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Monday, April 18, 2011

More of Yer RV FAQ’s Answered

As part of our program here at RV-Dreamers to help the unhelpable misunderstand the unknowable, the following is more answers to those Frequently Asked Questions that so often come up in fulltime mobile, mobile home campfire discussions.

Living in Canada, do I need to do anything special to fulltime in cold weather?
I is always a puzzlin' when I read questionables like this. Didn’t ya ever here that sayin', "forwarded is fer foriners". Ya being a foriner and all, a livin' north of the Masonic Nixon line, I'd think you'd already know the answer. In the winter smart folks move south of that Immasonary line, specially the ones from Canada. Or maybe you just recently infiltrated into Canada and ain't learned that everybody up their leaves in the winter. You need to remember that old Canaderien saying, "If the leaves is a leavin', you'd best be a leavin' two.”

I pick it up tomorrow, what is your best tip or advice on pulling my brand new 5th wheel?
Make sure you take at least a pickup truck with you when you go, since I know from the exspearamints of a cousin, a car just ain't a gonna work to pull one of them things a round. Some fellars like them medumb type trucks and then there's the even bigger semi-truck fellers which even I don't know nothin' about, but a lookin' at the typical size of their bellies, they buy them trucks to fit themownselves as much as they're mobile, mobile home. One last peace of advice, make sure that you get that 5th wheel for yer 5th wheel. Cause all of them salesmen will tell ya yer a gettin' 5 wheels, but then keep the one back to make more profit on the sale.

How do I know the air in my tires is correct?
This are about the most dumbliest question I's ever heard. I don't know what planet yer from, but on the one I lives on, air is air. Maybe you got two much of that air, it a havin' replaced yer brain.

What's the best all around cleaner for my new mobile, mobile home?
In my case it's Nilda. As fer you, if'n ya ain't got somebody along with ya, it's good reason to join one of them Lonesomer than you sociable mobile, mobile home groups thats out their. If you see one of them Lonesomers a scrubbin' away on their own mobile, mobile home, thats the one ya want to sit near at the next lonesomers social to check out what other attributts they might have.

What should I put in my new mobile, mobile home?
If'n I were you, which I ain't thank goodness, I' think you yerownself would be one of the first things you'd want to put into it. After that, for most folks it's normally however much you can pile into it too overload it two the point that you just got enough horsepower too get it movin'. As fer stoppin' thats the easy part as most folks just decides to run into something, which works everytime. Ya also might want to put in a bunch of tires, cause yer gonna have to change one every mile or so.

Do I weigh to much?
What a dumb question. You sure you ain't a separated at birth, long lost sister of Billy Bobs Boat and Bait brothers, Dumb and Dumber? The onliest reason you is a even askin' that question in the first place is so we menfolk will smile (to cover up the snicker) and say you look just wright. Not all us men are as stoopid as womenfolk thinks we is. I'll bet you is one of them bottle blondes ain't you?


Cruzin2some said...

My question is; do you have to have one of those degrees to drive one of them big ol 5th wheels?

How many couzins can one 5th wheel hold?

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask this here: I jist hit the rode about a week ago in my new mobile, mobile home. Now my commodiator won't flush no more. What do I do? I didn't have this probalem in my howse.


Merikay said...

Can you hire someone to come in and clean your mobile, mobile home for ya? Maybe someone should start that as a bizness.