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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RV Dreams Interpreted

Some time back I.M. had an suppository on RV dreams where in some of what are a causin’ y’all nightmares and the like were explanationed as only I.M. are capable. The response to that post were so underwhelming that I.M. are going to further delve into the world of RV dreams in hopes of effortlessly and enigmatically enhancing the education of everybody,so as to reach the few that were unreached by that there first post.

Today I.M. not going to be going back over that first post. I.M.are  not going to be askin’ ya if yer troubled by dreams of RV’s goin’ over cliffs. I.M. not gonna be explain’ the meanin’ of that, and I.M. not gonna be talkin’ bout the fact that it really means yer in downward spiral and can’t keep up with what are goin’ on day by day in yer daily RV mobile, mobile home lifestye.

No, I.M. ain’t gonna do that, what I.M.gonna do are to take a look at the details of them RV dreams y’all are a havin’ and try to give y’all some insights into what them different things in them mean. Lets us just start with the most basics of the basics, y’all just wokened up from a dream that had an RV in it. Now we ain’t concernin’ ourownselves with what kind of RV it were, or what yer a don’ with it, just that it were an RV. What it really means is that yer the biggest and the baddest thing around, and that you got power and prestige, that folks look up to ya even if ya don’t got no money or much brains. See how easy it are to interrupt these her RV dreams.

Now to add a little twist to that RV Dream, supposin’ that there RV were a drivin’ into one of the black holes like they got out there in space. Now yer probably thinkin’ that are a referenced to drivin’ that thing down the road and a a gittin’ lost, which are why y’all gots I.M. here to point you in the right direction. Wrong, what it is a meanin’ are that if’n ya gits one of then RV’s, all the money ya gots is gonna get sucked right out of yer pocket, never to be seen again and yer not gonna have nothin’ to show fer it. See how simple it are.

Now we are gonna deal with what mite be considerationed a delicate subject, but it are something that everybodies whose owned a mobile, mobile home has to face up close and personal, the RV toilet. Which unless yer getting’ one of them million dollar mansions on wheels at gonna work like no toilet ya ever seed afore. Leavin’ the disgusting of RV toilets to another time, there are generally two types of RV toilet dreams. The ones that can be dumped into the toilet category, and the ones that can be tossed into the toilet paper category.

Since I.M. are so flush with knowledge on these things lets talk about RV toilet dreams first. Now y’all make think it are a reminder to dump yer black tank, but that’s why yer the reeder and I.M. the righter. What it reelly means are that yer lettin’ yerself get clogged up with a bunch of  negative crap. Ya need to just dump it and get rid of it, even if ya got to squeeze yerself into some place ya don’t want to be to do it.

As far as that toilet paper goes, were it single ply or double ply? Not that it matters but it are interestin’ just how detailed RV dreams can be. What it means is that it are time to clean up after some emotional outburst that has spued some of yer internalized emotional crap all over the place. Just wipe up what are remaining and it won’t be long till all them problems is dissolved, assumin’ it were single ply of course.

As always, I.M. is effortlessly and enigmatically enhancing the education of everybody. And Lavonne, I.M. has not forgetted yer request, plus he are workin’ on answerin’ some of  the questions that are appearin’ in the comments to the posts.


Merikay said...

It seems to me a big old house in California can suck money out of our pocket faster than any RV will!

My only nightmare is to not be able to go!

Anonymous said...

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