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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nilda’s Nook: Exploring New Worlds

It is difficult to believe it has already been a week since I.M. first proposed that I write a weekly column. Likewise, neither can I fully express in words the joy I felt when I.M. reminded me last night that I needed to have a post written for tonight’s blog entry. In a way it was like the first time I was ever at a rock and roll concert and suddenly realized the star whom I had idolized for so long was standing on stage, staring directly at me, and only me. Only this time I did not start jumping up and down, while screaming at the top of my voice.

I am sure that you noticed the title of todays post, which I am not sure that I will be keeping, but that was suggested by I.M. Since I have been helping I.M. with the titles to his posts, he thought only fair that he help me with mine. I will admit to having reservations at first, but when I realized that he really did want me to succeed at this I relented. It was also in the back of my mind that if I.M. could not help me with the title he would find somewhere else to contribute to my posts and one can only imagine what the result of that might be.

I have to admit that Nilda’s Nook not only has a nice ring to it, it very nicely conveys the idea of what I will be contributing to RV-Dreamers:):):). The focus will remain on I.M. and his writings, but should one want to take a break from the information I.M. provides, to seek out a moment of repose and reflection, hopefully that is what Nilda’s Nook will provide.

Before I go for today, here is a sampling of some of the suggestions I.M. had for the title that were not used.

Naively Nilda
Nilda’s Nail Polish
Namely Nilda
Nilda’s Nation
Nutty Nilda
Nilda’s Number 1
Notoriously Nilda
Nosy Nilda
Normally Nilda
Nilda’s Nonsense
Nilda Next Door
Nilda’s News
Nice Nilda
Nilda’s Nitpickings

As you can see, while I.M.’s heart is in the right place, the way he expresses it occasionally leaves something to be desired. Take care until we visit again next week when I will share some of my thoughts and solicit your ideas for future Nilda’s Nook posts.

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