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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty Palor Talk

I.M. hesitatin’ to repeat them words Nilda cut loose with, but here they is: "I.M., while your phraseology left a little to be desired, it still deserves an honest response. So I will attempt to answer it in such a way that you will be able to understand and identify with." Now Nilda ain’t never cut loose on me like that afore, and I.M. were a dreadin’ that she was goin’ to resort to crude menfolk talk in her actual answer to me.

That were when she said: "It was a fruit enzyme peel beauty treatment that I had today, Trying to explain it in such a way that you can grasp the meaning of it, it is a deep exfoliation technique, however unlike microdermabrasion, laser peels and many other popular deep exfoliation techniques, enzyme peels do not require the involvement of a medical professional, only a licensed esthetician. The procedure consists primarily of the application of natural enzymes that gently slough away old cells and reveal the healthy skin underneath. Considered a holistic skin care technique, it reduces the appearance of age spots, superficial scars and fine lines, and if we were to stay here for a lengthy period of time while you try to fix Old 5th, additional treatments could even lessen the appearance of deeper wrinkles."

At that point I.M. were a standin’ there with his mouth a flappin’ wide open, though at least I.M. has gots all his teeth unlike most of his cousins, and I.M. were most definitely not a knowin’ what to say to Nilda. Had she just cussed I.M. out? Had she told I.M. she were a gonna skin him alive? It were beyond me. Then she just looks at me, and says, I.M., you are the sweetest man alive, thank you for noticing, and with that she gives me a kiss. I.M. hoping that the next time cousin Lem runs into a world expert it are the feller that understands women cause I.M. sure could use some help.


Gaelyn said...

Don't even try.

Cruzin2some said...

It ain't goina happen.

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