!!!

pass along a hello to Nilda for us.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

The Good Luck Duck said...

I believe that we are one of those things on your extensive list, but I'm not sure which one. Which is why I'm reading really hard.


FD5, Retired said...

We cover all but the last'un and eventually we will be there I'm sure. We're a hope'in to get in a good 20+ years in first.

Stay Safe

Merikay said...

I'm a Imgonna.

Ifinhedon't, I will.