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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ifnheels, The RV Series 004, Part II

When I.M. last left off. we had just mentioned a possible cure an Ifnheel, which were a 2x4. We will now see why this are a possible recommended solution to this problem

What happens is that all them years you was a slavin’ away bein’ the nurse, the chauffeur, the cook and the bottle washer, he were busy spendin’ quality time with the boys as he referenced it, collecting tools and other  things that fell under the name of boys toys. It were like when you’d go on them weekenders campin’ and he would spend all hisownselfs time a ridin’ that ATV when he weren’t sittin’ by the fire you built, a hollerin’ fer y’all to fetch him another beer.

So here y’all sit, a frothin’ at the mouth, a wantin’ to sell everything and take off in some tiny box to live out the rest of yer life havin’ him drive you from one RV park to the next where the sun are always a shinin’ and the ladies are a gatherin’ fer their everyday, all day get together. That man are just scaret to death about this. Give up all his tools and toys. Give up his beer drinkin’ buddies, even give up his house, it ain’t gonna happen. He are the king of the castle, and he are gonna keep it that way.

Meanwhile you are a feelin’ lower and lower, yer RV dreams a turnin’ to nightmares. You find yerownself a sayin’ over and over, If’n he’ll just see what I see, he would want to sell everything and live the full time life. If’n he’ll just see what might be instead of what has been, we could be livin’ the full time life. That are when that idea of taken a 2x4 to him starts lookin’ better by the second. I.M. not sayin’ what y’all should be a doin’, but from where I.M. come from there were always one sure way to get a mule’s attention.

Some folks never have to face an ifnheel, others never get beyond it, but if you know it might happen you can preparation for it. That are why you reed what I.M. writing about the full time life, cause I.M. don’t put no rose colored glasses on it like some folks do.

1 comment:

Merikay said...

Men collect tools and women collect knick-knacks.

Little did we know the expression "you can't take it with you" would apply long before your body was six feet under and you needed to lighten the load for the trip to the great "beyond."