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Sunday, February 20, 2011

RV Park Entertainment

One of the more entertainin' things me and Nilda run into out in this life we's now a livin', is what kind of mess those city fellars that take up the mobile, mobile home life can get into. The stories you hear can be enough to like near split your sides a time or two. Nilda always likes to say that she isn’t the only one who enjoys the local gossip, I.M.’s not far behind.

As they was a tellin' it at the park wide hotdog and Cheez-It feed we had the other night, seems like a married pair of them former city dweller, full timers staying at the park decided they’d rent a boat and try emulating (getting better at them big words, aren’t I) the locals when it came to getting a share of the seafood a swimming round abouts out in the channels and beyond

Not knowing how things work here on the key, they drive down to Billy Bob’s Boat and Bait to get a rent-a-boat for the next week or so. Guess they made all kinds of arrangements for a Super Sea Skipper, outfitted a certain way that they would be a pickin’ up bright and early the next morning. All the locals knowed that Billy Bob was off on his annual Boar Hunt and Beer Bust at his wife’s family's private hunting preserve somewhere in Texas, which meant that Billy Bob had left his two boys, who the locals have always referred to as Dumb and Dumber, in charge.

When this fellar and his wife, who was described as a right cute little thing by the fellar tellin’ the story, shows up at some hour that neither of them two boys of Billy Bob have ever been up at in their lives, there weren’t no one there to help them get their boat. Guess they went off for a while a wondering if they’d got the wrong time, not knowin’ neither of them two boys couldn’t even have told them which hand of the clock was which, let alone what time it was.

As told, they come back just about the time Dumber was opening up, and asked him if their Super Sea Seaworthy was ready. Problem was they got the name of the boat mixed up, since they had asked yesterday for the Super Sea Skipper, and this morning for the Super Sea Seaworthy. Normally this wouldn’t have presented any problem as Billy Bob would have pointed out the error of their ways, and got them the boat they was a payin’ for, and sent them out towards the channel.

The feller telling the story was already a laughin’ as he was a spinnin’ this tale, so I figured it might likely get better before it ended, and it did. Seems like them two boys just couldn’t do nothin’ right, and the boat Dumb had showed them yesterday as the Super Sea Skipper was really a Super Sea Scuttle, and that one had been good as its name having sunk by the dock overnight. So when that city fellar started lookin’ around for the boat he had booked, it was nowhere to be seen.

Now the feller telling the story says Dumber isn’t always as dumb as he appears, and with some quick thinkin’ on his part, quick being relative, he says to the city feller that the boat he had reserved had already been rented out for the day, but he had an even better one that the city fellar could have for half of what he was going to pay for the one that weren’t there no more.


Wanderin' said...

I tried to track you down after you left a comment on my blog regarding your adventure at the Outdoor World Resort. We got a laugh out of that. However, reading your blog, we burst our sides laughing. It's very funny ... I certainly hope you intend it to be that way!! LOL

Merikay said...

Here in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California we slurp up spiders from the corners with a vacuum cleaners for sport!