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Friday, February 25, 2011

Advice at the Beauty Parlor

One thing that never changes is that weekly visit to the beauty parlor for Nilda. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, my Nilda’s gonna get her beauty and hair treatment. In this case, I’m still reelin’ from what the results of this week’s visit was.

Since we been broked down in this town for nearly a month, or leastways it seems like we was, Nilda'd become a regular fixture with the local ladies. Then we tried to leave town once the brakes got fixed, only to get so lost none of our followers could even find us. But as luck would have it, we got so lost our ownselves we got found, or at leastaways we found this RV park again, meaning she was able to make her regular weekly beauty parlor treatment with them same ladies. And it was during this week’s visit that one of those gals asked Nilda about her other half, which by all accounts is yours truly. Now my Nilda has never been shy about braggin’ about the fine catch she made when she caught the best educated fellar up on the Gulch.

As you might know, I was the only one around that had the smarts to get a degree which allowed me to work without having to work, unlike all them other fellers Nilda was eyein’ for husband material at the time. She was proudly tellin’ all this to the ladies, when she let slip that I was not only a cipherin’ genius, I was also a writer of some reknowned, especially since most of the people up on the Gulch, as well as many of our cousins read this here blog.

That was all fine and dandy until this afternoon when one of them beauty parlor ladies come by the 5th wheel and started a whisperin’ in Nilda’s ear like a magpie that were in a hog callin’ contest. I seen Nilda’s head a bouncin’ up and down, and her a glancin’ around at me more n once while this lady just goes on a yammering away. This has got my curiosity up, but havin’ been taught by Ma that it weren’t polite to interrupt a ladies confab, I figured once that lady left, Nilda would infilltrate me in on whatsoever it were I was missin’ out abouts.

As I was to learn, that lady was busy fillin’ Nilda’s ears with a critique of my writing. Now when Nilda first tells me about this critique, I don’t have any idea what she is talking about, but after searching through the writers good friend, Mr. Webster’s book, I learned that lady was of a mind that my writing wasn’t up to her standards. Now Nilda was most appalled about all this, and wanted to march right over two that lady’s house then and there, and give her a piece of her mind, which in case you don't know, is quite sizeable, Nilda being the smartest female I ever layed eyes or anything else on.

Course that’s one of the differences between Nilda and me. What with my education and all, I know that you got to keep a learnin’ all your life, or everyone else is gonna get ahead of you unless you live up on the Gulch that is. In which case even if you don’t do nuthin’ you’re ahead of most everyone else, since they is usually doin’ less than nuthin’.

I figures that lady would have a right good thought of Nilda if she was go over there and ask the lady’s help in what that lady thought I should do to improve my writin. Figurin’ that because of how much that Simpsonville jailer had helped me with my cipherin’ skills, then maybe this lady could do the same for my writin’ skills, or lack thereof.
Nilda wasn’t sure she wanted to go over there, especially after the way that lady bent her ear this morning, and what I was a wanting her to ask, but once I pointed out how much money I had made because of that first degree, (well it actually was a third degree that led to my first degree), and that maybe improving my writing would mean more money, Nilda was all for it.
She was gone for what seemed like hours, and when she returned, she was burdened down with a big bag of what turned out to be books. That lady had told her that the best way for me to learn proper English, grammar and writing skills was to start by reading some good literature which Nilda could get at the library. So when Nilda leaves that lady’s house, she just naturally goes by the library to pick up some of that literature for me to read, and thus too learn about writin’ right.

Only problem was that when Nilda gets there, the librarian is out to lunch and the library was closed. Nilda thought maybe the backdoor would be open so she went to the backside, only to discover that door was a locked to. But as luck would have it, there was this bag of books a sittin’ there by the door, which Nilda just naturally grabbed up and brought home to help in my education.

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